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New! The Pepper Trail: History & Recipes from Around the World

New! The Automat: The History, Recipes, and Allure of Horn & Hardart's Masterpiece

New! Last Dinner on the Titanic: Menus and Recipes from the Great Liner

New! Making Mead (Honey Wine): History, Recipes, Methods and Equipment

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl icon

Creating an Heirloom: Writing Your Family's Cookbook icon

The Farmer's Wife Comfort Food Cookbook: Over 300 blue-ribbon recipes!

Depression Era Recipes

Mama's in the Kitchen: Weird & Wonderful Home Cooking 1900-1950

Pickled Herring and Pumpkin Pie: A Nineteenth-Century Cookbook for German Immigrants to America

A Tryon Palace Trifle; Or, Eighteenth Century Cookery

Family Recipe Collection Book

The American History Cookbook
"This book uses historical commentary and recipes to trace the history of American cooking from the first European contact with Native Americans to the 1970s."

Cooking on Nineteenth-Century Whaling Ships

A Thousand Years Over a Hot Stove: A History of American Women Told through Food, Recipes, and Remembrances

Our Family's Favorite Recipes: A Create-Your-Own Cookbook

A History Of The World In Six Glasses

Civil War Period Cookery: A Unique Collection of Favorite Recipes from Notable People & Families Involved In The War Between the States
"Civil War Period Cookery is a unique book of historical recipes. It is chock full of delightfully delicious cooking ideas favored by many famous people of days long past. This book contains the prized recipes for those dishes cooked by or eaten by some of the better known as well as lesser known figures from the Civil War era of our glorious history. Included are recipes for tasty breads and interesting baked goods, skillet southern fried chicken and really good poultry dishes. The reader will also be treated to many taste-tempting soups, stews and stuffings -- and, yes, even pickles as well as loads of other wonderful things. Or a reader may wish to try some buttermilk pie, an array of wonderful desserts, rhubarb punch and other delightful beverages. Then he or she may wish to make the unusual corn bread with a streak of delicious custard running through it. Yes, anyone can now enjoy a meal exactly like that eaten by those who wore both the blue and the gray during the War Between the States - or as some unreconstructed Southerners still refer to it - the War of Northern Aggression"

Baking Recipes from the Wives and Mothers of Our Founding Fathers
"...a marvelous collection of delightfully different baking recipes favored by the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence and the 39 Signers of the Constitution. A number of these heroic men from America's past are well known to Americans today (Washington, Franklin, Madison, etc.). Many others have been forgotten with the passage of time (Bassett, Hopkinson, Ross, etc.). Each recipe is followed by a brief biographical sketch covering interesting highlights of the person's accomplishments, thoughts and beliefs.
"Included are coveted treasures handed down over the many years within a family. Recipes for fragrant fresh pies, delightful loaves bread, or a batch of delicious cookies are presented for today's families to enjoy and experience the pleasure of preparing, baking and serving - exactly as was done in the past."

A Taste For War: The Culinary History of the Blue and the Gray icon
"[Hardtack was] positively unsuitable fodder for anything that claims to be human...and I think it no exaggeration to say that any intelligent pig possessing the least spark of pride would have considered it a pure insult to have them put into his swill." (Wilbur Fisk, Civil War soldier). We know the uniforms they wore, the weapons they carried, and the battles they fought, but what did they eat and, of even greater curiosity, was it any good? Now, for the very first time, the food that fueled the armies of the North and the South and the soldiers' opinions of it--ranging from the sublime to just slime--is front and center in a biting, fascinating look at the Civil War as written by one of its most respected historians. There's even a comprehensive "cookbook" of actual recipes included for those intrepid enough to try a taste of the Civil War.

Civil War Cookbook: A Unique Collection of Traditional Recipes and Anecdotes from the Civil War Period

Whistler's Mother's Cookbook icon

Grandma's Farm Country Cookbook iconThe old cook's almanac; being a compilation of recipes, rules and methods from antique, handwritten cookbooks in the collection of the author ... icon

Chef Wyman's Daily Health Menus, Intelligent Balance of Food the Safeguard to Good Health icon

Home Helps. a Pure Food Cook Book icon

Jell-O and the Kewpies icon

Food Editors' Hometown Favorites Cookbook: American Regional and Local Specialties icon

Cooking on the Lewis and Clark Expedition (Exploring History Through Simple Recipes) icon

The Lewis and Clark Cookbook: Historic Recipes from the Corps of Discovery and Jefferson's America
"Just in time for the 200th anniversary of the Lewis & Clark Expedition in 2003 comes Mansfield's unique record of culinary life in 18th- and early 19th-century America, with 150 historically accurate recipes that use ingredients meticulously researched for authenticity. 16-page color insert."

Libations of the Eighteenth Century: A Concise Manual for the Brewing of Authentic Beverages from the Colonial Era of America, and of Times Past
"A manual dedicated to recreating the brewed beverages that existed in the American Colonies. All of the historic recipes were documented as dating from 1800 or earlier, and all were taste-tested. The book consists of more than fifty recipes for ale, beer, mead, hard cider, and mixed drinks, including an award winning recipe for porter. Along with the recipes is a how-to chapter on brewing. There is an additional chapter on non-alcoholic brews, such as tea and coffee, and herbal substitutes for both. Plus, a section on making non-alcoholic beer, and carbonated soft drinks."

Scrapbooking With Recipes: Ideas for Preserving Kitchen Memories
Creating scrapbook memories of cherished family food traditions is easy with this complete guide to selecting papers, laying out pages, and scrapbooking basics. Vibrant full-color photography inspires scrapbookers to preserve precious memories from classic cooking moments, as well as capture new cooking memories."

Recipe Keepsakes: Your Special Collection of Family Treasures
"One book for writing 1000 favorite recipes, 100 favorite cookbook names, your favorite recipe index and 12 pockets for storing newspaper clippings, magazine recipes and recipes, scribbled on napkins. Makes saving recipes easy. Saves time. Organizes pieces of paper you want to keep. "

16 Classic American Recipes and the Stories of How They Began icon

The Confederate Cookbook: Family Favorites from the Sons of Confederate Veterans icon

The Jewish Heritage Cookbook

Meals and Memories: How to Create Create Keepsake Cookbooks

Passions: The Wines and Travels of Thomas Jefferson
"This is a biography of Thomas Jefferson at leisure, enjoying two of his passions--wine and travel. Twelve of the sixteen chapters cover Jefferson's five years in France where he served as our minister and traveled through France, England, Germany, Italy and Holland. Passions was selected by Robert M. Parker, Jr. as '1995 Wine Book of the Year,' and was the winner of the 1995 'Veuve Clicquot Wine Book of the Year' competition. It is a marvelous account of America's first wine connoisseur and gourmet."

