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Christmas Cake

The following recipe was transcribed ver batim from the following vintage magazine:

The House
The Journal of Arts & Crafts


December, 1901

Procure a nice, well-baked cake from a first-rate shop, it is seldom advisable to attempt to make such a thing at home, as the baking of a large cake in an ordinary small oven is seldom satisfactory, and often results in utter failure. For about four shillings a very satisfactory article can be obtained. The finishing of the cake should certainly be carried out at home, as the process is both simple and interesting, besides which any little fancies of either donor or receiver can be attended to. Sugar icing cannot be taught except practically, and is really a waste of time and money, as few people eat it, but if the cake is finished as directed it will be found a general favorite.

Make some almond icing and place it on the cake. It should be about two inches deep, deeper if liked; smooth it over carefully and be sure that the sides are even. Have ready some almonds and pistachio nuts, blanche and cut in halves, and arrange these in rows on the icing, pressing them well down  when they will adhere to the almond mixture. Place the cake in a warm, dry place for about twenty-four hours, when the icing should be firm; it is ready for use at once, or can be kept for some time. The sides of the cake can be left plain or decorated with a fine paper frill tied on by a white satin ribbon. Dried fruits, cut into fancy shapes, or small bonbons may be used to decorate the almond icing instead of the nuts, but the latter are best for packing. 

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