Vintage & Collectible Texas Postcards: Real Photo Views

Bridge Across Pecos River Canyon

U. S. 90 Between Del Rio & Langtry

Val Verde County, Texas

Date Unknown

This Real Photo postcard features a "bird's eye view" of downtown Del Rio, Texas.  The caption reads, "Pecos River Canyon - U. S. 90 Between Del Rio and Langtry, Texas G-P-151"  (That might actually be a "181 or a "131:" it's very late and my eyes are quite tired as I prepare this page!) Click here for a closer look at this detail.

This postcard was never used. The reverse is divided by a line of print naming the publisher of the card, "A Photographic Card by W. M. CLINE Co., Chattanooga, Tenn."

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Vintage Real Photo Postcard of US 90 Bridge over Pecos River Canyon, near Del Rio & Langtry, Texas

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