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Creative Journal Keeping

Making & Keeping Creative Journals

by Suzanne J. E. Tourtillott

"Craft a personalized journal that captures your own unique passion! Just follow these bookmaking basics and pick the perfect papers, dream cover, and ideal binding for your own private volume--or create one for a friend. Enhance your journals with fun and unusual features like pockets, maps, and photo mats. Each of these 15 handmade, imaginative, and deeply individual projects resulted from a collaboration between someone with a popular hobby or interest (such as quilting, poetry, or travel) and a book artist who translated that ardor into a special one-of-a-kind digest. The result: an endless source of ideas, along with facts on archival materials, and information on tools and techniques. Choose from journals for painters, poets, sculptors, bird-watchers, grandmothers, and children. Or, record your yoga meditations or dreamwork. Crafters will especially appreciate the classic advice on writing. With its liberal sprinkling of thought-provoking quotes, this is inspirational as well as instructive! All in Color."

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