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While I was searching for items to add in the Virginia Books section, I stumbled across several original documents that are now available from booksellers through Alibris and Abebooks. I keep looking for my own family names but haven't (yet) found any! However, ya'll might want to know about the following documents, whether your interest is in one of the family names or in one of the localities. I don't have any additional information about the documents, as I have not personally been in touch with the sellers.

Isn't the internet amazing?! I would never have known where to look for anything like this before!

Obviously, these are unique, one- of- a-kind items, and they may be sold at any time!!

NOTE: I have been very surprised at how quickly these seem to have sold, so if you don't see something that you saw on this page at an earlier date, that means it's already been sold!

Definitely worth a look if these are your families!

New! Unique, original 1790 Document Appointing Three Citizens of Kentucky to Examine a Witness in a Lawsuit icon
Signed by Virginia native Christopher GREENUP (1750-1818; U. S. Congressman, 1792-1797, Governor of Kentucky, 1804-1808. From the seller: "A partly printed document, completed in manuscript and signed by Greenup 28 January 1790, at Danville, Kentucky, in his capacity as clerk of the Virginia Court for the District of Kentucky. Half-sheet 4to, 6 1/2 x 8 1/8 inches. The suit involved a complaint against John REID by Jacob MYERS and Gabriel COX; James BAIRD, and Robert ABLE were being asked to question Walter BEALE as a witness for MYERS. GREENUP, in his official capacity, is named in the printed portion of the document and the three questioners signed a statement on the verso attesting to the completion of their task. Folded; some browning, worn along top edge (not affecting text). Still a good example. GREENUP, a native of Virginia, served in the Revolutionary War, achieving the rank of captain. Emigrating to Kentucky in 1783, he settled in Lexington to begin a career in law; he was named clerk of the Virginia court for the District of Kentucky in 1785 and was elected to the Virginia legislature the same year. He participated in the relevant conventions seeking statehood for Kentucky and was elected one of its first congressmen in 1792. 'In 1804 he was elected governor for the regular term of four years and during his tenure of office assumed an intelligent and progressive attitude on the questions of the day' (DAB)."

Original Virginia Marriage License, Dated July 12, 1866, Issued to William DRAPER and Mary Ann PEPPER, Giles County, Virginia icon

Original 18th-century Document: Granting a tract of 3000 acres of land in Harrison County to Robert MEANS, assignee of Henry BANKS
From the seller: "In an early 19th century copy of the original land grant that was signed by Virginia Governor Robert BROOKE, 7 May 1795, prepared by John TUCKER, a clerk in the land office. Oblong 4to. One page, approximately 250 words describing the boundaries of the tract. Folded. Very good."

Original 1864 Handwritten Civil War Document Detailing Horse Purchases for the 12th Virginia Cavalry icon
From the seller: "Good+ Manuscript. 12mo-over 6"-7" tall. 1864 Civil War - CSA. Co. C., 12th Virginia Cavalry. 1p., manuscript, 5" x 11.75", April 20, 1864, near Natural Bridge, Virginia. Interesting original document showing the cost of horses for eleven named officers & soldiers, including: Capt. Jno H. FORD (gray horse; Bay; Sorel); Lieut. Jos. R. WOOD (black mare; Bay Horse); Corpl Jos. S. RUDOLPH (Sorel horse) and more. Detailed, w/ horse ages and costs. Ink is very faded, but is mostly legible. Half of the top line is trimmed. The verso with a manuscript copy of, 'The Vacant Chair,' pencil --a popular Civil War poem by Henry S. WASHBURN in honor of dead soldiers. Full verso."

