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Lobster a la Nautaise

The following recipe was transcribed ver batim from 

The Home Comfort Range Cook Book

Circa 1900

Boil two medium-sized lobsters in salted and acidulated water, with two sliced onions, peppercorns, four bay leaves, thyme, cloves, and blades of mace for twenty-five minutes; let cool  in the water; drain, split lengthwise, crack the claws, remove the stony pouch and intestines; put the creamy part, coral and eggs (if any) into a large bowl with two egg yolks, a tablespoonful of prepared mustard, salt and mignonette pepper; dilute slowly at first and then more quickly with half a pint of sweet oil ( green is the best) and a little tarragon vinegar; add chopped  chives, chervil, tarragon and parsley; cut the lobster meat in thin slices, range in a salad bowl, pour the sauce over and serve.

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