Take Two & Butter 'Em While They're Hot: Heirloom Recipes & Kitchen Wisdom
"Cook your heart out with generations of hand-me-down recipes and food lore! Barbara Swell has whisked up weather and cooking folklore, food insults, old-timey home remedies, vintage photos, romance superstitions, hearth crafts and 19th Century chores. "

Log Cabin Cooking: Pioneer Recipes & Food Lore
Peppered with authentic 19th Century photographs, this cookbook is smothered with old-timey recipes, kitchen proverbs, even a pinch of proper pioneer etiquette! Make-do cooking recipes include Leather Britches, Ash Cake and Portable Soup, using ingredients available to settlers 150 years ago! Other goodies: hand-dipped candle making, soup warnings, molasses taffy, faux foods, zucchini clarinet and ginger beer!

Beer in America: The Early Years, 1587-1840 : Beers Role in the Settling of America and the Birth of a Nation

Dining by Rail: The History and Recipes of America's Golden Age of Railroad Cuisine

Silas Cully's Tavern Tales: Stories, Jokes, and Recipes from a Nineteenth Century Barkeeper

Secrets of the Great Old-Timey Cooks: Historic Recipes, Lore & Wisdom

Colonial Cooking: Exploring History Through Simple Recipes
(Kids' Cookbook)

Colonial Fireplace Cooking and Early American Recipes

The Art of American Indian Cooking: Over 150 Delicious, Authentic & Traditional Dishes from Five North American Regions

Enduring Harvests: Native American Foods Foods and Festivals for Every Season

The Medieval Cookbook

Much Depends on Dinner: The Extraordinary History and Mythology, Allure and Obsessions, Perils and Taboos, of an Ordinary Meal

Recipes Remembered

Christmas in the Heartland

Rebel Cornbread and Yankee Coffee: Authentic Civil War Cooking and Camaraderie
"Culled from the memoirs and letters of actual Union and Confederate soldiers, the recipes found in Rebel Cornbread and Yankee Coffee are so authentic they might even turn your taste buds Blue and Gray. Author Garry Fisher explores the common experiences shared by average soldiers on both sides during their time off the Civil War battlefields, including the food they loved, the food they hated, the songs they sang, and the pranks they played. Whether you are an armchair history buff or interested in sampling a part of history, the recipes, songs, and stories gathered here are sure to fascinate, even if they don't make you hungry."

Favorite Dishes: A Columbian Autograph Souvenir Cookery Book

America's Collectible Cookbooks: The History, the Politics, the Recipes










The Opp Cookbook: A Collection of Recipes of the Opp Historical Society of Opp, Alabama

The Guntersville Heritage Cookbook

Century Reflections From Recipe Collections of Arab, Alabama, 1892 - 1992

Home Cooking Secrets Of Lawrence County (Alabama)

Beyond Cotton Country
Morgan County, Alabama Junior League. "Beyond Cotton Country seeks a contemporary look for a traditional cooking that represents fine food, comfort food, and health food. The recipes, each of which was kitchen tested twice, are augmented with cooking tips, food tips, and personal anecdotes. The cookbook showcases the area through unique and creative photography."

Around the Spiral Staircase: Recipes and Lore from Each Alabama County... icon

Wetumpka's Besticon

Treasured Recipes of Hale County icon

Gulf Coast Gourmet Seafood Recipes icon

Magnolia Springs Cookbook icon

Twickenham Receipts and Sketches

Huntsville Heritage Cookbook icon

The Recipes of Madison County

Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread & Scuppernong Wine: The Folklore and Art of Southern Appalachian Cooking
"A scrumptious slice of Smoky Mountain and Blue Ridge hill country folklore, handed down from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Germany, and the Cherokee Nation, this book covers the art, foods, blessings, and legends of the people of this fascinating region."

The African-American Heritage Cookbook: Traditional Recipes and Fond Remembrances from Alabama's Renowned Tuskegee Institute
"Includes memories and literary passages that evince the spirit of Tuskegee and complement more than two hundred traditional recipes with pictorial accounts, personal vignettes, and poetry."






The Alaska Heritage Seafood Cookbook: Great Recipes from Alaska's Rich Kettle of Fish




 Arizona's Historic Restaurants and Their Recipes






Recipes Compiled from Recipes Contributed by the Women Circle No. 1 of the Presbyterian Auxilliary and Others
(1927) Cotton Plant, Arkansas

Art of Cooking in Fort Smith icon

Best of the Best from Arkansas: Selected Recipes from Arkansas' Favorite Cookbooks icon
"This treasury of favorite recipes will enable you to capture Arkansas' special cuisine—and taste its natural wonder. Included in the more than 400 recipes are such delightful dishes as Fried Green Tomatoes, Sadie's Deep Dish Chicken Pot Pie, Rice Pudding, Oven-Poached Rainbow Trout with Cucumber-Dill Cloud, Peaches and Cream Soufflé, and Stovepipe Bread. From quite simple to simply elegant, these recipes are sure to become family favorites."






Some of the Nations Best Cooks Live in Kings County California - Here is a Treasury of Their Favorite Recipes

Favorite & Original Recipes of the Members of the San Joaquin County Farm Home Department of the Farm Bureau

Some of the Nation's Best Cooks Live in Yuba & Sutter Counties, California: Here is a Treasury of Their Favorite Recipes

A Festival of Olives: Olive Recipes From the Olive City icon
Corning, California

The Hotel St. Francis Cook Book icon

Roots, Recipes, & Recollections icon
Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society

Recipes From Historic San Juan Bautista icon

What's Cooking in California icon
(circa 1940)

Knights Ferry Centennial Cook Book

Stanislaus County Cookbook icon

A Taste of Humboldt: an Historical and Ethnic Cookbook of Humboldt County, California icon

Early California Hospitality: the Cookery Customs of Spanish California, with Authentic Recipes and Menus of the Period icon

Four 'N Twenty Blackbirds, California Book on Game Cookery & Other Recipes icon

California Gold Rush Cooking (Exploring History Through Simple Recipes)






Best of the Historic West: Great Recipes from Colorado's Elite Inns, Hotels and Ranches

