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German War Graves in the North East and Cumbria icon

Sealed with Blood: War, Sacrifice, and Memory in Revolutionary America icon

Barbary Wars: Register of Officer Personnel United States Navy and Marine Corps and Ships' Data, 1801-1807

Tracing Your Revolutionary War Patriot

Battles of the Korean War: a Chronology, With Unit-By-Unit United States Causality Figures & Medal of Honor Citations icon

Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants Awarded by State Governments

Revolutionary Pensioners of 1818

War Records and Experiences Beginning with World War II, of the BURNET and NEFF Kin

Virginia & West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records

Roster of the War of 1812 - Southside Virginia

The Citizen Soldiers: the Plattsburg Training Camp Movement, 1913-1920 icon

Soldiers of Florida in the Seminole Indian, Civil, and Spanish-American Wars icon

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Enemy Views: The American Revolutionary War as Recorded by the Hessian Participants icon

Original 1845-1861 Account Book of the B Company, 6th Infantry, United States Army

Afterwar: Veterans from a World in Conflict

Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants

Virginia Military Records: Colonial Wars, Revolutionary War, War of 1812 CD

Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812

A History of Medicine in the Early U.S. Navy icon

Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army during the War of the Revolution, April, 1775, to December, 1783

Revolutionary War Soldiers and Patriots Buried in Iowa icon

Editors Make War: Southern Newspapers in the Secession Crisis icon

Arkansas' Spanish-American War Soldiers icon

From Yorktown to Santiago with the Sixth U.S. Cavalry icon

Military History of Carlisle and Carlisle Barracks icon

History of the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps: A Complete Record of the Organization & of the Different Companies, Regiments, & Brigades icon

Some Tennessee Heroes of the Revolution icon

New England Blockaded in1814: The Journal of Henry Edward NAPIER

Neglected and Forgotten: Fauquier County, Virginia, French & Indian War, Revolutionary War & War of 1812 Veterans

Roster of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines of the War of 1812, the Mexican War, and the War of the Rebellion, Residing in Nebraska December 1, 1897 icon

1925 Who's Who in the Regular Army. Containing the Biographies of All Regular Army Officers icon

Negro Troops of Antebellum Louisiana; a History of the Battalion of Free Men of Color icon

War of 1812 Bounty Lands in Illinois

Our War Nurses. the History of the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps 1902-1988 icon

Military History Books

Record of the Services of Illinois Soldiers in the Black Hawk War, 1831-32, and in the Mexican War, 1846-8: Containing a Complete Roster of Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Men of Both Wars, Taken From the Official Rolls on File in the War Department

Descendants of War of 1812 Veterans General Society of the War of 1812 Founders' Register, Commemoration 1894-1994 icon

Cannon and Camera: Sea and Land Battles of the Spanish-American War... (1898)

Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Navy of the United States; Including Officers of the Marine Corps, ETC. for the Year 1837

The Dawn's Early Light icon

1812 Ancestor Index: National Society, United States Daughters of 1812

Forgotten Battlefield of the First Texas Revolution: the Battle of Medina, August 18, 1813 icon

Propaganda Postcards of World War II icon

Jungleers: A History of the U.S. 41st Infantry Division in World War II
National Guard Division from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming

Gateway to the West: The History of Jefferson Barracks From 1826-1894 icon

The Mexican Spy Company: United States Covert Operations in Mexico, 1845-1848 icon

The Historical Atlas of the American Revolution

U.S. Military Records: A Guide to Federal & State Sources

Revolutionary Pensioners of 1818

The Pension Lists of 1792-1795; With Other Revolutionary War Pension Records

The Pension Roll of 1835: The Indexed Edition in Four Volumes

Naval Pensioners of the United States: 1800-1851

Whether it's news from the front or news about old soldiers, you'll find it indexed here.  You can read about movements of armies or regimental news, meetings & reunions of the Grand Army of the Republic, the Confederate Veterans, the Doughboys or and more.  What about the "in-between" military news? It's here, too!

Fighter Pilots' Drinking Song from WWII

I have also included a few of the individual service records that I've acquired in my own family research.  

