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I do this in between homeschooling two busy boys and many other duties; please be patient while you wait for me to get to my email!

I regret that I cannot do genealogical research for anyone. Heck, since starting this website, I can't even do it for myself!

However, rest assured that I'll do my best to wade through the (deep, deep) spam and get back to you as soon as I'm able. Just don't hold your breath.


NOTE: Due to the incredible number of emails I've gotten recently with only "Re:" in the subject line plus a virus-infected attachment (Nope, I don't open those), please include an appropriate subject line, or I may delete it inadvertently. And don't attach any files!

Also: Someone has been forging my email address and sending viruses; do NOT open any attachments or files that appear to be from TheOldenTimes.com, because it isn't from me! The only time I send file attachments would be if I emailed you in advance to expect one from me; such occasions are rarer than hens' teeth.

NOTE: I'm completely swamped, and so far behind! I'm trying to clear the %^%$#@^ spam out of the mailboxes to get to the emails I want, which are from y'all! 

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