1927 Seniors, Page 9:

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O. C. B. Holder

Chemistry Club '27; Spanish Club '27

"She's just a likable girl whose name is a deceiving one."

Katherine Hughes


Staff '27; Pep Squad '25, '26; Spanish Club '27

"Kitty is an exceptionally lovable girl to have her heart in so many different places."

Catherine James

Glee Club '27; Pep Squad '27; Tennis '27

"She was a stranger last year, but that isn't strange when one stops to think how quiet she is."

Scottie Johnson

Chaparral Staff '25; Junophian '24; Business Manager Westerner '27; Secretary Class '27; Orchestra '24, '25, '26

"Scottie has the spirit. He's worked hard and has gained much. S. A. H. S. could not do without him."

Dan Jones

Track, '27

"We notice Dan looking serious sp often - certainly it isn't his books he's worrying over."


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