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Why Do I Feel Uneasy?

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Black & White World II

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Advice from the Tucumcari Times, 1905:  "If you can catch the man who rocks the boat, hold his head under water until he is pretty sure he is going to drown. If you happen by accident to hold it a few seconds too long, he will never be missed."

1911 Pre-WWI Cartoon Insinuates that "Big Money" Controls the Growing Hostilities A familiar scapegoat...

Illinois Political Cartoon: Gubernatorial Bandwagon Rush & the Chicago Platform, 1898

WWI Political Cartoon: "Flying Peace Kites," 1915

WWI Political Cartoon: "The Wearing-Down Tactics," 1915

The Jeicester, 1897

A Narrow Escape, 1897

Bryan Assails Darwin's Theory, 1909

Courtship Humor: Annexing the "Lone Star," 1845

The Longest Dry Spell, (one of those antique jokes), 1891

Bob Says It's Catching! 1868

Political Cartoon: London Suffragettes are Still "Cutting Up," 1914

NYC Political Cartoon: The Free Press and Tammany Hall, 1870

1870 Cartoons from Punchinello: "Aggravating"

Unreasonable, 1914
Poor baby brother... Sounds a lot like a lot of kids I know!

Political Cartoon: Pancho Villa, Demonstrating his Talents, 1914

Political Cartoon: Woodrow Wilson Steering Carefully to Avoid War and Intervention, 1914
Didn't work too well, did it?

Political Cartoon, WWI: Depicts Germans, Turks & Their Allies as  "United by Blood," 1915
Strangely familiar, isn't it? Replace the Turk with any one of his near neighbors, or a certain fellow on the
 Most-Wanted List, .... And you wouldn't need to replace the German. Just add France.

A Legal Point, 1919

Visiting Mount Vesuvius, 1866

What's so punny about that? 1857

Political Cartoon, WWI German Prediction: John Bull's Fate, 1915

"Why are Bostonians Such Skeptics?" 1873

Memory Aid for the Traveler, 1916

A Little Family History Humor

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