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Rowing Against the Tide

The Baltimore Weekly Sun

Baltimore, Maryland

July 23, 1871

No author is noted.

It is easy to glide with its ripples,
Adown the stream of Time,
To flow with the course of the river,
Like music to some old rhyme;
But ah! It takes courage and patience
Against the current to ride;
And we must have strength from Heaven
When rowing against the tide.

We may float on the river's surface
While our oars scarce touch the stream,
And visions of early glory
On our dazzling sight may gleam;
We forget that on before us
The dashing torrents roar;
And, while we are idly dreaming,
Its waters will carry us o'er.

But a few - ah, would there be many!
Row up the "stream of life;"
They struggle against its surges,
And mind neither toll nor strife.
Though weary and faint with labor,
Singing triumphant they ride;
For Christ is the hero's captain
When rowing against the tide.

Far on through the hazy distance,
Like a mist on distant shore,
They see the walls of the city,
With its banner floating o'er.
Seen through a glass so darkly
They almost mistake their way;
But faith throws light on their labor,
When darkness shuts out their day.

And shall we be one of that number,
Who mind no toll nor pain?
Shall we mourn the loss of earthly joys
When we have a crown to gain?
Or shall we glide on with the river,
With death at the end of our ride,
While our brother, with Heaven before him,
Is rowing against the tide?

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