Recipes and Stories of Early San Luis Valley

Country Cookbook Our Favorite Recipes Crestone Colorado icon

Jefferson County Extension Homemakers Home Cookin' icon

Pioneer Potluck: Stories and Recipes of Early Colorado



The Connecticut Cookbook: Being a Collection of Recipes From Connecticut Kitchens Equally Adapted for Wartime and Peacetime icon

Lyme's Own Cook Book icon




Flavors of St. Augustine: An Historic Cookbook icon

Florida's Historic Restaurants & Their Recipes icon

Famous Florida Cracker Cookin' and Other Favorites: Cookbook and Restaurant Guide to Florida's Best Eateries






New! The Blue Willow Inn Cookbook: Discover Why the Best Small-Town Restaurant in the South is in Social Circle, Georgia icon

The Bicentennial - French Heritage Cook Book
Rochelle, Georgia

Emanuel County Culinary Creations

Flatlanders Cook Book: A Collection of Recipes From Lanier County, Georgia

Seven Springs Sampler: Herb Recipes from Historic Homes of Powder Springs, Georgia icon

DALTON COOKING: Past, Present, Future icon

Favorite Recipes from Harris County

Recipes and Reminiscence icon

Famous Recipes From Mrs. Wilkes' Boarding House in Historic Savannah icon

Georgia's Historic Restaurants and Their Recipes

Georgia Land: A Collection of Georgia Recipes, Historic Landmarks and Scenic Attractions

Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread & Scuppernong Wine: The Folklore and Art of Southern Appalachian Cooking

Remember When...?  Family, Friends, and Recipes






Freeport Journal-Standard Heritage Cookbook

F. W. McNess Cookbook icon
(1935) From the seller: "The F. W. McNess name is still known for agribusiness serving the dairy, swine and beef industries. But there was a time when the company not only made livestock products, but also things for the home--and delivered them by horse and buggy! This catalog came along at least two decades after the quaint delivery system, but is nonetheless filled with vintage charm from its wonderful cover art of a mother and two children expressing great delight at the sight of a chocolate pie made using McNess vanilla extract and canned "chocolate dessert" to its great photos of the period and wonderful recipes from all over the world. On the left hand side of the page they appear in their language of origin and on the right in English. Scattered throughout the booklet are ads for other McNess products, including its farming line. What we especially love is that it's been stamped on the back with the words "Archie L. Parr, The McNess Man, Everett, Ohio. ...A charming edition to any collection."

LaSalle County, Illinois, Home Bureau Cookbook Silver Anniversary Edition

Cooking Up Memories icon
by Tazewell County (Illinois) Genealogical And Historical Society

Favorite Recipes Dekalb County Illinois Homemakers Extension 1972 icon

Lincoln Heritage Trail Cookbook icon

Rediscovering German Cookery in Adams County, Illinois icon

The Legendary Illinois Cookbook: Historic and Culinary Lore from the Prairie State
"The Legendary Illinois Cookbook is an affectionate journey through Illinois that offers a panoramic view of the state and its favorite foods. The six geographical areas of Illinois provide the framework for a comprehensive collection of over 600 recipes that will please any member of the family. Along with the broad selection of delicious foods, the authors have included fascinating historical background for each of the six geographical sections and have also scattered interesting town tidbits among the recipes. To round out the image, charming original artwork and wonderful old photographs highlight many of the unique characteristics of Illinois. The overall result is a cookbook chock full of food, fun, and facts that will be as much fun to read as it will be to use."

The Great Chicago Melting Pot Cookbook
"A city with the representation of literally hundreds of ethnic groups, Chicago has rightfully earned its nickname as the melting pot of America. The authors of The Great Chicago Melting Pot Cookbook have selected a representative group of these nationalities and, in over 400 recipes, have presented the best of their native cuisine. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of a culture is its cooking and The Great Chicago Melting Pot Cookbook is a delightful way to get acquainted. Over the years, American immigrants have adapted the recipes from their homeland to reflect the tastes and available ingredients of their new country. The recipes found here are easy for the American cook to follow, yet still retain the character of the original cuisine."






Cooking from Quilt Country: Hearty Recipes from Amish and Mennonite Kitchens
"Includes nearly 200 family recipes from America's heartland, a culinary folk history of the Indiana Amish and Mennonites. This celebration of farm life is a companion volume to the PBS series hosted by Adams. 64 full-color photographs."

New Recipes from Quilt Country: More Food & Folkways from the Amish & Mennonites

The Brown County Cookbook

Lincoln's Table: Victorian Recipes from Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois to the White House






Country Cooking by the Amish of Buchanan County, Iowa

Amish Cooking and Canning: Buchanan County, Iowa icon

The Madison County Cookbook: Homespun Recipes, Family Traditions, & Recollections From Winterset, Iowa-the Heart of Madison County icon

A Collection of Traditional Amana Recipes; Family-Sized Recipes of the Foods Prepared and Served in the Amana Villages for Over a Century icon

Best of the Best from Iowa: Selected Recipes from Iowa's Favorite Cookbooks
"The 'land between two rivers'—the Missouri and the Mississippi—boasts some of the nation's richest farmland and a bounty of delicious treats. Bring the Best Iowa cooking into your own kitchen with such traditional favorites as Swedish Meatballs, Dutch Handkerchiefs, Iowa Corn Pancakes, Rhubarb Crisp, and Stuffed Glazed Pork Chops—just a sampling of the 400 or so recipes included within these pages."

A Cook's Tour of Iowa






Centennial Cookbook Our 100th Year 1890-1990 (First Lutheran Church Phillipsburg, Kansas) icon



New! Eating Your Way Across Kentucky: The Recipes: A Collection of Famous Favorites from the Best Selling Restaurant Travel Guide icon

Bourbon County Remembered Collected Recipes icon

Dining in Historic Kentucky: A Restaurant Guide With Recipes

Hospitality Kentucky Style, Kentucky Heritage Grand Tour and Kentucky Fine Foods and Spirits

The New Claudia Sanders Dinner House of Shelbyville, Kentucky, Cookbook

Out of Green River Kitchens (A Collection of Family Recipes) icon

A Fort Craig Reader: An Historical Cookbook Presented By the Hart County Historical Society

Favorite Recipes From Caldwell County Homemakers 1971 icon

Larue County Kitchens

Green River Catfish Festival Cookbook, Etc. icon

Sold! The Happy Cooker Cookbook, United Democratic Women's Club, Union County, Kentucky icon

Sold! A Second Tasting Tour Through Washington County Kentucky; Kentucky Bicentennial Edition icon

Charles Patteson's Kentucky Cooking icon

My Old Kentucky Homes Cookbook icon

Kentucky Hospitality: A 200-Year Tradition icon

Famous Kentucky Recipes icon

A Book of Favorite Recipes, Compiled By Jefferson County School Food Service Assoc. ( Lunchroom Managers and Employers ) icon

The Kentucky Bicentennial Cookbook: Featuring Famous Historical Kentucky Recipes 1776-1976 icon
Mercer County Bicentennial Commemorative

Kentucky Keepsakes: Classic Southern Recipes

Savory Memories
"Adding a cup of this and a pinch of that, author Elisabeth Beattie cooks up "Savory Memories", a collection of 22 essays about particular dishes from Kentucky that call up warm memories. The book is both a cookbook and a compendium of sentiments, blending essays, illustrations, and recipes with humor and nostalgia."

