1927 Seniors, Page 6:

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Virginia Duncan

Pep Squad '25, '27

Chemistry Club '27

"She may have long hair, but that doesn't mean that she is old-fashioned."

Oves Elliott

"Her smiling eyes with simple truth were stored."

Clift EPPS


Football '26; Basketball '27; Track '26

"A" Association '27

"Slim has that easy going, catch-as-catch-can style." 

William George

Baseball '26, '27

"William has proven that all fighters must be young once. Keep on Bill, Tunney won't always hold the title."

Fannie Goren

Pep Squad '24, '25, '26, '27

"And though she saw all beauty on earth, in Heaven above; and all the boys around her, she never fell in love."



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