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September 2, 2001

Newspaper Auctions,  Scanner Woes, Etc.

As always, it's pretty busy around here, between home-schooling, 8 Standard Poodle puppies (all terribly charming and intelligent, naturally), and the usual domestic circus.

Alas, my scanner bit the dust for good this weekend. I cannot complain, since I'm sure that neither the folks over at Hewlett-Packard, who make excellent scanners and digital imaging  products, nor any other manufacturer intended any scanner to get as much use as mine got!

I've ordered a new scanner and I hope that it'll arrive this week, another Hewlett Packard, this time the 5470Cse. I hope that it will be as sturdy a workhorse as the old HP 5300C was. It'll have to be.

I wasn't expecting the additional expense, so I hope you'll remember The Olden Times' sponsors when you need to purchase printer ink, genealogy data CDs, books, music, videos, or just about anything else you could purchase online. A small portion of the sale goes to support The Olden Times, and Heaven knows we need it.  I'll soon be adding a page with an index of our sponsors and some of their products and services to make this more convenient. 

Thank you to those of you who've already supported this free genealogy website with your patronage of our sponsors!  And thanks to those of you who've used the "Recommend It!" buttons to help me pass the word about The Olden Times! 

And to those of you who may be visiting for the first time, I do hope you'll come back again, since I have literally hundreds of pounds of old newspapers to scan and add to this website, one story at a time!

Newspaper Auctions

If you're ever curious as to where I get these old newspapers, you're welcome to do a bidder search on eBay! Search for eBay bidder liatrisa@aol.com, which is my ID on that wonderfully fun auction site. Should you decide to register with eBay as a buyer (or a seller - a great way to earn some extra holiday cash), they'll actually contribute a small amount to The Olden Times. Registration with eBay is fast, easy and FREE, so sign up for some fun and help us out at the same time!

I also occasionally sell on eBay, so a seller search for the ID liatrisa@aol.com will show you what I'm selling, if I have any current auctions. All auction proceeds go to support The Olden Times.

Happy Hunting!



God Bless America!

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