How Cruel is Fate!

Norfolk Virginian

Norfolk, Virginia

December 16, 1879

M. VANDEGRIFT in St. Nicholas for December

There was a young man with a shaddock,
Who met a young maid with a haddock,
He thought, "How I wish
She would give me that fish,
In legal exchange for my shaddock."

The maiden, who did not like haddock,
Thought, "O, what a beautiful shaddock!"
If I were not so shy,
I should certainly try
If he'd give me that fruit for my haddock."

He went on his way with his shaddock;
She went on her way with her haddock;
And so cruel is fate
That until 'twas too late
Neither one of them heard
That, by speaking the word,
He might just as well have had haddock
And she might have had shaddock!

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