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"People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors."
- Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Clues to the Past: Newspaper Advertisements

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George P. HAW, Attorney, Virginia, 1875

Mary KIRK, Dressmaker & Seamstress, Alexandria, 1813


"Likely Negro Man" for sale, 18 years old, Memphis    HUDSON

EGGERS Advertises KNABE Pianos, Alabama, 1876

J. ISAACS, M. D. Specializes in Eyes & Ears, Philadelphia, 1866

Alex GAW Announces Stockholders' Meeting, 1866

470-Acre Farm for Sale, Virginia, 1864    DANCE, GRAVES

20 Likely Negroes at Auction, Virginia, 1864     FONDREN

"Liberty Hall" Farm to be Sold at Auction, Virginia, 1864   TAYLOR

Found: One Bay Mare, Kentucky, 1846    SISSON, ADAMS

Visit Henry M'CADDIN's Cheap Coffin Warehouse for All Your Burial Needs! 1853

Joel CARTER Advertises New Goods, Just In! Nashua, 1830

Mrs. S. SEDWICK Offers Washingtonians the Latest Fashions, 1830

Jesper POPE, Tailor, Relocates, Now Over CLOUTMAN's Store, 1810

R. F. CLOUTMAN Announces New Store Opening, Salem, 1810

Abner JONES Announces New School, Salem, 1810    BENTLEY

SMALL & FOUTE, Attorneys at Law, Tennessee,  1855

Residence for Sale, Tennessee, 1855    McMAHON, SHAW, CHURCH

Pomegranate Cotton Seed, $4/bushel, Tennessee, 1855    MITCHELL, STRATTON, McDAVITT

Excellent Accommodation at Mrs. YOUNG's: $1/day or $15/month, Tennessee, 1855

CYPHERS & DUVALL, Iron Work, New Jersey, 1837

NAGLE Public Notice, New Jersey, 1837

H. JACOBI, Bookbinder, 1852

MERETO & ROJOUX, Jewelers & Watch-Makers, Memphis, 1858

Warning to Trespassers in Pursuit of Game, Ireland, 1828    NUGENT, GORDON, FORDE

Jesse ARNOT Offers Reward for Return of Stray Horses, St. Louis, 1874

Found: Black Newfoundland Dog, Contact J. A. TAUCHERT to Claim, St. Louis, 1874

William MURPHY Seeks Lost Wallet, New Jersey, 1837    BEACH, NELSON, BALDWIN, BLAIR

Eli Holloway, Cabinetry, New Jersey, 1837

Mrs. E. LYONS, Milliner, New Jersey, 1837

John WEST Offers House for Rent, Massachusetts, 1810

William GRIEVE Advertises Gold Pin Found at Courthouse, 1837

Subscription Agents for the Christian Register, Several states included, 1832  Now indexed! Surnames include the following: REED, METCALF, HALL, INGERSOLL, CROCKER, SHATTUCK, RICE, KILBY, ANDREWS, PRENTISS, OSBORN, HOWE, FRANCIS, BROWN, FOSTER, COLMAN

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