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Wyndal Randal PERKINS of Texas

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Michelle Doss writes,

"Does anyone know any info about this man? He worked for the oilfield as a seismologist. He was married to Frances LUNSFORD. His name was Wyndal Randal PERKINS. He was the son of Sam COLLINS and Enola SPIARS. (Williamson Co., Texas) He was related to the SPIARS family of Granger, Texas. He was of Scotch-Irish descent. He died in San Angelo, Texas.

"His real father Sam COLLINS wouldn't accept him, so he took the name of his step-father George PERKINS. George & Enola Spiars PERKINS (his parents) were both cremated  in the DFW area.  I am looking for siblings of Enola Spiars PERKINS. Any leads would be great. All that I know was that Enola had a sister named Ida and a brother-in-law named Hap. I don't know last names. Ida & Hap raised Wyndal Randal PERKINS.".

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