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Ox-Tail Soup

The following recipe was transcribed ver batim from 

The Home Comfort Range Cook Book

Circa 1900

Ox-tails make specially good soup, on account of the gelatinous matter they contain.

Two ox-tails, a soup bunch of good-sized onion, two carrots, one stalk of celery, a little parsley, and a small cut of pork. Cut the ox-tails at the joints, slice the vegetables and mince the pork. Put the pork into a stew pan; when hot, add first the onions; when they begin to color add the ox-tail. Let them fry a very short time. Now cut them to the bone that the juice may run out in boiling. Put both the ox-tails and fried onions into a soup kettle, with four quarts of cold water. Let them simmer about four hours; then add the other vegetables, with three cloves stuck in a little piece of onion, and pepper and salt. As soon as the vegetables are well cooked the soup is done. Strain it.

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