Original 1829 Document: Handwritten Manuscript Document Regarding the Farmer's Bank of Virginia and Prominent Jewish Merchant and Businessman Perhaps Acting for Would-Be Playwright and Descendant of a Colonial Jewish Family icon
From the seller: "Good+ Manuscript. 4to-over 9"-12" tall. William NEKERVIS. Autograph letter signed as Cashier, Farmers Bank of Virginia, (Richmond, Virginia), April 10, 1829. 8 x 10 inches, 1 page + integral stampless address leaf. Horizontal and vertical folds; light soil; some weakness at folds; large docketing note on address leaf; Good condition overall. 'To T. I. TOBIAS: ...Since I last wrote to you, two of Mr. JUDAH's notes have been consolidated and reduced to $240. The debt is now $455, in two notes, $240 and $215, both due 27/30 April.' There is a bit of a mystery behind this letter. T. I. TOBIAS was a prominent New York Jewish merchant and importer, active in Jewish and philanthropic affairs in the city, in Congregation Shearith Israel and the Society for the Education of Poor Children and Relief of Indigent Persons of the Jewish Persuasion. But who was the indebted "JUDAH" named in the letter? It may have been Samuel B. JUDAH (1799-1876), descendant of an old colonial New York Jewish family, and a would-be playwright who, after writing three bad plays which were stage-produced to universal scorn in the early 1820s, was so embittered by his failure as a dramatist that he published, in 1823, Gotham and the Gothamites, 'a book of versified satire of a highly libellous character, in which he attacked over a hundred people more or less prominent in New York. ' This publication led to a libel suit against him. JUDAH was found guilty, fined $400, which he could not pay, and sent to prison, where he spent five weeks before he was pardoned by the Governor because of ill-health. In 1825, JUDAH was admitted to the bar as an attorney of the Supreme Court, and spent many ensuing years collecting debts from people who faced the threat of debtors' prison. Could his own personal debts have been still outstanding in 1829? If so, it may be that the respectable Mr. TOBIAS was lending him a helping hand, as JUDAH was also a member of Shearith Israel, the Synagogue in which the TOBIAS family was prominent...."

Original 1781 Payment Warrant for a Virginia Six Month American Revolution Officer icon
From the seller: "January 19, 1781. Autograph Document Signed of Abraham HITE, Assistant Paymaster of the 8th Virginia Regiment. 'I do certify that Lieut. Joseph SWEARINGEN of the 8th Virga. Regt. was not included in the Pay Rolls of said Regt. for the Six Months Pay allowed by the Assembly of Virginia he being absent from the Regt. at the time said pay was drawn.' The amount owed Lt. SWEARINGEN was '160 Dolls. '"

Original 1788 Document Signed by Edmund RANDOLPH icon
From the seller: "Signed by Author(s) ("Edm. RANDOLPH") in black ink on partially printed document on heavy vellum, as Governor of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, April 23, 1788. 13 1/4" x 12 3/4"; 1 page with most of the seal missing. RANDOLPH signs a land grant to John SWAN for a parcel of land in Virginia. Randolph (1753-1813), born August 10, 1753, Williamsburg, Virginia; died September 12, 1813, Millwood, Virginia; Aide-de-camp to Gen. WASHINGTON 1775-1776; Attorney General of Virginia 1776; Member, Continental Congress 1779-1782; Governor of Virginia 1786-1788; Delegate to Constitutional Convention 1787; refused to sign Constitution because of belief it was not adequately republican in it provisions, but advocated acceptance in Virginia Ratification convention 1788; first U.S. Attorney General 1789-1994; was chief counsel for Aaron BURR when BURR was tried for treason 1807."

Original Patrick HENRY: Document Signed as Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia
From the Seller: "1786 Land Grant, signed 'P. Henry' as Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. This document grants 880 and 1/4 acres of land in Fayette county to Moses and Edward HALL 'and their heirs for ever' Printed on vellum with a portion of original paper seal. Folio (approx. 14- 1/2 x 12 inches). Partly printed document, accomplished in manuscript. One page. Document with folds, a few small tears and holes at folds and a bit of minor soiling. Henry's signature large and clear."

