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You'll find notices regarding estates, probate, partnerships, divorces, guardianship, and many other clues along the paper trail of our ancestors! Many of these (especially the estate notices) will describe property at length, name other family members, or even mention neighbors' names in property descriptions!  

Legal notices appear in the order that they're added, with the newest items at the top of the list.  

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Sale of CUTTING Property, New York, 1822

STEWART, GWYNNE & Co. vs. F. W. DUNTON, et. al., TN, 1888

GILLETT Estate, Auburn, New York, 1881

CUNNINGHAM Estate, VA, 1823

STREET Legal Notice, VA, 1823

BURTON Estate, VA, 1823


MANN Trust Sale, VA, 1823

ANDERSON Trust Sale, VA, 1823

SHANNON Probate Court News, Galveston, TX, 1909

DUFFY Probate Court News, Galveston, TX, 1909

LUCAS Probate Court News, Galveston, TX 1909

Essex County Chancery News, VA, 1823

Wood County Chancery, Virginia, 1823

Chancery Court, DIXON vs. PHELPS, etc.,  TN, 1887

STEDECORN notice, 1792

BUCK Property at Sheriff's Sale, 1897 Philadelphia

FALCONER Estate, Philadelphia, 1792

FLEMING Estate, Philadelphia 1897  

FENWICK Divorce, Philadelphia 1897

GOBRECHT Estate, Philadelphia, 1897

HUGHES Estate, Philadelphia, 1897

SHOEMAKER Estate, Philadelphia, 1897

STROUSE Estate, Philadelphia, 1897  

BAKER Tavern at Bacon Branch to be Rented, Bacon Branch, Virginia, 1823

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