The Kentucky Housewife icon
"First published in 1839, this long-lost classic of Southern cooking is a combination of foods and recipes from American Indian, European, and African sources, all cooked and seasoned in a hot climate."

Lincoln's Table: Victorian Recipes from Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois to the White House




Receipts From Old Worcester icon

A Book of Favorite Recipes of Bel Air Woman's Club of Harford County, Maryland icon

Maryland's Historic Restaurants and Their Recipes






A Maine Cookbook. a Compilation of 150 Years of Cooking in the Best Yankee Tradition icon

Pot Luck in Surry. Compiled and Published By the Surry Parent-Teacher Club. 1952 icon
Hancock County

Waldo County General Hospital Aid Cook Book icon
(circa 1920)

Signed: What's Cooking Down in Maine. With Local History Slipped in icon

Best of Maine Recipes icon

Damariscotta Kitchens-Favorite Recipes From Historic Lincoln County, Main

Good Maine Food icon






The Massachusetts Kid's Cookbook: Recipes, How-to, History, Lore and More!

The Captain's Lady: Cookbook - Personal Journal; Massachusetts; circa 1837-1917 icon

Provincetown Seafood Cookbook icon

Recipes From the Portuguese of Provincetown

Through the Front Door: Recipes From Ashfield Homes
Ashfield, MA is a unique place to live. Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires, Ashfield offers a true rural lifestyle with quick access to the key cultural centers of Western Massachusetts. Presented in an original monthly format, geared to the seasons of the town, this cookbook is a compilation of time tested generation old recipes from a wide cross section of residents. Through the Front Door offers a plethora of recipes, photographs, town facts and trivia.

The Nantucket Restaurants Cookbook: Menus and Recipes from the Faraway Isle 




Manistee County Pomona Grange Cookbook

The Saginaw Cook Book

History from the Hearth: A Colonial Michilimackinac Cookbook




Food on the Frontier: Minnesota Cooking from 1850 to 1900 with Selected Recipes icon

Best of the Best from Minnesota: Selected Recipes from Minnesota's Favorite Cookbooks icon

Minnesota Eats Out: An Illustrated History

100 Years of Good Cooking: The Minnesota Centennial Cookbook
"Features nearly three hundred old and new recipes from the kitchens of homemakers in cities and on farms in Minnesota's 87 counties. This favorite includes centuries-old traditional ethnic specialties as well as modern regional tried-and-true home cooking."






Delta-licious: Family Recipes and Stories from Sunflower County, Mississippi

Vardaman Sweet Potato Recipes Collection

A Book of Favorite Recipes Compiled By Bank of Lucedale Directors, Officers & Employees icon

Kitchen Keepsakes: Family Recipes from the Deep South icon

Coahoma Cooking: Every Day and Sunday, Too

Marshall County Historical Society Bicentennial Cook Book, Holly Springs, Mississippi

Cookin' on the Mississippi: Gourmet French and English Recipes from Louisiana and Mississippi Plantations and Paddle Wheelers

Home Economic Department Tunica County Woman's Club Cook Book icon

Favorite Recipes of the Magnolia State icon

Worth Savoring Literary, Visual and Culinary Creations From the Hills of North Mississippi icon
Union County Historical Society

Sold! Bread of Life icon
Cookbook by Shady Grove Baptist Church, Lucedale, Mississippi

Best of the Best from Mississippi ...
"Taste the superb culinary heritage found in such delightful dishes as Willie Morris' Mamie's Fried Chicken, Red Beans and Rice, Farm-Raised Catfish Williamsburg, Hotel Natchez Bread Pudding, Mississippi Mud Cake, and William Faulkner's own Pappy's Hot Toddy which he said was guaranteed to cure anything from a horse kick to a bad cold."

A Grand Heritage: A Culinary Legacy of Columbus, Mississippi icon




Heritage of Cooking: A Collection of Recipes from East Perry County, Missouri

Pot Roast, Politics, and Ants in the Pantry: Missouri's Cookbook Heritage icon

A Book of Favorite Recipes
Audrain County Historical Society

Boone County Fare icon

Clay County Cookin'

The Never Ending Season: the Cookbook of Missouri icon

The Shaw House Cookbook icon

Food in Missouri: A Cultural Stew icon

Past & Repast: the History and Hospitality of the Missouri Governor's Mansion icon



Cut Bank Cuisine: A Collection of Favorite Recipes



Prairie Kitchen Sampler: 66 Years of a Midwestern Farm Kitchen

Guild Cook Book icon
(1908) Women's Guild of St. Peter's Church, Neligh, Antelope County

Nebraska Pioneer Cookbook

Best of the Best from the Great Plains: Selected Recipes from Favorite Cookbooks of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas






The Virginia City Cook Book: Authentic Recipes of the Old West



New Mexico

New! La Comida: The Foods, Cooking, and Traditions of the Upper Rio Grande icon

Bite of History: Recipes & Tales from the Mesilla Valley

The Rancho De Chimayo Cookbook: the Traditional Cooking of New Mexico icon

Santa Fe Cookery: Traditional New Mexican Recipes icon



New York

Our Grandmothers' Recipes and Some Others
(1914) Ontario County, New York Historical Society

Good Stuff Recipes, Hints, and Advice From Grandma Gifford icon
Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York

What's Cooking at Saratoga? icon

The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook:...

Best of the Best from New York: Selected Recipes from New York's Favorite Cookbooks
"Imagine having prominent chefs, popular restaurants, junior leagues, plus a variety of other superb New York cooks, each offering delicious samples of their particular cooking style and taste all in one book! Sixty-seven popular cookbooks from all over the Empire State have contributed their favorite recipes to this outstanding collection. There's everything from Cappuccino Parfaits to Bronx Duck, and practically a whole chapter on cheesecakes! Ah, the delicious diversity!

