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BUCHTEL & STOLTE, Photographers, OR 1874

Negro Jeremiah POWELL Jailed in VA, Claims to have Lost Free Papers, 1824    ROBINS

Trustee's Sale of Hanover County Land, VA, 1824    HOOPER, DONNELLA, DAVIS

Runaway Slave "Cumby" Sought, VA,  1824   GILLIAM, COCKE

Miss CARTMELL of Coatesville Desires Work, 1888

John S. KYLE Offers Room & Board, VA, 1860

William MOUNTCASTLE Offers Highest Cash Prices for Negroes, VA, 1860

William H. EVANS, Music Teacher, VA, 1860    MANNING, LANGHORNE, DODGE

Henry LEHNERT Announces Grand Concert at his Saloon, Wheeling, WV, 1879    ROLF, KRAMER

Have Your Likeness Made!  CULBERTSON's Daguerreotype Gallery, 1846

Robert DOD Offers Reward for Lost Sheepskins, NJ, 1837    BALDWIN, HENDERSON, SPEER

Barque Ceylon to Sail to Mobile, 1837    MILLIKEN, ELWELL

House for Sale by Samuel SNOW, MA, 1837

Edward EASTON Advertises Havana Sugars, Salt, Sheeting & More, RI, 1807

John SCOTT Advertises Farm at Middletown, RI, 1807

S. T. WALKER Offers Beef & Mutton, Macon, 1876

Medical Leeches Sold by Charles T. BULL & Co., Druggists, CT, 1840    Believe it or not, leeches are still sometimes used in medicine today!

New Cheese Just in at Marshall HALBERT's, Louisville, 1853

Steamer Tishomingo Will be Regular Mail Packet: Louisville, Eastport, Florence & Tuscumbia, 1853   

Buy Rings for Your Little  Girl from John CHASE!  NY, 1848

Grocer James HOOPER Offers Mackerel & Spiced Salmon, AL, 1846

Fire Destroys Confectionary, George ADAMS Requests Payment, KY, 1853

Lot for Sale, Erie, 1830    JOHNSON, MOORHEAD, LIDEL

George MOORE Requests Payment, PA, 1830    Great sense of humor here!

Dr. C. L. BLAIR Returns from Little Rock, Memphis, 1877

A. VACCARO Recommends Claret for Good Health, TN, 1877

J. H. ANDREWS, Saddle Maker, CA, 1870

J. REGAN and A. YOUNG Invite You to the Grand Restaurant, CA, 1870

Thomas RANDOLPH Seeks Missing Horse, VA, 1824    HAIDEN, BOATWRIGHT

Lecturers at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, 1824
Now indexed!  Surnames include the following: PHYSIC, REDMAN, COXE, COX, CHAPMAN, JAMES, HARE, GIBSON, HORNER

John ROBERTSON Warns Against Archer BROWN, VA, 1824

GARY & MOTT, Real Estate Agents, TX, 1868

HINDMAN Boarding House, TX, 1868

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