1881 + 1883 + 1890 Handwritten Manuscript Journals - Diaries of P. H. GRISHAM, Civil War Veteran, Genealogist of Washington, D. C., Alexandria Virginia, Arkansas and Tennessee
From the Seller: "Good+ Manuscript. 32mo-over 4"-5" tall. Three curious diaries/logs/journals of Peter H. GRISHAM [mustered out a Corporal of the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry. ] Peter tends to write front to back and then change back to front in these 'pocketbook' type journal. Peter meanders making observations, jotting memories, detailing genealogical histories; Mrs. Mary BLEVINS, his sister, some famed people he knew through his father and notes the history of the family's steel works is in the snippets to follow. "July 10th, 1883. My duties have been arduous + have neglected to keep up any diary, regularly. I went to Arkansas-last May was a year-via Baltimore, Harrisburg, Pittsburg, Chicago, St. Louis by RRs and by Steamer too Memphis + by RR to Little Rock + Geary [? ] Ark. to my sister, Mrs. Mary BLEVINS near Pangburn, White Co. Ark? " "July 22nd, 1883-Wrote letter to J. Lundy BROTHERTON, Phila., in reply to his in regard to Benj LUNDY and Elihu and Elijah EMBREE who printed + published the 1st Emancipation newspaper in the US States some 50 years ago....took me to clerk at his great ironworks in 1838....I stayed at his house as a clerk near six years and was present when he died. " "About six years ago Bridget (an Irish girl that sews for them) that G. EATON, was paymaster general under Genl SCOTT killed himself before this: he ran away with the granddght. of his 1st wife. Col. CLARK...knows of it. " July 29th, 1883, Alexandria Va. This ancient city is still inhabited by many of the old Virginia Aristocracy who own the best of the property. The city was mostly of the tory sort I believe in the days of Washington-who attended Church here in the same building I did today....That it sympathized with England and the King may be inferred from the names of the streets-King St., Queen St., Prince.....It was also a strong rebel city during the late war sending about a thousand soldiers into the rebel army under Genl R. E. LEE who lived a few miles above opposite the city of Washington. The pocketbook has a page or two missing, one hinge is loose is written in pencil, blue crayon and pen. A number of pages are financial - stock holdings, monies loaned and repaid. Some more legible than others especially the log parts where he has crossed out information that was no longer relevant. 50+pp. Diary for 1881, also a pocketbook style tells the long tale of the death of Catherine M. MELVILLE and other historically relevant events for Washington City, DC as he writes. 20+pp.Diary for 1890 is for the most part very much like the others."

ALS, From S. P. HUBBARD to Samuel Hart SELDEN, Dated March 6th, 1850, Theological Seminary, Fairfax County, Virginia
From the seller: "3pp. letter (4th page contains mailing address & postal frank). HUBBARD writes to his old college friend SELDEN, relating his marriage & other changes in his life since they last saw each other. Creased from mailing. Very good."

Sold! Original 1696 Signed Document, Appointing William ROSCOW (I.E. "ROSCOE") Sheriff of Warwick County (Now the City of Newport News) Virginia in 1696 icon
From the seller: "Sir Edmund ANDROS (1637-1696), colonial governor of New York, New England, & Virginia. Signed document, Virginia, May 2, 1696, appointing William ROSCOW sheriff of Warwick County, Virginia. Approximately 8-3/4" x 14", with two countersignatures and affixed seal of the Governor of Virginia. Old folds; occasional ink-burns, with small losses to text (but no loss of sense); 3" separation at lower right fold; still a good, legible example with ANDROS' signature bold and unfaded at lower right of document. Warwick County was established as Warwick River Shire, one of the eight original Shires of Virginia, in 1634. It was Virginia's smallest county in terms of both area and population, and in 1958 the county was consolidated with the city of Newport News. ANDROS is perhaps best remembered as the victim of the ANDROS Rebellion of 1689, in which the people of New England, in protest at his interference with their ways, imprisoned him, whereupon his newly created Dominion of New England separated into its original parts. Examples of his signature are scarce in the market, with only one example at auction in over 25 years."