"Best of the Best from New York is the thirty-first volume in the acclaimed Best of the Best State Cookbook Series. Each of these culinary travelogues includes photographs, illustrations, and interesting quips about the history, folklore, and food of each featured state. The Catalog of Contributing Cookbooks sections provide a description of each contributing cookbook plus ordering information-a treasure for cookbook collectors."

Welcome to Junior's! Remembering Brooklyn With Recipes and Memories from Its Favorite Restaurant





North Carolina

Roanoke Island Cook Book

Chadbourn Presbyterian Church Cook Book

The Bright Leaf Cookbook. Compiled by the Home Demonstration Clubs of Wilson County North Carolina

Dixie Dishes. Rocky Mount Edition. Compiled By the Junior Guild, Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Seaboard to Sideboard: A Collection of Recipes from the Junior League of Wilmington, North Carolina

A Book of Favorite Recipes icon
Little River, Transylvania County

Hungry for Home Stories of Food From Across the Carolinas With More Than 200 Favorite Recipes icon

Seafood Cookery From Carteret County Kitchens icon

Tastes in Plaid: Alamance County Entertains icon

Brunswick County Shrinettes Cook Book icon

North Carolina and Old Salem Cookery icon
Forsyth County

The Tar Heel Cook Book. a Collection of Favorite Recipes icon

A Tryon Palace Trifle; Or, Eighteenth Century Cookery

Providence Specialties icon 
Goldsboro, Wayne County

Old-Time Recipes From the Nu-Wray Inn Burnsville, North Carolina

A Taste of the Past: Early Foodways of the Albemarle Region 1585-1830. February 9, 1991-August 18, 1991 icon

North Carolina's Historic Restaurants and Their Recipes icon

Coastal Carolina Cookbook icon

Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread & Scuppernong Wine: The Folklore and Art of Southern Appalachian Cooking

Carolina Sunshine: Then and Now

North Carolina & Old Salem Cookery

Red Pepper Fudge and Blue Ribbon Biscuits: Favorite Recipes and Stories from North Carolina State Fair Winners






Heavenly Recipes from Dunker Kitchens

Cleveland Food Memories: A Nostalgic Look Back at Food We Loved, the Places We Bought it, and the People Who Made It Special

Sold! Home Cookin': The Adams County Community Cookbook

Cincinnati Recipe Treasury: The Queen City's Culinary Heritage
"Every page speaks of the book's authenticity, containing historical anecdotes, celebrity comments, collectible line drawings of the city. For Cincinnatians-at-heart living elsewhere, for visitors who enjoyed the city's hospitality, for all genuine Cincinnatians, what better way to remember the Queen City than through her friendly and surprisingly imaginative kitchens."

I'll Cook When Pigs Fly......and They Do in Cincinnati: Bits & Bites of Queen City Cuisine
"See how pigs really do fly in Cincinnati, then check out these unique recipes -- truly a new twist on some old favorites. Lots of fun trivia, facts and quotes about Cincinnati. Awesome photography by award-winning Cincinnati photographers. The cover is by Pulitzer Prize Winner Jim Borgman. Benefits various community projects."

A Taste of Ohio History: A Guide to Historic Eateries and Their Recipes icon
"From a list of over 200 dining establishments in Ohio, Debbie Nunley and Karen Jane Elliott have selected approximately 100 restaurants for the second volume of the popular A Taste of History "TM" series. The authors focus on restaurants of significant historical interest. Some of these are inns, taverns, and roadside hostelries that have been in business for many years at the same site. Others -- former doctor's offices, mills, firehouses, and barns -- have been converted from other uses but still retain their original flavor. In addition to capturing the historical ambience for the reader, this guidebook serves as a cookbook. Each entry includes two or three recipes from the featured restaurant, so readers can reproduce their favorite dishes. There is something here to suit everyone, whether their taste runs to haute cuisine or simple country fare."

Plain and Happy Living: Amish Recipes and Remedies icon
"Byler, an Old Order Amish from Middlefield, Ohio, offers an autobiographical medicine diary and recipe book, that's been over 50 years in the making. Here are recipes for general tonics, poultices, plasters, and remedies for specific ills, instructions for making soap, furniture polish, glue, and varnish remover, plus recipes for everything from cherry pie to Rivvel Soup. Illustrations."

Centennial Buckeye Cook Book
"By any standard the Centennial Buckeye Cook Book was the most important cookbook to have originated in Ohio in the nineteenth century. It included more than three hundred pages of good recipes for jellies and jams, soups and sauces, fruits and vegetables, meats, poultry and fish, and confectionery, cakes and pastry, and many more. It was, however, much more than just a cookbook. Some editions featured information about medicine and the chemistry of food, how to do the laundry, how to make icehouses, hints for the sick and, most unusual, hints for the well. The book was a reflection of home life in Ohio and America before the twentieth century totally swept aside rural American life styles.

"The first edition of the Centennial Buckeye Cook Book was published in 1876. Between 1876 and 1905, a total of thirty-two editions of the cookbook were published, and more than one million copies sold. The book began as a project of the Marysville, Ohio, First Congregational Church when the women of the church decided to publish a cookbook in order to raise money to build a parsonage. Their effort launched a cookbook that rapidly became one of the most popular publications of nineteenth-century America. This is the first reprint of the original 1876 edition."






Mrs. Meler's Menus and Recipes (Oklahoma College for Women Chickasha, Oklahoma) icon
Circa 1920

Our Country Cookin' icon
Grady County Junior Social Workers, 1985



Who's Cookin' in Josephine County

Oregon Trail Cookbook (Exploring History Through Simple Recipes) icon

Prize Winning Tillamook Whole Milk Cheese Recipes: Vol VIII icon

A Taste of Oregon icon

Brewed in the Pacific Northwest: a History of Beer-Making in Oregon and Washington icon

Oregon Trail Cookbook (Exploring History Through Simple Recipes) icon
Grades 3-6. "If readers like their history served up on a plate, then this series is for them. Historical narrative is blended with recipes of the time, thus giving glimpses of the period while introducing traditional foods of hungry cowboys, frontier families, and intrepid explorers of the 1800s. An editor's note explains that, "Although based on historical foods, recipes have been modernized and simplified for today's young cooks." Lewis and Clark draws clear connections from history to food by utilizing passages from Lewis's account of the journey. Foods and preparations follow the expedition's travels through various regions and include meals that are indigenous to the countryside. The favorite will probably be Cowboy Cooking. Heavily illustrated with photographs and complete with recipes for standard fare including biscuits, beans, and beef, this book gives readers a real sense of life on the dusty trail. There's even a section on etiquette and the cowboy "sweet tooth." Oregon Trail, the weakest of the three, intersperses recipes and historical information less smoothly. Perhaps it's the quirks of layout, but the placement of a lemonade recipe opposing the page giving an overview of the ill-fated Donner Party seems incongruous. Still, all three titles are visual delights that include many photographs and period illustrations."