The Revolutionary War
The War of 1812
The Texas Revolution
The Mexican War
Great Britain
: The Trouble with Colonies & Other Foreign Types
The American Civil War
Frontier Indian Wars
Spanish-American War
Latin-American Troubles
Other Military News
Indian Wars, Peacetime Military News; Other Wars
Individual Military Records

Military History Links

Delivering the Goods to the Good Guys.... Brigade Quartermasters Action Gear & Clothing


The Revolutionary War

Death of Revolutionary War Veteran Richard GREEN, 1832

Death of General STARK, NH, 1822

Death of Revolutionary War Veteran Daniel BRODHEAD, New York, 1831

Casualty Lists from a Skirmish Between General WAYNE's Detachment and the British Army, Green Springs, Virginia, 1781
Now indexed! Surnames include the following:

Death of Revolutionary War Veteran Captain Daniel SHELOR, VA, 1847

MATTHEWS Death, Revolutionary War Veteran, 1830

PACKARD Death, Revolutionary War Veteran, 1848

McAROY Death, Revolutionary War Veteran, 1810

Revolutionary War Veteran Timothy BIGELOW Dies in New Jersey, 1847

Revolutionary War Veteran Aaron BURNET Dies in New Jersey, 1837

Revolutionary War Veteran Daniel FISH Dies in Massachusetts, 1837

Revolutionary War Veteran EVANS Dies in Connecticut, 1840

Revolutionary War Veteran WILLIAMS Dies in Georgia, 1851

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The War of 1812

Prisoners of War Return from Halifax, 1812    GARDNER, MORIARTY, NORTON, YOUNG

BARCLAY Arrives on Gleaner with Dispatches, NY, 1812

Schooner Active is Captured, Burned by British, 1812    PATTERSON   

Brigade Orders, Westchester County, NY, 1812   COURTLANDT, ODELL

Military & Naval Promotions, Mentions Tippecanoe, War of 1812    BAINBRIDGE, ARMSTRONG, BLOOMFIELD, BERRY, DEARBORN, BOYD

Impressed Sailor James KIDD Seeks Help, 1810

POW David CHEVER Dies in Barbados, 1813

U. S. Schooner Nonsuch, Lt. MONK, Captures British Cutter Caledonia, 1813

War of 1812 Veteran Col. Nicholas BURKE Dead in Baltimore, MD, 1858

British Citizen Reports Generous Treatment by American Privateers, 1812

Georgian John DEUBELL Donates 113-ton Schooner for U. S. Service, 1812

New York Artillery: Major SWARTWOUT to Replace Major BLEECKER, per Major Charles HUNTER, 1812

Death of Veteran Smith BRADSHAW, MO, 1876

Death of Veteran Samuel HIGH at Brock's Gap, Virginia, 1876

Veteran Charles BUDD Dies in New York, Fought at Plattsburg, 1827 

Troop Movements: News from New York, 1813

Commodore BAINBRIDGE Headed for Washington City, 1813

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The Texas Revolution

Colonel FANNIN Murdered at Goliad, 1836

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Frontier Indian Wars

Battle with Apaches at Las Animas Canyon, 1879    HATCH, DAY, DAWSON, WRIGHT, BEYER, MORROW, BLACKSON, GATEWOOD, EMMETT, Victorio

Indian Troubles in Iowa, 1848

Colonel WORTH Pursues Tustenuggee in Florida, 1850

General MILES & U. S. Soldiers Fight Sioux at Little Muddy Creek, 2nd Cavalry, 5th infantry, 7th Cavalry, Lame Bear, Minnecinkens, Montana Territory, 1877    FULLER, CUSTER, SPRINGER, LEWIS, MARTINDALE, KESKY, FREYER, OSBORN, JEFFRIES, RYAN, WILKES, GILLMAN, LEONARD,

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The Spanish American War

Col. WHITE of Beaufort Favors Port Royal for Troop Shipments, sc, 1898

Sick Troops Moved from Tampa to Kentucky, 1898 LEE

Perry MARTIN Honorably Discharged, Newberry Company, SC, 1898

Photo: Officers of Companies H & G, 4th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, 1898

Photo: 4 Soldiers & a Chaplain from the 31st Michigan Regiment, 1898 HUNT, KIRK, HARRAH, WHITE

Spanish Contempt: A Political Cartoon

Photo: Illinois Artillery, Non-Commissioned Officers' Mess, from souvenir edition newspaper, 1898

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Troubles in Latin America

Grim-Visaged War: A Political Cartoon, 1903

GOMEZ Denies Connection with Mexican Revolution; Disappears, 1912

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World War Two

I won't have many of these, since none of the newspapers in my collection are this recent. I do, however, have some from my own family.

