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Virginia Families

Alexandria (City)
Charles City



Accomack County

AMES, MEARS and Allied Lines; The American Ancestors of Samuel William AMES and Sarah Anne Edmunds MEARS of Accomack County, Virginia icon

A Sketch of the Life of Thomas R. JOYNES, of Accomack, Virginia; With a Brief Notice of His Father, Col. Levin JOYNES, of the Continental Army icon

Graven Stones: Inscriptions From Lower Accomack County, Virginia, Including Liberty and Parksley Cemeteries

Tombstone Inscriptions of Upper Accomack County, Virginia

Accomack County, Virginia Court Order Abstracts icon

Land Causes, Accomack County, Virginia, 1727-1826

County Court Records of Accomack-Northampton, Virginia, 1640-1645 icon

Abstracts of the Wills and Administrations of Accomack County, Virginia, 1800-1860 icon

Wills and Administrations, Accomack County, Virginia, 1663-1800 icon

Marriage Records of Accomack County, Virginia, 1776-1854...

Marriage Records of Accomack County, Virginia, 1854-1895: Recorded in Licenses & Ministers' Returns

Albemarle County Genealogy & Local History Books

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Alexandria (City of)

Alexandria's Forgotten Legacy; The Annals of Wm. F. CARNE

Index to the Virginia Journal and Alexandria Advertiser: Index, February 1785--January 1786 icon

Alexandria and Alexandria (Arlington) County, Virginia: Minister Returns & Marriage Bonds, 1801-1852

Alexandria, Virginia Marriages: 1870-1892 icon

Alexandria, Virginia Marriage Index: January 10, 1893-August 31, 1905

Artisans and Merchants of Alexandria, Virginia 1780-1820, Vol. I, ABERCROMBIE to MYER

Artisans and Merchants of Alexandria, Virginia 1780-1820, Vol. II, NAPEY to ZIMMERMAN

Alexandria, Virginia, Town Lots, 1749-1801, Together With the Proceedings of the Board of Trustees, 1749-1780

Pen Portraits of Alexandria, Virginia, 1739-1900

Concise History of the City of Alexandria, VA From 1669 to 1883... icon

Alexandria Houses: 1750-1830 icon

Artisans and Merchants of Alexandria, Virginia

Name Index to the Alexandria Gazette, February 5, 1788 - November 24, 1795

Name Index to the Alexandria Gazette, January 1, 1803 - July 30, 1803

The Virginia Journal & Alexandria Advertiser: Sept. 3, 1789 to Nov. 11, 1790

Obituary Notices From the Alexandria Virginia Gazette, 1784-1915

The Fireside Sentinel: January--December 1889 Issues Including Table of Contents, Appendices and Index

Seaport in Virginia, George Washington's Alexandria icon

Alexandria Death Records, 1853-1896

Alexandria, Virginia Wills, Administrations and Guardianships, 1786-1800

Alexandria City and County, Virginia, Wills, Administrations, and Guardian Bonds, 1800-1870: An Extract of the Records Contained in the Old Will Books icon

North Ridge Lore: Stories About Alexandria, Virginia icon

The Old Presbyterian Meeting House at Alexandria, Virginia: 1774-1874

A History of the Second Presbyterian Church Alexandria, Virginia: 1817-1950

Tombstone Inscriptions of Alexandria icon

Historic Alexandria Virginia Street by Street: A Survey of Existing Early Buildings icon

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Alleghany County

The Alleghanian (Yearbook) icon

Historical Sketches of the Alleghany Highlands icon

The Memorialists: An Antebellum History of Alleghany, Craig, and Monroe Counties of Western Virginia

1840 Alleghany County, Virginia Census icon

A Centennial History of Alleghany County, Virginia icon

Abstracts of Alleghany County, Virginia Deeds 1822-1829 icon

Abstracts of Alleghany County, Virginia Deeds 1829-1833 icon

Marriages of Alleghany Co., Virginia: 1822-1872 icon

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Amherst County

Strangers in Their Midst: The Free Black Population of Amherst County, Virginia

The Deeds of Amherst County, Virginia: 1807-1827

The Deeds of Amherst County, Virginia: 1827-1852

The Deeds of Amherst County, Virginia: 1828-1852

More Passages: A New History of Amherst County icon

The Wills of Amherst County, Virginia, 1761-1865

Amherst County Families and History icon

Amherst County, Virginia in the Revolution, Including Extracts from the "Lost Order Book" 1773-1782. icon

