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I won't presume to offer you a comprehensive list of links to the best of genealogy on the Web...Cyndi's List does that job very well!  But I will share a few of my personal favorites with you, and you may find the especially helpful, too.

If you don't find what you're looking for here, try our Genealogy Site Search, or our More Genealogy Searches page. 

I also keep finding links of just plain old "fun" stuff, which you can find in Links You Might Like, which includes links to sites I visit once in a blue moon, when I have time left over from this!

New section! Old House Stuff  For those of us who are owned by an old house... You know who you are.

Your Family in History

A Special Note to Veterans

Let's trade links!

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How-To and General Genealogy Links

New!  Olive Tree Genealogy Free ships passenger lists, Palatines, Huguenots, Mennonites, , Native American Genealogy, USA Genealogy, Canadian Genealogy, military records and more are at your fingertips. Adding another branch to your family tree has never been easier.

The American Experience

Best Internet Genealogy

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies

Quaker Genealogy Books & Links

Colonial Ancestors

All Ancestors
Find the records your ancestors left transcribed from many sources. I'm delighted to report that I discovered a great-grandfather's biography in their online database! You'll find books, databases and articles for tracing your family tree.

Rand Genealogy Club Very well-regarded!

Unsolved Histories

The Awesome Genealogy Directory "Life in the Past Lane!" Links, links, and more links! What a great directory! Lots of great family information and links to helpful sites.

Date Converters Birth Date from Death Date and Age; Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, Islamic, Persian, Mayan, Bahá'í, Indian Civil & French Republican Calendars and more!

Ancestors from PBS - Online Genealogy Query Database

GenLookups A directory of genealogy lookup volunteers arranged by location.

THE NEWS STAND - Contains information on (and links to) genealogy columns (that accept genealogical queries and/or announcements) which appear in newspapers and magazines around the world .  Brought to you by the Mobile (Alabama, USA) Genealogical Society. 

Writing Family History... Without cramping your style! Links to books and helpful articles.

The Yellow Rose Reunions Adoption resources for adoptees and birth parents.

Your Family Legacy This site has lots of interesting articles that focus on discovering, preserving and displaying your family history.

d' For Italian Genealogy!

Genealogy Fair Genealogy workshops, history, transportation, travel and research trip tools, audio and video tapes, old newspapers, maps, "Wanted Posters", CDs and internet resources to purchase or trade. Victorian Era holiday memorabilia, postcards, crafts and scrapbook supplies. Share your genealogies and "brick walls". Ask questions. Find answers, new cousins and resources.

GenQuest Provides a growing list of links and useful resources to aid researchers in their Quest for Genealogical Success as well as the author's research data for various regions.

Click here to visit

GeneaSearch Lookups, family newsletters, books from genealogy societies & individuals, queries, female ancestors,  new site announcements, beginner's genealogy guide, free clip art.  Also available are free genealogy tools, links, and lists of societies.  See our state genealogy pages for databases and genealogy resources for each state.        

Family Tree Magazine Online

My Cinnamon ToastTM A super site from a mother-daughter team! And naturally, they feature both genealogy and parenting articles, reviews, searches and other tools. Drop by and say "Hi!"

AccessGenealogy - Making genealogy research and the sharing of your Ancestry easier.  

Census Online and Other Diggins' - LOTS of searchable databases - over 55,000 names as of this listing! This is a must-visit site!

How to Use the Soundex System Very important! After all, our ancestors played pretty fast and loose with their spelling, so who knows if you're searching for the wright name!

Free Genealogy Charts & Forms

  SurnameWeb - The Genealogy Web Project of surname resource centers, and personal genealogy pages on the web. With a searchable Registry, it is now one of the largest and most unique listing of genealogy home pages on the web! Submit your genealogy home page today!  

