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The Latest Recipes:

Marmalade Pudding, 1867

Oyster Gumbo, 1867

Veal-Cake, 1867

Fruit Biscuits, 1867

Tomato Honey, 1859

Killarney Stew, 1912

Cintra Fritters, 1867

German Flottkrengel, 1867

Browse this collection of recipes from 19th and early 20th century newspapers and cookbooks!

Part of their charm is that they appear as they were originally published, with no editing to make them better fit any FDA guidelines or modern kitchen appliances.  But they do reflect what constituted many homemakers' very few choices of new recipes, since our great-grandmother's could log in to and have the latest hot cookbook delivered to her home in a day or two.

Any of these recipes that  you prepare will probably come pretty close to being authentically historic, if you're so inclined.  Of course, there's no rule here that says you can't adapt them in any way that you, the cook, see fit!

Some recipes are here because they look  good. Some are here as "curiosities," but which may only hold appeal for the more adventurous cook. You decide.!

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