Telegram Conservation Cook Book icon
Portland, 1917

Wagon Wheel Kitchens: Food on the Oregon Trail icon

The Way We Ate: Pacific Northwest Cooking, 1843-1900 icon






The Rumford Complete Cook Book + Handwritten Recipes iconBucks (the Artists' County) Cooks: a Gourmet's Guide to Estimable Comestibles With Pictures icon

The Lancaster County Farm Cookbook

The Bounty of Chester County Cookbook, 1682-1982 icon

Best of Amish Cooking: Traditional and Contemporary Recipes Adapted From the Kitchens and Pantries of Old Order Amish Cooks icon

Sauerkraut Yankees: Pennsylvania Dutch Foods & Foodways

The Bedford Village Cook Book icon

A Book of Favorite Recipes Contributed By Presbyterian Churches of Perry and Juniata Counties icon

The City Tavern Cookbook: Recipes from the Birthplace of American Cuisine icon

Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book of Fine Old Recipes Compiled From Tried and Tested Recipes Made Famous and Handed Down By the Early Dutch Settlers in Pennsylvania icon

Victorian Thymes & Pleasures: A Community Cookbook by the Junior League of Williamsport

Rum Punch & Revolution: Taverngoing & Public Life in Eighteenth Century Philadelphia icon
"In Rum Punch and Revolution, Thompson shows how the public houses provided a setting in which Philadelphians from all walks of life revealed their characters and ideas as nowhere else. He takes the reader into the cramped confines of the colonial bar room, describing the friendships, misunderstandings, and conflicts which were generated among the city's drinkers, and investigates the profitability of running a tavern in a city which, until independence, set maximum prices on the cost of drinks and services in its public houses. Taverngoing, Thompson writes, fostered a sense of citizenship that influenced political debate in colonial Philadelphia and became an issue in the city's revolution. Opinionated and profoundly undeferential taverngoers did more than drink; they forced their political leaders to consider whether and how public opinion could be represented in the counsels of a newly independent nation."

A Taste of Pennsylvania History: A Guide to Historic Eateries and Their Recipes

Pennsylvania's Historic Restaurants and Their Recipes icon





Rhode Island

New! Windows: a Tasteful Reflection of Historic Rhode Island icon





South Carolina

Santee Supper: A Book of Recipes from the South Carolina Low Country

Dorchester County Cook Book: South Carolina

Relishing Recipes from Rural Richland

Receipts and Recollections icon

South Carolina Plantation and Historic Homes Cookbook icon

Best of the Best from South Carolina ...
"It is said that South Carolina has an unmatchable charm that stretches from Historic Charleston and the coastal beaches all the way to the beautiful Upcountry mountain region. And her cuisine is equally charming. South Carolina is famous for such dishes as She-Crab Soup, Oyster Purlo, Huguenot Torte, Cheese Bennes and Carolina Red Rice and these are just a sampling of the 400 or so recipes included in these pages."

Louis Osteen's Charleston Cuisine: Recipes from a Lowcountry Chef

Bittle En' T'Ing': Gullah Cooking With...

The Carolina Housewife icon

Two Hundred Years of Charleston Cooking

Grace the Table : Stories and Recipes from My Southern Revival

The Carolina Rice Kitchen: The African Connection

South Carolina's Historic Restaurants and Their Recipes icon

A Colonial Plantation Cookbook: The Receipt Book of Harriott Pinckney Horry, 1770 icon






New! Reelfoot Legend Recipes icon

Season It With Bell Buckle icon

Miss Mary's Down-Home Cooking: Traditional Recipes From Lynchburg, Tennessee icon

Old Time Tennessee Receipts icon

Fayette County Kitchen Secrets icon

Jackson County Cook Book icon

Maury County Cookbook icon

Best of the Best from Tennessee : Selected Recipes from Tennessee's Favorite Cookbook
"From Johnson City to Memphis, Chattanooga to Clarksville, fifty-four of Tennessee's leading cookbooks have 'Volunteered' their most popular recipes to create this remarkable collection.

"Taste such delicious down-home favorites as Mammy's Cracklin' Corn Bread, Chuck Wagon Pepper Steak, Skillet Fried Chicken, Garlic Cheese Grits, Country Ham and Red-Eye Gravy, Chattanooga Chew Chews, and Crisp Crust Apple Pie. These delightful dishes are just a sampling of the more that 400 recipes included within these pages."

The Table at Grey Gables : A Cookbook : Victorian England in Rural America : Historic Rugby, Tennessee

Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House Cookbook : A Celebration of Traditional Southern Dishes That Made Miss Mary Bobo's an American Legend...

Hill Country Cookin' and Memoirs

Kinfolks and Custard Pie: and Recipes from an East Tennessean...

Jack Daniel's the Spirit of Tennessee...






Best of the Best from Texas Pride Cookbook: Selected Recipes from the Classic North Texas AT&T Pioneer Cookbooks

Way Back in the Country: Recipes from Six Generations of East Texas Farm Cooking and the Stories Behind Them

Sabine County Favorites

Family Recipes from Vance Godbey's Restaurant in addition to the Original Mayme Farms' Cookbook

Cook Book. Favorite Recipes from Dickens County, Texas

Comal County Sheriff's Posse Auxiliary Cook Book 1964 icon

Memorial Book and Recipes, 1957: Czech Catholic Home for the Aged, Inc., Hillje, Wharton County, Texas icon

Texas Historic Inns Cookbook: A Delightful Collection of Treasured Recipes icon

Rare Collection: Superb Recipes By the Junior League of Galveston County icon

Favorite Recipes From Our Best Cooks Cookbook (Compiled By the Home Demostration Clubs of Mills County, Texas) icon

The Dove's Nest Restaurant: New American Recipes From a Historic Texas Town icon

A Pinch of This and a Handful of That, Historic Recipes of Texas 1830-1900

Collin County Courthouse Cookbook icon

Mrs. Blackwell's Heart of Texas Cookbook: a Tasty Memoir of the Depression icon

Our Texas Heritage: Traditions and Recipes
We all know who brought enchiladas to Texas, but treats such as kolaches and wurst are equally revered in Texas culinary culture. Our Texas Heritage explores the history of its early settlers: a patchwork quilt of thirteen unique ethnic groups who poured their soups and stews into the American melting pot. Read about the pioneer days and try out those recipes that made the brave new world a whole lot cozier. This title is a delightful history of the cultures and food that make Texas such a versatile state. Whenever possible, recipes have been adapted to allow for time-saving shortcuts without sacrificing authenticity.