Sold! Original Isle of Wight County Material at Alibris: Auction Catalogue
Catalogue of the Miscellaneous Library of the Late C. B. HAYDEN, Esq., of Smithfield, Isle of Wight County
"...to Which Is Added the Library of a Physician and Scientist, and a Valuable Collection of Engravings and Etchings. Also, Some Very Fine and Handsomely Illuminated Ancient Vellum Medieval Missals, &c. To Be Sold By Auction Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, November 14th, 15th and 16th. NY: 1883."  135p. 1769 lots. 25x16cm, printed wrapper. McKay #3005. Edges chipped & browned, else VG.

Sold! Original TYLER Document Available at Alibris: 
Document Signed by Robert TYLER (1816-77) icon

Sold! Document Signed by Francis FAUQUIER, 1764 icon
Grant to PATTISON & LINDSEY of Tillotson Parish, Albemarle County
From the Seller: "Partly printed vellum Document, SIGNED "Fran FAUQUIER" 1 page, large folio, Williamsburg, 27 June 1764. A conditional grant in the name of George III to David PATTISON and Jacob LINDSEY, "Church Wardens of the Parish of Tillotson in the County of Albemarle, " of 34 acres in Albemarle County. A 1-3/4 inch elliptical hole in the center and a 3/4 inch semi-circle holes at the sides of center. None the less a Handsome Colonial Document. ---Frances FAUQUIER (1704-1768). Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia."

Sold! 1661 Indenture icon
From the Seller: "Very Good. About 25-1/4" x 21". Manuscript document on vellum, signed by G(eorge) WYTHE, Thos. HOG, John STAMFORD and John BLUNT. Mortgage of a house and 3-1/2 acres of land in the Town of Northampton, County of Northton, West Cotton. In Trust for Wm. FISHER. June 22, 1661. A handsome 17th century deed signed by a George WYTHE speculated to be kin (Grandfather? ) of Virginia's George WYTHE, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Signature style is similar. This document came from a collector, who had put together three complete sets of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He was an authority on the Revolutionary War and it was his reference to the association of Virginia's George WYTHE."

Sold! Deed of Gift. 1749. Slaves icon
From the Seller: "John WATSON to Mary Watson HYNES, daughter of (his) wife Mary WATSON. Twenty negros, Sirley, Irish, Juda, Frank, Phil, Nel, Jerry, Toby, Hanner, Dick, Will, Cugger, Tom, Ned, Stephen, Agg, Harry, Cyrus, Murreer, and Betty. Five hundred pounds of current Virginia money. One good feather bed. Furniture. Two large chests. Locks and keys. Two trunks. One desk. Large looking glass. Silver watch. Small brass kettle. Two silver spoons. Twenty head cattle. Twenty head sheep. Young horse. 325 acres of land in Henrico County (Virginia) on Chickahomy swamp and Allen's branch. To be delivered to her at the day of her marriage or when she is 21 years old. A contemporary copy. Manuscript, in ink. 4 pages. 8 x 12-7/8 inches. Water marked laid paper. Separating, edge tears, fold tears overall good condition."

Sold! Military Appointment of Joseph KELLEY to Lieutenant icon
From the seller: "Date Published: 1828
Description: Very Good Signed 8-1/8 x 7-9/16 inches, embossed state seal, Appointment of "Joseph KELLEY" of Wythe county to "Lieutenant" in the thirty-fifth Regiment, nineteenth Brigade, and fifth Division of the said Militia. Signed by "Wm B. GILES" as governor of Virginia and "? ? PLEASANTS"

Sold! 1853 Virginia Land Grant-Carroll County icon
From the seller: "Very Good Signed About 11 x 13-1/4 inches, vellum, embossed Virginia state seal attached, printed and manuscript, eighteen and a half acres in Carroll county to Samuel S. FOWLER. Signed: "Jos. JOHNSON" as Governor of Virginia."

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