AG's Free Online Genealogy Library - Welcome to our library. Feel free to grab a cup of java, pull up a chair, and enjoy the many manuscripts available from this one spot. We have embarked on a crusade to bring to you volumes and volumes of historical books and data unavailable elsewhere on  This one leaves me breathless! LOADS of links, and I don't mean the usual suspects! Want to search in German? They've got it! Denmark? South America? Yep - they've got those, too, plus links to searchable databases and much, much more, from guides to CDROMs & books. I saw links on here that I have never seen anywhere else before! Do stop by this website and browse through their very generous list of links.

GenDirectory Substantial!

Registry of Web Sites at RootsWeb Wow! 

 The Genealogy Spot An interesting site with loads of links. They've sorted through online genealogy links and present you  with the "Cliff Notes" to help you choose where to start your hunt. Assets include the ability to search by state, country, ethnicity and religion, as well as historical records, access reference tools and more. This site is new to me, but I'm definitely going to check it out. - Three cheers for newspapers! Abstracted information from newspapers in many areas.  Contribute yours!

FamilySearch The LDS website. An absolute must for your genealogy bookmarks! Their research guides might just help you through that brick wall.  Keeps up with the new sites and services coming online every day of the week.  If it's new, on the Internet and about genealogy, you'll read about it at!

Dear Myrtle Myrtle knows it all! And she's really nice, too. Don't miss her tips for organizing those piles of files and scraps of paper. Trust me: you owe it to yourself to visit!

The Genealogy Home Page ...and...What's Really New in WWW Genealogy Pages

Genealogy Top 100 A Directory of some of the most popular genealogy sites on the web! Will you vote for us?  : )

RootsForum Once upon a time, RootsForum was open only to Compuserve users...but that's changed. Now it's available to everyone via the WWW! Visit the Forums, read Eastman's Genealogy Online newsletter, download files and more.

RootsWeb This is another must-bookmark site for genealogists, with searchable databases and links to about a zillion genealogy sites. They provide free web space, too, so if you were thinking about starting your own genealogy page, dive right in! Free Trial
I still subscribe to Ancestry.Com, even though I have no time to do my own genealogy (now that I've stared this genealogy website).  


Center for Life Stories Preservation

RootsWeb U. S. Town/County Database I use this one nearly every day!

National Genealogical Society

Want to learn more about genealogical computing? Read  Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. Whether you want to check out the latest issue of browse the online archives, you'll find solid information about software, online resources & more.

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All About Newsletters

Family Newsletter News This is a great site for and about family newsletters & their publishers.  It's a great spot to trade ideas & ask questions, too.  You'll find a great tutorial for Great Family Newsletters here. Don't miss Family Newsletter Registry & Surname Search, either. After all, that missing link might very well have their own newsletter, and you'd be missing it if you didn't check!

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Genealogy is for Kids!

Genealogy Books for Kids - Great gift choices here! Don't forget: there's nothing like genealogy as a starting point for teaching history in an unforgettable way!

The U. S. GenWeb Kids' Page


Genealogy Instruction for Beginners, Teenagers and Kids Check out their projects and kits! Lots of good resources. Jr. for kids of all ages!

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Cultural Resources

Ancestry - The Polish Connection  All things Polish! Genealogy, heritage and history here for Polish descendants and friends.

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Regional Genealogy Resources:

United States - New Links!

International - New Links!


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Ethnic Genealogy Resources

German Genealogy Links & Books

Native American Genealogy Links & Books

Jewish Genealogy Links & Books

Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation  Learn more about the great Texas hero, Col. Juan Seguin!

Spanish Genealogy Bilingual!

La Frontera (The Borderland) Southern U. S., Northern Mexico Comprehensive Hispanic genealogy website.

Afrigeneas Devoted to African American genealogy, with a host of resources. Well-organized and well-run!

Christine's Genealogy Website A superb site for genealogists who are researching their African-American heritage!  Slave records, census information, obituaries and more.

Alabama African American Genealogy 



African American Cemeteries Online 

African American Census 

POCSOUTH (People of Color, South)

Afro-Americans in Missouri 

Ohio African American Genealogy 

A Collection of African- American Records from Hancock County, Georgia 

See our Newspaper Links for information about African American newspapers.

