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Whether it's news from the front or news about old soldiers, you'll find it indexed here.  You can read about movements of armies or regimental news, meetings & reunions of veteran Doughboys, hometown "Rolls of Honor," and more. 

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WWI Books
Including some unexpected rarities!


Georgia's Participation in the World War and the History of the Department of Georgia: The American Legion

Portrait of War: The U.S. Army's First Combat Artists and the Doughboys' Experience in WWI

British and Empire Aces of World War I

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1911 Pre-WWI Cartoon Insinuates that "Big Money" Controls the Growing Hostilities A familiar scapegoat...


WWI Political Cartoon: "Flying Peace Kites," 1915

WWI Political Cartoon: "The Wearing-Down Tactics," 1915

Wounded Severely in Action, 1918 Not yet completely indexed, but surnames include the following:  PADDOCK, MCCLURE, MCGUINESS, SHAMBURGER, GREEN, HENDERSON, CANDLER, STILES, COLLINS, TIGHE, EDMONDSON, KALEE, KAILLES, KALEC, McPADDEN, WALKER

A Naval Wedding: KINGSCOTE - GREENWOOD Marriage, 1916

Survivor's Guilt Leads Hero to Suicide: Death of Lt. Col. SANDYS, England, 1916    JONES

WWI Slackers Rounded Up, England, 1916   WILSON, MILLER, GRANT, BOYD

Political Cartoon: Woodrow Wilson Steering Carefully to Avoid War and Intervention, 1914    
Didn't work too well, did it? Well, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and confront a tyrant.

Soldier Marries Nurse He Met in Hospital, Photo Included! 1916    HENWOOD, FREEMAN

British Airmen Superior to Germans! 1916 No personal names here, but a great piece about the young RAF.

Political Cartoon, WWI: Depicts Germans, Turks & Their Allies as  "United by Blood," 1915

German Soldier Writes American Mother About her Son's Death, 1919

Severely Wounded New England Soldiers, 1918    WASHBURN, COULLARD, NELSON

Political Cartoon, WWI German Prediction: John Bull's Fate, 1915

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WWI Books
Including some unexpected rarities!

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