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Our Lost Babe

The Lyon County Times

Silver City, Nevada

September 15, 1874

To Mr. and Mrs. T____S.

One little treasure waiting up yonder, 
Freed form time and all its wars;
Our precious bond that nothing can sunder, 
Way up there among eternity's star

One little lily broken on its stem,
Exhaling its sweetness up there - 
A few more days and we'll find our lost gem
Set in the crown our Savior doth wear.

One little magnet to draw us to Heaven,
One blessed link to bind us to God;
Cease hearts to ache for earth-bonds riven,
The handful of dust that sleeps 'neath the sod.

Over there, up the stair, our treasure has gone -
There's only a river between, and a breath;
Two little hands ever beckon us on;
Just across the dark river of Death.

B. A.

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