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The AEF Way of War: The American Army and Combat in World War I icon

Georgia's Participation in the World War and the History of the Department of Georgia: The American Legion

Liners in Battledress, Wartime Camouflage and Colour Schemes for Passenger Ships icon

History of the Twelfth Engineers U.S. Army: Mobilized at St. Louis, Mo., June 1917, Embarked for Foreign Service July 28, 1917, Returned to the United States for Demobilization April 27, 1919, Mustered Out at Camp Funston May 16, 1919 icon

Honor Roll: Gibson County, Tennessee; 1917-1918-1919

Fletcher Ladd McCORDIC, 1st Lieut. 88th Aero Squadron 1891-1919: A Tribute

The History of The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 1914-1919

With the Colors From Otero County: Being a Record of the Part Performed By Otero County, Colorado, in the Great World War, 1917-1919

We Were There: A Pictorial History of Washington County Area Veterans icon

Sergeant York & His People icon

Nevada's Golden Stars: A Memorial Volume Designed as a Gift from the State of Nevada to the Relatives of those Nevada Heroes who died in the World War

Military Annals of Leflore County, Mississippi: Battery C, 140th Field Artillery, WWI

The Irish Regiments in the First World War icon

Memorials of Old Boys and Masters of the Dragon School, Oxford Who Fell in the Great War

Short History and Photographic Record of the 359th Infantry Texas Brigade

A History Of The 90th Division
(1920) Unit history of the 4th Division AEF during WW1,comprising the units 357th, 358th, 359th & 360th Infantry, the 343rd, 344th & 345th Machine Gun Bn., the 343rd, 344th & 345th FA & the 315th Engineers & supporting units.

Camp Bowie, Fort Worth, 1917-1918: An Illustrated History of the 36th Division in WWI

Trail of 61st Field Artillery Brigade 1917-1919, Texas

Over There: The Story Of A Sky Pilot
"The book is based on the author's experiences as chaplain with the A. E. F. in France during World War I, & contains numerous bits of history & local stories, also many humorous incidents & dramatic occurrences. He was with the 25th Engineers, also 309th Infantry of the 78th (Lightning) Division."

History of the Dorsetshire Regiment: 1914-1919 icon

Index to Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Clark and Dallas Counties

Yale in the World War icon

The Burial Places of Mercersburg's Sons From Meaux to Compiegne

The Oklahoma Spirit of '17' - Biographical Volume icon

The Commerce War: The Sinking of Unarmed Merchant Ships by German Submarines in WWI icon

The Sky Their Battlefield: The Complete List of Allied Air Casualties From Enemy Action in the First War: British, Commonwealth, and United States Air Services 1914 to 1918

Portrait of War: The U.S. Army's First Combat Artists and the Doughboys' Experience in WWI icon

Ben, the Battle Horse icon

The Irish Nuns at Ypres icon

Lancaster County, South Carolina and the Great War icon

Victoria Cross: WWI Airmen and Their Aircraft icon

Vin Rouge, Vin Blanc, Beaucoup Vin, the American Expeditionary Force in WWI icon

Wild Blue Yonder An Air Epic "The 300" Yankee Warbirds in Canada, Texas and France (300 Americans in WWI) icon

History of the 148th Aero Squadron, Aviation Section, US Army Signal Corps, AEF-BEF, 1917-1918 icon

Tiger Squadron: The Story of 74 Squadron, R. A. F., in Two World Wars icon

The History of the 50th Aero Squadron. Being the Log and Operations of the Squadron while with the American Expeditionary Force in France, 1918-19... icon

War Birds; Diary of an Unknown Aviator icon

Jersey County [IL] in the World War, 1917-1919 icon

War History of Lee County, Illinois, 1917-18-19 icon

Glorious Deeds of Australasians in the Great War icon

Milford in the Great War: Memorial Book icon
(1922) Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

History of the First Day Bombardment Group icon

Duty, Honor, Privilege: New York's Silk Stocking Regiment and the Breaking of the Hindenburg Line icon

Above the Trenches: a Complete Record of the Fighter Aces & Units of the British Empire Air Forces 1915-1920 icon

The Mounted Riflemen in Sinai and Palestine. the Story of New Zealand's Crusaders icon

The Body Snatchers the History of 3rd Field Ambulance 1914-18 icon

The Dover Patrol 1915-1917 icon

Our Army and Navy-Sixty-Four Large Plates Illustrating the British Forces By Land and Sea With Explanatory Letterpress

Naval Battles of the First World War icon

The Finest of All: Local Men on the Somme 1st. July, 1916 icon
"The 1st July, 1916 the opening day of the Battle of the Somme was the most disastrous day in the history of the British Army. There were 60, 000 casualties including 21, 000 killed and among the dead were over 100 local men from Wigan, Leigh, Abram, Atherton, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Golborne, Ince, Hindley, Standish and Tyldesley. Half have no known grave. This book tells the story of the battle in the words of the local men who took part. 106pp ills."

