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Fruit Punch

This vintage recipe has been transcribed verbatim from the original in the following old newspaper:

The Daily Picayune

New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

January 3, 1912

A delicious way to serve people opposed to claret or any alcoholic beverage is made of the following ingredients: One and one-half dozen lemons, three oranges, one pineapple or one can of pineapple slices, one box of strawberries or one bottle of Maraschino cherries, one quart of grape juice and two quarts of water. Squeeze the lemons and two of the oranges, slice the third. Shred the pineapple, being sure to retain all the juice and, of course, sugar to taste, about a pound for the above quantity. 

Just before using add a large piece of ice to the punch bowl and see that the sugar is well dissolved. This is a perfectly delightful drink and far better than the usual plain or fruit lemonade served on such occasions. The above quantity should serve an afternoon or evening party for  from 12-20 persons.

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