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Old obituaries, birth & marriage announcements, old news stories,  old advertising, recipes, cartoons and humor, and more. All are scanned from my personal collection of original issues of 18th, 19th and early 20th century  newspapers from the U. S., England, Scotland, Australia & Ireland. Most of the newspapers date between 1788 and 1920. See the column on the right for the various "old news" sections within 

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" is history in its first and best form, its vivid and fascinating form, and...history is the pale and tranquil reflection of it."
- Mark Twain

Get your funny bone tickled and your heartstrings tugged. Add to your family history. Who will you find in here?

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Just the facts? Probably not. Politically correct? Definitely not by today's standards! But I just post 'em as I scan 'em!

Old House Stuff For those of us who are owned by an old house... You know who you are.

Welcome, 354thFG, the Pioneer Mustangs! The 2007 reunion was great!  Hope to see you all again in San Francisco this summer!

Great Book! Live Bait!
WWII Memoir by Clayton Kelly Gross of the 354th Fighter Group, 355th Fighter Squadron!

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