The 1916 Battle of the Somme: a Reappraisal icon
From the planning of the Battle through the four and a half months of the bitter battle itself. A total view. The author takes issue with other historians, arguing that the battle was a victory for the British Army. "

The Big Push: A Portrait of the Battle of the Somme icon

Somme icon

Walking the Somme: a Walker's Guide to the 1916 Somme Battlefields. Battleground Europe Series-Somme icon

The First Day on the Somme 1 July 1916 icon

Legacy of the Somme, 1916. the Battle in Fact, Film and Fiction icon

A History of the Seventeenth Aero Squadron icon

Original Central Infantry Officers Training School: Farewell Book 1918 icon

With the Scottish Regiments at the Front icon

A History of the 90th Division icon

Ellington, 1918 icon
(circa 1918) Ellington Field, Houston, Texas

History of the Eleventh Engineers United States Army, February 3, 1917 to May 8, 1919 icon

The Royal Irish Fusiliers (the 87th and 89th Regiments of Foot) icon

Mess Rules & Customs of the Royal Irish Fusiliers (1934) icon

Americans All: the Rainbow at War (42nd Division) icon

Memoirs of Kelly Field, 1917-1918 icon

History of the "Black Cat Squadron 174th Aero Squadron U. S. Air Division 1917-1919 icon

His Time in Hell: a Texas Marine in France, the World War I Memoir of Warren R. Jackson icon

The Compensations of War: the Diary of an Ambulance Driver During the Great War icon

Wooden Ships From Texas. a World War I Saga icon

Official History of the Otago Regiment, N.Z.E.F. in the Great War 1914-1918 icon

Clay County's Answer: 1917-1919: An Authentic Review of Clay Country's Participation in the World War icon

The Irish Guards in the Great War icon

Soldiers Died in the Great War icon

A History of the Sixty-Sixth Field Artillery Brigade, American Expeditionary Forces icon
(1920)  The 66th Field Artillery Brigade was composed of the 146th Field Artillery and the 148th Field Artillery; National Guard troops from the Western states of Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and New Mexico.

In Clouds of Glory: American Airmen Who Flew with the British During the Great War icon

The Tenth (Irish) Division in Gallipoli icon

The Flying Camels. the History of No. 45 Squadron, R. A. F. icon

Bulldog: the Bristol Bulldog Fighter icon

Sixty Squadron, R. A. F.: A History of the Squadron, 1916-1919 icon

The Gloster Gamecock icon

British Battalions on the Somme icon

The Micks: the Story of the Irish Guards icon

The 1st Royal Irish Rifles in the Great War icon

The United States in the First World War: An Encyclopedia

Newburgh in the World War; a Review of the Part Played By Residents of Newburgh, New Windsor in the Great Conflict icon
(1924, Orange Co., NY)

The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918 icon

Australia in Palestine icon

Cass County (Indiana) in the World War

Hancock County, Indiana in the World War: 1914-1918

The Official Records of the Oregon Volunteers in the Spanish War and Philippine Insurrection icon

The History of the Canterbury Regiment N. Z. E. F., 1914-1919

Kelly Field in the Great World War icon(1919)

The Final Roster: a Roster of Soldiers Who Saw Service in the Great War From Nottoway County, Va. icon

Click here to read a newspaper article about the author of this book, W. J. BACON: History of the Fifty-Fifth Field Brigade: 105th Ammunition Train, 105th Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop, 115th Field Artillery, ... icon

Register of the George C. Reid Papers, 1898-1960 icon

Make the Kaiser Dance. Living Memories of a Forgotten War. the American Experience in World War I icon

From Doniphan to Verdun, the Official History of the 140th Infantry icon

Princeton in the World War icon

New Brunswick in the World War 1917-18 icon

The New Jersey Historical Society Collection of World War I Posters icon

Honor Roll of Ohio: an Illustrated Biographical History...of the World War, 1917-1918 (Stark County Edition) icon

Sold! History of the 11th Aero Squadron U. S. A. a Detailed Account of the Activities of the Squadron From Its Formation iconRare! (1919)

Tunnellers, the Story of the Tunnelling Companies, Royal Engineers, During the World War icon

My Company icon (1918) Company D, 101st Engineers, 26th Division in WWIicon

The Seventh Company (Field Engineers) A. I. F. 1915-1918 icon
(1936) Australia

And They Thought We Wouldn't Fight icon

Soissons, 1918 icon
"'It is the last five percent of possible exertion that often wins the battle.' Brigadier Gen. Hanson Ely's statement best exemplifies the efforts of his troops as part of the allied contingent at the Battle of Soissons, July 18-22, 1918. At a cost of more than twelve thousand soldiers and marines dead, wounded, and missing, American troops struck the Germans with such force that the Germans lost the initiative for the remainder of the war.

