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Newspaper & Journalism-Related Favorites

Of all of the interesting old articles that I've found while reading through my newspaper collection, some stand out above the rest for one reason or another. I have begin keeping a list of these more notable stories, which you can browse through if you like. 

Why would any of these stories have made the Favorites list?

  • It might be a great example of the genealogical clues one can find in these old newspapers.

  • It might feature news about early "fair and balanced" journalism. (Yeah, right.)

  • It may be unusually descriptive, rivaling anything you'd see today on TV for the inducement of a cringe.

  • It might be especially true to its time and place.

  • It might be really weird.

  • It might be a real tear-jerker.

  • It might be doggoned FUNNY!

I won't try to explain myself any more than that. You might agree with me on some of them, and you might not on others. I won't argue with you.

Do you have a personal favorite page on this website?

Is it one of your formerly-slippery ancestors (genealogically speaking, of course), finally pinned down to some actual paper evidence?  Or a news story that happened in their hometown at the time they lived there, so that you know you're reading the hot news of their day?

Is it something that made you smile, or something that brought tears to your eyes, even after all these  years? 

Is it a story that reminded you of everything our ancestors went through so that we could have such wonderful lives today? Personally, I'm not just proud to be an American, I'm humbly grateful to be an American!

Or is it a story that made you laugh so hard that you were in danger of snorting coffee or OJ  through your nose at the breakfast table?

If you have a favorite story, ad, recipe, photo, or postcard on this website (or two - who's counting?), email me here with the link and tell me why you like it. I'd be positively tickled to know what's caught your eye!


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"The ugliest of trades have their moments of pleasure. Now, if I were a grave-digger, or even a hangman, there are some people I could work for with a great deal of enjoyment."
- Douglas William Jerrold (1803-1857)


My Favorite "Antique" News Stories from This Site:

FULPER Divorce in Willard, Ohio, 1920

F. S. MONROE Requests Return of Borrowed Iron Mortar, Taunton, Massachusetts, 1837.  Imagine having to take out a newspaper ad to get your stuff back!

Robert HOWARD's Lament, or Lawyers Will Be Lawyers! Maidstone, Kent, England, 1840

William PELKY Ordered to Re-Marry Wife he Abandoned, Battle Creek, 1909      NORTH, FURNER, BURKE

Charles FLORRA Arrested at Edith TERRY's Bawdy House, 1889

McDONALD Arrested as Vagrant After Strange Behavior on Street Corner, Omaha, 1889

A Loafer and a Lady.... Or... A Hymnal Makes a Fine Weapon, NY, 1881

William BROWN Gets a Day Job, Indianapolis, 1874

And from the "Why Are We Not Surprised?" Department, Franz BERNARD Refuses to Answer Census Enumerator, IL, 1880

Hanged Man Resurrected! CO, 1880

Barefoot Bride, TN 1887

Couple Elopes to Washington, 1875

Judge WILSON Sentences Richard WILSON, the "Latchkey Man," 1893

Outlaw Frank MORRIS Tried, Philadelphia, 1866    SMITH, CREGG, ALLISON, PERRY, McMULLEN

What Happens When You Play with Guns? 1916  Imagine how this would be reported today.

Republican Riot in Louisiana, 1874 Dickens himself couldn't have picked a better name for the arrestee...

What's in a Name? New Orleans, 1871    STARKAIATAWKWA, SMITH, BINGMAN


W. NURSE Residence Burns Down; Neighbors Help Rebuild,  Townsend, 1825

Galvanic Belt Restores Lost Manhood! 1888

Homicide in Philadelphia: Hugh MEERTHA hit by Passing Stray Bullet, Rival Hose Companies, 1853

Luigi Likes Ice Cream, so... 1911

Mississippi Editor DUFFIELD Attacked by SMITH Brothers, Gets Best of Them, Claiborne County, 1840

Macon, GA BBQ - Including the Biggest Opossum Ever Seen in Macon! 1876

Missing Person: James HUNTER, son of John & Joanna HUNTER of Prince William County, Virginia, Last Known to be in Charleston, SC, 1830

John J. PENDERGAST, alias George PERRY, dies at Kansas City, MO, 1888

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