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You'll find notices regarding estates, probate, partnerships, divorces, guardianship, and many other clues along the paper trail of our ancestors! Many of these (especially the estate notices) will describe property at length, name other family members, or even mention neighbors' names in property descriptions!  

Legal notices appear in the order that they're added, with the newest items at the top of the list. 

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Buncombe Co. Sheriff's Sale, NC 1841 JONES, NELSON, LONG, GRIGGS, BLAKE, YOUNG

CARPENTER Estate, VT, 1845

BOWLES Probate, VT, 1845

Trust Sale of TRUEHEART Property,  VA, 1873 ARCHER, TABB, DANCE

Julius CHURCHILL Estate Notice, IN, 1867 KNAPP

HAWARD Estate Notice, RI, 1788 GREENE, EASTON

Uh-oh... He's "Gone to Texas!" NC, too! TN Chancery Notice, 1841 SPROULS, BAKER, GREGORY, FRY, HALL, SCOTT, HALL, CAINE, STRANGE, LEATH, McLELLAND

SHEPHORST Divorce Summons, CO, 1907

BLANCHARD Partnership Dissolved, KY, 1861

BALL Administratrix's Notice, IN, 1851

MANN Administrator's Notice, IN, 1851

FRALEY Guardianship, 1921

SULLIVAN Probate, WA, 1921

ALLEN Legal Notice, VT, 1800 ALLEN, COIR


Supreme Court Summons, New York, 1881 SEWARD, POMEROY, ANDERSON, TRAPHAGEN, LYON

CHAVEZ homestead Notice, NM, 1903 ORTIZ, SANDOVAL, OTERO 


HALL Bankruptcy, Tideswell, Derbyshire, England, 1858

Sheriff's Sale of CHADWICK Estate, KS, 1873 CLARKE, JOHNSTON

DARLING Estate Notice, Fairfax County, VA 1813

Notice of Election of Directions by the Marine Insurance Company of Alexandria, 1813 NICOLLS

LITTLE Estate, 1807

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