"Soissons, 1918 provides an intricately detailed account of this pivotal battle in which partly trained, inexperienced American soldiers and marines literally turned the tide of the war. Despite strange French command methods, alien equipment (such as masses of tanks), immature American staff work, and difficulties in communicating with advancing troops, American enthusiasm and willingness "to finish the job" briefly shattered German defenses, caused panic, and ultimately unhinged the Germans' carefully prepared strategic plans."

Devil Dogs: Fighting Marines of World War I icon

History of the Fifth Regiment Marines icon

Echoes from Over There: By the Men of the Army and Marine Corps Who Fought in France icon

The Reminiscences of a Marine icon
(1930 LEJUNE Memoir; reprint)

The Doughboys: The Story of the AEF, 1917-1918 icon

Sold! The History of the Seventh (Service) Battalion the Royal Sussex Regiment 1914-1919 icon
(1934, 1st ed.)

The Wet Flanders Plain icon

The 101st Field Artillery icon(1940)
MA Natl. Guard Unit from 1917-1919

With the Yankee Division in France icon

Original 1919 Welcome Home Souvenir Book in Honor of Everett's [MA] Soldiers and Sailors icon

Capt. Arthur Ray BROOKS, America's Quiet Ace of WW I icon
MA Native

Virginia War History in Newspaper Clippings icon

History of Battery "C" 148th Field Artillery American Expeditionary Forces icon
Wyoming, Colorado and Oregon National Guard members composed the 148th Field Artillery during W. W. I. (1919)

Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19: The Royal Dublin Fusiliers

The Texas Spirit of '17 icon
(1st ed., 1919) Ellis County

Camp Travis and Its Part in the World War icon

Sold! The Irish on the Somme icon 

Wisconsin in the World War icon

Sea Killers in Disguise: Q Ships & Decoy Raiders of WWI

Sergeant York: An American Hero

For My Foot Being Off: A Narrative in Documents and Letters Relating to the WWI Experiences of Infantry Lieutenant Alfred Barlow
"Perceptions of the First World War usually come through words written long after the conflict ended. We see the war through time's broader pictures. Rarely do we see the war as it was presented to those involved. Though we can place the war within historical perspectives, most of what we find does little to aid the seeker of an approximation of the direct experience of that war. Fiction can, but only subjectively and at its own deliberate removes. Sometimes neither histories nor fictions provide satisfactory understanding to those seeking to comprehend even a small part of such monumental disasters as the First World War. Through documents, newspaper articles, and letters from a soldier, For My Foot Being Off attempts to provide a little of that satisfaction."

The Cannoneers Have Hairy Ears: a Diary of the Front Lines icon  
WWI; 3rd IL

Tasmania's War Record 1914-1918 icon

Knox County in the World War, 1917, 1918, 1919 icon

History of the 318th Infantry Regiment of the 80th Division, 1917-1919 icon

Medal of Honor: Aviators of World War I icon
"Here are the heroic stories in words and photos of the eight aviation recipients of the U.S. Medal of Honor in WW I, including Eddie Rickenbacker, Frank Luke, Charles Hamman, and Francis Ormsby. Includes detailed accounts of their award-winning actions; color profiles of their planes; and 129 rare photos."

Silent Night: The Story of World War I Christmas Truce

An Illustrated History of the First World War 

Military Records: Ohio Enlistments 1908 - 1928

American Aces of World War I icon
"American fliers arriving in Europe from September 1917 brought with them no aircraft. Instead, US units had to obtain machines mainly from the British and French. From early 1918 American pilots were issued with SPAD fighters and they never looked back. As this volume details, the first American trained pilot to become an ace was Lt Douglas Campbell, who shot down five German aircraft by the end of May 1918. He was a member of the celebrated 94th 'Hat in the Ring' Aero Squadron, which created the bulk of American aces in World War I."

British and Empire Aces of World War I

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