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Today they're better known as "Classified" ads, but they were long known as "Want Ads."   

Employment Wanted  Personal Notices Special Notices
Help Wanted For Rent For Sale
Lost and Found   Business Opportunities

Employment Wanted

J. I. FISER of TN Want to Work in an Orange Grove, 1884

FISHER Seeks Employment, NJ, 1888 genealogy

ARBURY Seeks Employment, Philadelphia, PA, 1888

Personal Notices

Edward HUGHES Seeks Author of Anonymous Letter Defamatory to Himself, 1853, NJ    Hmmm...I wonder if the author ever 'fessed up. Or did he convince the girl...? genealogy

For Sale

John F. DEWAR  Sells Bullfinches & Tame Doves, Edinburgh, Scotland 1883

GARDNER Pony for Sale, TN, 1884

George RENTON Offers a Bargain Steam Engine, 1854, New Jersey genealogy

G. B. PETERS is selling a horse, rockaway and bees. genealogy

Business Opportunities

Mr. HOOK wishes to sell or exchange his business and then retire.

Special Notices

Mr. RABB places a special notice for the Mechanics' Lyceum of Charleston, SC, 1870.

Lost & Found

Missing Memphis Strawberry Spotted Cow TN, 1879  TERRY

John TWEEDIE Has Lost his Collie Dog, Scotland, 1883

Have you seen Mr. KUHN's cow? $5 reward offered. TN, 1884

Mrs. WYATT Wants Her Poodle Back! TN, 1884

Lost Watch in Newark, NJ 1854 BROWN

Lost Notes in Macon, Bibb County, GA, 1886

Land Warrants Lost Between Georgia & Pension Office, 1857 COBB, HIX, SINIARD, BUTT 

Abijah HUNT offers $8 reward for return of this lost letter - 1792.

Please return this woman's handbag with 2 letters addressed to Miss Lottie GILBERT. 1885

For Rent

Mrs. REICHARD Rents a House, PA, 1903 

Acton YOUNG Rents Rooms at Whitemore House, Memphis, 1879

Mrs. BORDEN Offers Room & Board, Memphis, TN, 1879

 Dr. J. G. HUNT of Cincinnati advertises rooms at summer resort in KY, 1879.

Mr. A. J. McWHIRTER has a house for rent. 1885


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