A Little of This--and a Little of That Together Makes Good Eating...Lampasas' Finest icon

Harris County Heritage Society Cook Book icon

Through Our Kitchen Door icon
from Dallas County Heritage Society Guild

The Saga of Texas Cookery: an Historical Guide of More Than One Hundred Twenty Recipes Illustrating the French Influence on Texas Cuisine, the Spanish Influence, & the Mexican, Including Also Contributions From the European Settlers in the Republic of Texas icon

Best of the Best from Texas ...
"From tall skyscrapers to wide open prairie land, from rugged cowboys to delicate debutantes, from haute cuisine to open-pit barbecue, Texas is a land of great diversity. Eighty of the leading cookbooks from the Lone Star State have contributed their favorite recipes to create this comprehensive collection—an invitation to a 'giant Texas tasting party.'

"Fantastic fare such as Bad Hombre Eggs, Son-of-a-Gun Stew, Sula's Stir-Fry Okra, Mexican Chocolate Cake, Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas, and South Texas Barbequed Shrimp are just a sampling of the 500 or so recipes included in these pages."

Best of the Best from Texas 2 ...
"This second helping of Texas-style cuisine has as much variety and diversity as the countryside. It's spicy, it's lively, it's tasty, it's hearty, it's creative, it's Mexican, it's Southwestern...it's what we like to call Tex-Mex Plus! It's a taste as big as the state itself.

"Delectable dishes such as Grilled Texas Tequila Tuna, Cowboy Cornbread, Braggin'-Rights Brisket, White Lightning Chili, and Sam Houston's Golden Spice Cake are just a sampling of the 500 or so recipes included within these pages."

Seconds of a Pinch of This and a Handful of That: Historic Recipes of Texas 1830-1900

The Capitol Cookbook: A Facsimile of the Original Austin 1899 Edition

Boardin' in the Thicket: Reminiscences and Recipes of Early Big Thicket Boarding Houses

Eats: A Folk History of Texas Foods

The Historic Belle-Jim Hotel Jasper, Texas: Remembrances and Recipes of Those Who Knew It Best






Northwoods Tales & Unusual Recipes

Vermont Recipes (Culinary Tours)

The Cheeses of Vermont : A Gourmet Guide...

The Mist Grill: Rustic Cooking from Vermont icon

The Tasha Tudor Cookbook: Recipes and Reminiscences from Corgi Cottage The beloved children's author shares family memories and traditional New England recipes, including those for rich Yorkshire pudding, tangy baked beans, baked custard, homemade ice cream, and English toffee bars.

Amateur Sugar Maker






Tidewater on the Half Shell: Fine Virginia Recipes icon

Norfolk Cookery Book: The Culinary Heritage of a Southern Seaport icon

Virginia Hospitality: a Book of Recipes From 200 Years of Gracious Entertaining icon

Colonial Virginia's Cooking Dynasty

Culinary Gems From the Kitchens of Old Virginia icon

Pigsfoot Jelly and Persimmon Beer: Foodways from the Virginia Writers' Project icon
"From the files of the Virginia Writer's Project, Dr. Perdue has collected interviews from Virginia residents on the rich culinary and cooking tradition of Virginia. In their words and dialect, long time Virginians relate family secrets, disagreements on ingredients, and such time honored traditions as molasses boiling, oyster roasts and family reunions. The book covers food traditions from the diet of Virginia slaves to the fish fry and finally the grand feast of Christmas dinner. The reader will delight in the humor and frankness of the interviews taken in the 1930's up until the outbreak of WWII. The New Deal and Folk Culture Series."

Loudoun County Cooks

The Smithfield Cookbook icon

Two Centuries of Virginia Cooking: The Haw Branch Plantation Cookbook icon

The Virginia Hostess, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century, Vol. I: Collations, Comfits and Drams icon

The Ketoctin Kitchen. a Potpourri of Meat, Vegetable, Desert (Sic) and Beverage Recipes. Largely From the Loudoun and Shenandoah Valleys of Virginia. With a Host of Before-Meal Blessings, Some Set to Music icon

Best of the Best from Virginia :...
"Virginia is a state rich in history, and one contributing cookbook, The Virginia House-wife, is considered to be the first cookbook published in America. Best of the Best from Virginia preserves many historic recipes—some from the kitchens of our early presidents—as well as up-to-date favorites. Dishes such as Sea Scallops Virginia, Chesapeake Bay Clam Chowder, Colonial Buttermilk Biscuits, Baked Virginia Ham, and Peanut Pie are just a sampling of the 400 or so recipes included in these pages."

 The Robert E. Lee Family Cooking & housekeeping Book

Martha Washington's Booke of Cookery

The Mount Vernon Cookbook icon

The Virginia Housewife 

 The Colonial Williamsburg Tavern Cookbook

Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread & Scuppernong Wine : The Folklore and Art of Southern Appalachian Cooking

Home Town Recipes of Fauquier County icon




San Juan Island Classics Cookbook



West Virginia

More Than Beans & Cornbread: Traditional West Virginia Cooking icon

The Best of Wheeling icon
Junior League Cookbook. "It is a collections of old favorites from the many ethnic groups found in the area, as well as new recipes destined to become classics. A simple page layout, vintage photographs of Wheeling, historical information, and amusing anecdotes and facts are sprinkled throughout the book. "

"What's Cooking in Barbour County? " icon

What's Cooking in Barbour County? icon

West Virginia Heritage Recipes icon



Cooking in Wyoming From 1890 to 1965 icon






American Heritage Cookbook: Classic Regional Dishes in 200 Step-By-Step Recipes


The South

Fried Potatoes, Mustard Greens, Fat Back, Soup Beans, and Cornbread... Retracing the Vanishing Footprints of Our Appalachian Ancestors icon

Southern Homecoming Traditions: Recipes and Remembrances
"...is a cookbook and a celebration of the five historic black colleges and one university that comprise the Atlanta University Center: Morehouse, Spelman, and Morris Brown Colleges, Morehouse School of Medicine, Interdenominational Theological Center, and Clark-Atlanta University. Author Carolyn Quick Tillery uses the evocative power of food to take us back to the institutions where so many great African-American leaders were educated, and the region where so many great dishes were created. With over 200 mouthwatering recipes, along with powerful history, moving remembrances and stunning archival photographs, this book is a homecoming table laden with memories, pride and pleasure. So take a seat and dig in!"

