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Dr. MULDROW May be Found at Home, Above Col. GRIFFIN's Residence, MS, 1868

Piotr KOWALEWSKI Will Tutor in French, Washington, D. C., 1840    Many References, including MIDDLETON, PORTER, WALLWORTH, MCLEAN, BENTON, CLARKE, HAWLEY, COOKMAN

James H. SHIPMAN Makes Buggies, Carriages & Coffins, MS, 1868

Whiskey & Coal Available from Walter SMOOT, Georgetown, 1840

J. P. HENRY, Blacksmith, MS, 1868

William BRACK, Attorney, Specializing in Bankruptcies, MS, 1868

Mill-field Property for Rent, Belfast, 1828    THOMSON, COATS

W. B. HEATHCOCK Sells Lumber; Will Exchange Corn for Lumber, MS, 1868

J. A. GERHART, Broom Manufacturer, Corinth; T. O. GORE, West Point Broom Sales, MS, 1868

Ab RODES, Barber, MS, 1868

Help Wanted at Abercorn Hall, Colored Preferred, 1875    BEAUCLERK

D. LYMAN Seeks 30 Vessels for Hauling Stone, RI, 1807

George ALBERS Sells Bucklen's Salve, Knoxville, 1886

Wine Auction by Edward DYER, Washington, D. C., 1840

I. O. O. F. Grand Lodge to Meet, Washington, D. C., 1840    CLARVOE

E. E. BOYNTON Announces New School, AL, 1846     MERRILL, McMILLAN, WOOD

Desirable House for Sale or Rent: Conveniences Include Bath House, AL, 1846      BEGOUEN, BATRE

W. A. BRADY to Present "Way Down East" at Rosedale Opera House, 1903

Milk Cows Wanted, Contact P. B. VIRGIN of Macon, GA, 1876

J. Q. A. SARGENT Ready for Work; Contact at FOGG & JAMES', NH, 1870

A. G. PAGE, Merchant, ME, 1872

E. S. LANPHIER, Druggist, TN, 1855

Lorance NUETZEL, Wagon Maker & Blacksmith, TN, 1855

Downtown Chicago Residence for Sale, $100 Down, 1859    KING

Let the Gold Dust Twins do Your Housework! 1903

Winter Fashions in Stock at C. L. TISON's, TN, 1840


BOWERS & WALKER, Attorneys at Law, Austin, 1867

CHRYSLER, ANDERSON & ANDERSON Make &Sell Cabinet Furniture & Home Furnishings, 1867

Missing Person: James HUNTER, son of John & Joanna HUNTER of Prince William County, Virginia, Last Known to be in Charleston, SC, 1830

Watts REEVE Farm for Sale, Springfield, 1853

Two small houses for rent near Jail, Newark, 1853 BLANCHARD, HOWELL

Thomas BOYCE, Sail maker, Newark, NJ, 1853

Metuchen Area Farms at Auction, NJ, 1853 DANIELS, THOMAS

D. S. HEFFRON Sells Dorking and Aylesbury Ducks, NY, 1855

Thomas COULSON Sells Pure Bone Dust, NY, 1855

CANFIELD Authors Sheep Book, 1855

A. M. TREDWELL Advertises North Devon Cattle, NJ, 1855

BEEKMAN Farm for Sale, nice Gothic Cottage, NY, 1855

AVERY Farm for Sale, Saratoga Co., NY 1855

DAILEY Farm for Sale, see McDONALD, Pennsylvania, 1880

Runaway Slave: Len HARROD Sought by BEALL, 1856

Jackson GUY, Attorney practicing in Goochland, Powhatan and Louisa Counties, VA 1875 

Buy Dry Goods from Erhard PENTENREIDER, TX, 1867

Capt. HUNTINGTON Sails the Bunker Hill to NY Thrice Weekly, CT, 1840

BREAUX House for Rent, LA, 1901

St. Bernard Puppy Wanted, GA 1898 ADAMS

GEDDES Notice, MA, 1862

Please claim the $10 you lost in the road between Gallatin & Hendersonville... 1840 FLEK, PAYNE

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