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Old Legal Notices:
Genealogy Clues from Old Probate, Estate, Divorce, Guardianship, Orphans' Court Notices & More

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You'll find notices regarding estates, probate, partnerships, divorces, guardianship, and many other clues along the paper trail of our ancestors! Many of these (especially the estate notices) will describe property at length, name other family members, or even mention neighbors' names in property descriptions!  

Legal notices appear in the order that they're added, with the newest items at the top of the list. 

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Joanna SMITH Estate Legal Notice, GA, 1876    PEPPER, MAGRUDER

ALLEN Estate Notice, GA, 1876    GLOVER, ROSS

FOSTER Estate Notice, GA, 1876   WARD

HEADEN Petition for Dower, NC, 1841
Now indexed!

G. M. CARRINGTON Notifies Turnpike Stockholders, VA, 1826

Littleton PHIPPS Estate Notice, GA, 1876    HUDSPETH

FORREST & Sons Dissolve Partnership, Edinburgh, 1829        FERGUSON, CHRISTIE

SMITH, HUTCHESON & Co Dissolve Partnership, Glasgow, 1829    MILLER, GRAHAM

MILLAN Estate Notice & Sale at Rippon Lodge Farm, VA, 1813


RAMSDELL Refuses to Pay Runaway Wife's Bills, Farmingdale, 1871

James WEAR Estate Notice, KY, 1846

Andrew BOYES Estate Notice, Goliad, TX, 1851   LUTER

Trust Sale of Valuable Lands in Lake Region, IN, 1848  STEENBERGEN, ROSE, CONRAD, MARSHALL, ALLEN


John SALMON Legal Notice, PA, 1830

Thomas GAINER not Responsible for Debts... PA 1830

James DOUGLAS Estate, TX, 1851   CARLISLE

BACKUS Estate Notice, Harbourcreek, 1830

Somerset for Sale, VA, 1831  GRYMES, HOOE, GARDINER, LEWIS

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