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  • Place Names: towns, counties, states. I don't recommend including the word "county," but just the county name.

  • Topics (for example: Civil War, Confederate, Union, Legal Notice, Estate, Chancery, Probate, Court, Murder, Farm, Fire, Drowning, Riverboat, Packet, Cotton, Ship, Brig, Veteran, G. A. R., GAR, U. D. C., UDC, etc.)

  • Dates: stick to the year only, or you'll end up with too many hits! 

  • Newspaper Names: Gazette, Argus, etc. Don't use the city name even if it's part of the publication's name. For the Dallas Morning News, for example, just try searching for "Morning," so you'll avoid getting everything that mentions "Dallas" or "News." This sort of search is most valuable when you're looking for information from a region which was served by that particular newspaper, and it's easier if the newspaper's name is less common, or more unique to its time period.

For personal names, see the Index of Names, which is always your best bet when you're looking for specific individuals or families. However, if you believe that the name you're seeking is uncommon enough, give it a whirl on the search! 

See the information below, or see the Site Map for more info.

This search engine won't search the images of the old news pages. 

I am continually working to add keywords to each of the old pages that I'd posted before I had a search engine. 

For now, it will search certain other key words, such as the title I've typed in (the date, too, if you care to search by year), or the publication name that I've added to the page, etc.  Meanwhile, I'll be working to add keywords in each page's code that will make each page more "searchable."  

How soon will all the pages be perfectly searchable?  

Well....let's just say that I'm working this website project in between home schooling 2 busy boys, wrasslin' two huge poodles, and sundry other duties. Yes, the poodles are weighs 80 lbs. and stands hip-high to me. 

I'm also trying to get more new pages online as quickly as I can.  None of which I get paid for, except in pure satisfaction, plus sweet hugs from my sons and slightly slobbery kisses from the poodles...and such nice emails from ya'll!  So it'll be a while.

Thank you for your patience as I try to improve this website! 

I have the nicest visitors on the web!


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