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These recipes and household hints are taken from my collection of vintage & antique newspapers dating back to the 1700's. 

Not too long ago,  newspapers were one of the only ready sources of fresh cooking inspiration for most homemakers. While nearly every homemaker probably had a treasured cookbook or two, folks couldn't just search Yahoo or click over to's Cookbooks whenever they needed a new idea!

I've tried to include a broad selection of dishes in order to give you a feel for what sorts of foods were likely to be on our ancestors' dinner tables. Admittedly, some are more appealing than others! 

When using these recipes, keep in mind that the sometimes limited instructions tell us that the cook was already supposed to know the basics. For example, there might be no more directions to baking a Dried Apple Cake after you've assembled the batter, because it's assumed that you, the woman of 1914 at whom the recipe is aimed, already know how hot to keep your oven when baking a cake!

At this time, the recipes are in the order of their addition to this website, but will eventually be categorized. 

If you enjoy these recipes, you might want to check out some of the books we've selected in Heritage Cooking, or perhaps treat your Inner Chef to a kitchen gift! Your purchases make this website possible - thanks!

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Adventurous Cook
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Glazed Pancakes, 1911

Mint Jelly, 1911

Orange Marmalade, 1912

Popcorn Custard, 1931

Christmas Pudding, 1901

Compote aux Confitures, 1867

Beef Steaks Parisenne, 1867

An Excellent Apricot Pudding, 1861

Walnut Vinegar, 1861

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