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LALIVERRE Book Now at BEATTIE Bookstore, New Orleans, 1839

Joseph BRYAN, Sexton & Undertaker, NY, 1853

Beatus FLEIG, Night Scavenger, Williamsburg, 1853

H. W. BATEMAN Seeks Runaway Slave Martin, Cuba Post Office, TN. 1855

E. D. HAMMOND of Norfolk, NE, Advertises Texas Land, 1911

House for Sale, Barter or Rent, Near Mobile, 1846     MALONE, GOLDTHWAITE, AUSTILL

Lot & 12 Acres for Sale, Mobile, AL, 1846    BLAIR, BONDURANT

Farm for Sale Near Bath, 1872    INGALLS, MANSON

Two Female Quaker Teachers Wanted; Apply to H. or P. H. JENKINS, Camden, Delaware, 1853

WHATLEY House for Sale, Montgomery, 1870

G. B. MANLEY Offers Maryland Club Whiskey, AL, 1876

Ike KNOX Photographic Gallery, MS, 1868    WHITE, ROBINSON

John A. WINSTON & Co., Commission Merchants, Sumter, Greene, Pickens & Mobile Counties, 1846    JONES

House & Acreage for Sale, Barter or Rent, 1846    AUSTILL, MALONE

Robert DYER to Auction Blooded Mare, Washington, D. C., 1846

C. & S. FRAZIER, House & Sign Painting, NC, 1841

Now Recruiting for the City Battalion, Richmond, VA, 1863    ELLIOTT, GUIGON

Ulysses WARD Sells Coal, Lumber and Building Materials, Washington, D. C., 1840

Transylvania University Medical School advertisement, lists faculty, 1841    DUDLEY, BUSH, CROSS, BARTLETT, RICHARDSON, MITCHELL, PETER

Ball & Party to be Held at Shocco Springs, 1841    JOHNSON

Ann JOHNSON Denies Rumors of Scarlet Fever and Whooping Cough, NC, 1841

Mrs. WINKLEY & Sister Offer Music Lessons and Select private School, Williamsburg, New York, 1853

H. M. GROSVENOR Offers Rosewood French Bedsteads, Memphis, TN, 1855

William HENDERSON Seeks Runaway Slave Lewis, Louisiana, 1855

John J. BOWIE Seeks Runaway Slave Wesley; from Bowie's Point, Mississippi, 1855

DeSoto County, MS Farmland for Sale or Rent, 1855    POPE, FORD, STOKES   

J. R. JOHNSON, M. D., MS, 1868

Notice: Washington and Cataract Fire Engine Companies, NY, 1857    LAWSON, ELLISON, McINTYRE, NIXON

Fire Department General Officers, Newburgh, 1857    KELLEY, CHAPMAN, MCCROSKERY

Alms House Commissioners, NY, 1857    BELKNAP, BARCLAY, ROE, GREGORY, WOOD, MILLER

MASTERSON Bros. Announcement, 1846

James GRIFFIN May Spare Tents for Zachary Taylor's Army, AL, 1846

1840 Catholic Almanac for Sale by R. FARNHAM, Washington, D. C.

Ka-Foozle-Um! Popular Sheet Music Available from Frederick BLUME, 1866

J. B. HAMBLIN Offers Bindery Services, MT, 1888

James BLAKE's Meat Market, MT, 1888

Miners Wanted at the Carbon Hill Mine, See J. J. TONKIN, Henrico Co., 1875

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