Peruvian Syrup

Makes the Weak Strong & Expels Disease
By Adding Iron to the Blood

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The Bath Daily Times

Bath, Maine

May 8, 1872

NOTE: "Dropsy" is the old-fashioned term for congestive heart failure. "Dyspepsia" refers to disorders of the stomach. "Debility" would refer to general weakness or infirmity. "Humors" referred to one of four body fluids, which were once thought to have great influence over a person's health and personality. It was thought that an imbalance of the humors led to illness.

Needless to say, unless you had iron-deficiency anemia, an iron tonic like Peruvian Syrup wouldn't have helped you very much!

From Alibris: One for a Man, Two for a Horse: A Pictorial History, Grave and Comic, of Patent Medicines icon

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