Kitchen Keepsakes: Family Recipes from the Deep South

Southern Plantation Cooking icon
Discusses everyday life, family roles, cooking methods, most important foods, and celebrations of people on southern plantations before the Civil War. Includes recipes.

A Gracious Plenty icon
An anthology of spiral-bound community cookbooks from all over the South, this unique cookbook also contains many appealing photographs, old and new, of people eating and enjoying what they eat.

Dixie Dishes icon

Sook's Cookbook: Memories and Traditional Receipts From the Deep South icon

Eating, Drinking, and Visiting in the South: an Informal History icon

Recipes From the Old South icon

Family Secrets: A Southern Heritage Cookbook of Closely Guarded Family Recipes

Southern Food: At Home, on the Road, in History

Southern Folk Medicine, 1750-1820 icon


The Midwest

Best of the Best from the Great Plains: Selected Recipes from Favorite Cookbooks of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas

Prairie Kitchen Sampler: Sixty Six Years of a Midwestern Farm Kitchen icon
"Showing the same devotion to detail as her mother, prairie wife Alice Mickish Hendrickson, did when copying her first recipe for "Brown Stone Front Cake" into her notebook on August 7, 1922, daughter Fritz calls to mind her mother's cookstoves, iceboxes and recipes in this thorough but oddly distant memoir of life and times in rural Buffalo County, Neb. The 300 recipes for early-20th-century farm foods (e.g., baked beans) and details of cold-packing beef, for one, make the book a useful historic document. But Fritz's refashioning of her mother's memories into modern, prosaic sentences robs Hendrickson of an authentic voice. She also makes little effort to divine the larger meaning of Hendrickson's life; while full of recollection, the volume is not big on reflection. Whatever artistry Fritz displays comes from her immersion in minutiae--the proportion of flat to upright corn cobs in a basket of corn cob kindling, or the polishing of an enamel stove with waxed bread wrappers. Emotional moments arise not from the writing but from the unexpected recognition of forgotten phrases on the page--"White House Cake," "Never-Fail Chocolate Frosting."

Roots and Recipes: Six Generations of Heartland Cookery

Prairie Cooks: Glorified Rice, Three-Day Buns, and Other Recipes and Reminiscences icon
"Growing up in a Norwegian American community imbued with the customs and foods of the Old Country, Carrie Young recalls how her mother and her neighbors skillfully blended Scandinavian with what they always called the American style of cooking. Young recounts how her mother, Carrine Gafkjen--after homesteading as a single woman in 1904--cooked for a large threshing crew during harvest season. Living and cooking around the clock in a cook car the size of a Pullman kitchen, she delighted the crew with her soda pancakes and her sour cream doughnuts, her fattigman (Poor Man's Cookies) and her fabulous North Dakota Lemon Meringue Pie.

"During holidays lutefisk and lefse reigned supreme, but when the Glorified Rice fad swept the country in the thirties women broke new ground with inventive variations. And the short-lived but intensely experienced Three-Day Bun Era (when the buns became so ethereal they were in danger of floating off the plate) kept the Ladies Aid luncheons competitive. Whatever the times, in good years or bad, there was always the solace of Kaffe Tid, the forenoon and afternoon coffee time, when the table was set with smor og brod (butter and bread) and something sweet, like a Whipped Cream Cake or Devil's Food Cake with Rhubarb Sauce.

"This book will appeal to those who feel nostalgia for a parent's or grandparent's cooking, to those who have a longing for the heartier fare of times past. The author's daughter, Felicia Young, who has "cooked Scandinavian since she was old enough to hold a lefse stick," has compiled and tested the seventy-two recipes accompanying this joyful memoir. "

Farm Recipes and Food Secrets from the Norske Nook
"When a small-town cafe in Osseo, Wisconsin, was praised for "some of the world's best pies" in the best-selling guidebook Roadfood, Helen Myhre and the Norske Nook became famous! The home-cooking tips Myhre shared on Late Night with David Letterman she now shares with you. From breads to gravies, meats to jellies, and of course, that celebrated sour cream raisin pie, Myhre shows how to bring a rich, thick slice of Midwest cooking into your kitchen. "



The Northwest

New! The Pioneer Lady's Hearty Winter Cookbook: A Treasury of Old-Fashioned Foods and Fond Memories icon

Indian Food a Cookbook of Native Foods From British Columbia icon

Brewed in the Pacific Northwest: a History of Beer-Making in Oregon and Washington icon

Wagon Wheel Kitchens: Food on the Oregon Trail icon

Telegram Conservation Cook Book icon
Portland, 1917

The Way We Ate: Pacific Northwest Cooking, 1843-1900 icon


New England

Flavor of New England icon

Early American Recipes: Being a Collection of New England Family-Favorite "Rules", Mostly Old, Some New... icon

Northwoods Tales and Unusual Recipes icon

Best of the Best from New England: Selected Recipes from the Favorite Cookbooks of Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

Old-Time New England Cookbook

Saltwater Food Ways

Cape Cod Wampanoag Cookbook: Traditional New England & Indian Recipes, Images & Lore


The Southwest

Southwestern Cookery; Indian and Spanish Influences



Old Havana Cookbook: Cuban Recipes in Spanish & English

A Taste of Old Cuba: More Than 150 Recipes for Delicious, Authentic, and Traditional Dishes Highlighted With Reflections and Reminiscences

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New! A Kentish Cookery Collection: A Collection of Recipes Taken from Original Sources in the Kent Archives Office, from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Century

New! Old Derbyshire Recipes & Customs

Food & Cooking in 18th-Century Britain: History & Recipes

Sussex Recipe Book: With a Few Excursions Into Kent icon

Of Carving, Cards & Cookery Or the Mode of Carving at the Table as Represented in a Pack of Playing Cards Originally Designed & Sold By Joseph & James Moxon, London 1676-7 Together With Divers Recipes for Excellent Dishes of Flesh, Fish, Fowl & Baked Meat icon

Take a Buttock of Beefe icon

Food in England icon

Heart of the Cotswolds Cookbook


Brandy in South Africa icon

Los Islenos Cookbook: Canary Island Recipes

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