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The Lost & Found Department

New! Somebody's Links Read & post messages of genealogical treasures found! Check out Petunia Press to subscribe to the Missing Links and Somebody's Links Newsletters!

Family History Collections
Robin Mosier's beautiful site featuring her collection of old photos and documents. Hmmm... looks like she's got the same variety of pack-rat-itis that I have!

Your Past Connections is a database of items that have been discovered at auctions, estate sales, flea markets, yard sales and from other sources. It's searchable and it's wonderful! I've browsed through their listings periodically for ages, always hoping that someone, somewhere, will find my great-grandparents' pictures. Talk about the thrill of the hunt!

Honoring Our Ancestors Honoring Our Ancestors is Megan Smolenyak's multi-purpose genealogical site designed to reunite stray ancestral photos (and other memorabilia) with their families of origin and to provide grants for genealogical societies, libraries and activities.

Ancestors Lost & Found

Heirlooms  Lost

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Records Online

Find Vital Records at

Start Your Free Trial with
Researching your family history is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. The more pieces you have, the more complete picture you can create. At we want to help you build your family picture by providing you pieces that have never been available on the internet before. Through our partnerships with organizations such as the National Archives, Footnote features images of original documents containing information and stories about your ancestors and the times in which they lived. - Search tons of cemetery records online.

I have been a member of   for a little over many years now, and I consider it to be well worth the price of the membership.  It's an ideal resource for the family historian who can't get to the library very often! See what wonderful clues and unexpected facts you'll turn up with an Free Trial!

Especially useful FREE stuff from Ancestry (they have more, too!):

Find a Grave


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Maps & Mapping

How Far Is It? Very, very useful!

A must: The U. S. Geographic Names Service
I have found this to be especially useful! You should definitely add this to your bookmarks!

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection 
The David Rumsey Collection was started nearly 20 years ago, and focuses primarily on cartography of the Americas from the 18th and 19th centuries, but also has maps of the World, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. The collection includes atlases, globes, school geographies, books, maritime charts, and a variety of separate maps, including pocket, wall, children's and manuscript.

U. S. Surname Distribution. This fun site lets you search a database for your surnames and then it gives you a map illustrating the distribution of names in US, based on census data. See maps with name distributions for 1850, 1880, 1900 and 1990!

Cultural Maps - This is a fascinating site dedicated to building an American Historical Atlas. As you'll read on their web page, maps serve not only as geographic aids, but "...also and importantly as charts of the mapmaker's mental and cultural terrain, of the memories and desires, anxieties and assumptions he projects upon any terra incognita..."

John Robertson's "Roll Your Own" Genealogy Atlas  This is one of my favorite how-to sites.  John explains how to make you own genealogical atlas by downloading them from the Internet & printing them on your printer.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a personalized atlas to assist in your research?  A zoomed-in view of just that corner of Cousin County? A set of county outline maps for your states of interest? How about maps of surname frequency?  Make your own personalized atlas!  

John provides solid advice for getting good print results and recommendations for binders.

Additionally, he includes links to the internet map sources that he uses, and they're good. U. S. maps, county maps, European maps, Scottish Clan & Chapman code maps and more!


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The Traveling Genealogist

TexasEscapes Recommended for anyone with  Texas ties! 

I love this website!  Will you be coming to Texas? You'll want to after you've been to TexasEscapes! 

 Looking for a day trip or weekend getaway from Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin or San Antonio?  Look no further. Armed with the resources at Texas Escapes, you'll discover the pleasures of the back roads and the little towns.  

Just an armchair traveler? Then TexasEscapes  should still be your first stop for entertaining reading and great pictures!

Priceline - More Ways to Save on all your TRAVEL needs!

Save 30 to 60% off on Sale Items at National Geographic

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Genealogy Software FamilyTreeMaker, Master Genealogist, LDS Family History Suite 2, GenSmarts, Clooz, AFT Charting Companion and more!

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