Fighter Pilots' Drinking Song A favorite of my dad's.

ALLEN Notches his Gun Allied Fighter Pilots Take Toll on German Fighters BRADLEY, GALLUP, MESSER, McWHERTER, EAGLESTON, EMMER

Letter from Yuma, AZ Pilot Training... My father explains his plane crash to his father.

Eagle Scout Misses Getting Badge; Has Joined the Army That Eagle Scout was 16 years old.... my dad!

ALLEN Chalked up 121 Missions in ETO, Now he Wants to Tangle with Japs This newspaper clipping's reverse side has part of headline about secrecy surrounding atomic bomb explosions in Japan.... 

The Pioneer Mustangs: the 354th Fighter Group My dad's fighter group. 

Search Stars and Stripes Newspaper, Europe, Mediterranean, and North Africa Editions, 1942-1964.

Beyond Courage: One Regiment Against Japan icon
A vivid narrative of the men of New Mexico's 200th and 515th Coast Artillery (AA) units. Cave skillfully tells a story of hardship, bravery, unspeakable treatment, and a never-dying belief that their country would liberate them. They were the first unit to fire on the enemy in the Philippines and the last organized unit to lay down their arms when surrender came.

Pearl Harbor Extra: A Newspaper Account of the United States' Entry into World War II icon

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Other Military News

Murderous Duel Fought in Philadelphia, Naval Lt. Kills Local Man, 1830    HUNTER, MILLER, MOORE

Death of Dr. James PAGE, U. S. Navy Surgeon. at Baltimore, 1832

Army News: Appointments, Resignations, Special Order, 1836   SPENCER, HUNT, BOYCE, WARD, SMITH, BARRY

Engineer, Sailor from Battleship Vermont Treated in Santa Barbara Hospital, 1908

Lt. J. W. MARTIN Acquitted in Court Martial, 2nd Infantry, NY, 1845


Lt. CORELING Death at Ft. McHenry, 1810

Companies C & D of the12th U. S. Cavalry en Route to Camp Halleck, 1870    KING

Macon Volunteers Will Drill at Armory, GA, 1876    CARNES, HUGUENIN


A. A. MILTEMORE Court-Martialed, Convicted, 1890

1st Battalion, 6th Australian Infantry Recruiting, see Lt. W. O. WILLIS, 1909

General MILES & U. S. Soldiers Fight Sioux at Little Muddy Creek, Montana Territory, 1877

Bloody Fight at Mazari Sherif, Losers Flee to Herat, 1879 Or... More of the same from Afghanistan!

Peter PEVEY calls NH Militia Officers' Meeting, 1808

Marines SMITH and HALL Fight Duel in North Carolina, 1808

Fort Totten Soldier Stabbed to Death, 101st Co., Coast Artillery, NY, 1905 McINTYRE, SNYDER

Convicts Leave Fort Omaha for Leavenworth, 1889 ORBINSON, O'CONNORS, IRVINGS, MILLER, DONAHUE, BINTON, MASON, O'BYRNES

Brigade Orders, Militia meeting schedule, Providence, RI, 1809 Names not yet indexed, but surnames include:  PEARSON, WALCOTT, BROWN, STONE, OLNEY, BRIDGHAM, SABIN

Death of Major General G. B. DAVIS, West Point, 1914

Judges Assemble for General Naval Court Martial, 1830 Surnames include the following: RIDGELEY, NICHOLSON, KENNEDY, JONES, SHUBRICK, MORGAN, KENNON, McKENNON, McKEEVER, MORFITT

Officers of the U. S. S. Delaware, 1828

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