Introducing (drum roll, please)......


She was temporarily called "Big Sister," since she was the larger of the two female puppies, but has been re-christened "Princess."

Princess knows her own mind and she speaks it... often! She is the most opinionated and outspoken of our puppies, and she's confident that we all want to know what she thinks about any subject. She's not a yappy puppy by any means, but she's definitely sure of herself. Good girl!

Perhaps her new owners should christen her "Betty Freidan?" Or "Gloria Steinem?" Maybe "Susie B." for Susan B. Anthony!  Or "Pankie" for the Emmeline Pankhurst? "Bonney" would honor WWI photographer Therese Bonney. "Clare" could honor Clare Booth Luce, who covered WWII, though she regarded this as "time off" from her vocation of playwright.

Can you tell I'm fond of history, too?

Here she is with another sweet Princess!


23 Days Old

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