Indian Island in Amherst County icon

Civil War Letters: The ALLEN Family, Amherst County, Virginia

Marriage Bonds and Other Marriage Records of Amherst County, Virginia, 1763-1800 icon

Marriage Records of Amherst County, Virginia 1815-1821 and Subscription for Building St. Mark's Church, Amherst County, Virginia

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Appomattox County

Appomattox County History & Genealogy icon

Recollections & Reminiscences of Old Appomattox County and Its People

A Place Called Appomattox icon

It Happened at Appomattox: The Story of an Historic Virginia Village icon

Biography of Wilmer McLEAN icon

1860 Census: Appomattox County, Virginia

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Arlington County

Arlington Heritage; Vignettes of a Virginia County icon

Northern Virginia Heritage: A Pictorial Compilation of the Historic Sites and Homes in the Counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Fauquier, Prince William and Stafford, and the Cities of Alexandria and Fredericksburg icon

Graveyards of Arlington County, Virginia

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Augusta County

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800 icon

History of Augusta County, Virginia icon

Augusta County History, 1865-1960 icon

First Marriage Record of Augusta County, Virginia, 1785-1813

Second Marriage Record of Augusta County, Virginia, 1813-1850

Augusta County [Virginia] Road Orders, 1745-1769 icon

1840 Augusta County, Virginia Census

Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, From 1726 to 1871

Historical Atlas of Augusta County, Virginia

The Blue and Gold the Year Book of the Staunton Military Academy 1924 icon

An Old House in Greenville, Virginia: A Study of Human Intention in Vernacular Architecture

Records of the District of West Augusta, Ohio County, and Yohogania County, Virginia icon

West of the Blue Ridge a Geographic Dictionary of Augusta and Bath Counties, Virginia

Abstract of Land Grant Surveys of Augusta and Rockingham Counties, Virginia...

An Economic and Social Survey of Augusta County icon

Staunton, Virginia: A Pictorial History icon

Staunton, Virginia: Vignettes From the Shenandoah Valley's Queen City icon

Bethel and Her Ministers, 1746-1946 icon

Settlers by the Long Grey Trail: Some Pioneers to Old Augusta County, Virginia, and Their Descendants of the Family of HARRISON and Allied Lines

Robert CROCKETT of the Great Calf Pasture; Augusta County, Virginia icon

JENNINGS, DAVISON and Allied Families: Genealogical List and History of the Descendants of the Immigrants John JENNINGS, Southampton, New York, and John DAVISON, Augusta County, Virginia

Johannes Friederick KIRSHOF. Early Settler and Patriarch of Northern Augusta County

Memoir of John Howe PEYTON, in Sketches By His Contemporaries icon

A Genealogical History of the SCOTT Family: Descendants of Alexander SCOTT, Augusta County, Virginia C. 1750; and a History of Allied Families icon

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Bath County

Bath County Marriage Bonds and Ministers' Returns, 1791-1853 icon

West of the Blue Ridge a Geographic Dictionary of Augusta and Bath Counties, Virginia

Abstracts of the Wills and Inventories of Bath County Virginia 1791-1842 icon

Annals of Bath County, Virginia icon

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Bland County

Bland County Virginia-Obituaries and Death Records icon

Bland County Biographies icon

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Botetourt County

A Seed-Bed of the Republic: a Study of the Pioneers in the Upper (Southern) Valley of Virginia icon

Related Families of Botetourt County, Virginia icon

1840 Census: Botetourt County, Virginia

Places Near the Mountains: Botetourt and Roanoke Counties, Virginia

Early Marriages, Wills, and Some Revolutionary War Records: Botetourt County, Virginia icon

Botetourt County History Before 1900 Through County Cemetery Records icon

Botetourt County Marriages, 1770-1853

Botetourt County, Virginia Will Book A: 1770-1801 icon

The Town of Fincastle, Virginia

Kegley's Virginia Frontier: the Beginning of the Southwest: the Roanoke of Colonial Days, 1740-1783 icon

Early Marriages, Wills, and Some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia

Sold! Botetourt Bicentennial, June 21-27, 1970. Souvenir Program and History Celebrating the Two Hundredth Anniversary of Botetourt County, Virginia icon

Lucy BRECKINRIDGE of Grove Hill: Journal of a Virginia Girl, 1862-1864 icon

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Brunswick County

Brunswick County, Virginia, 1720-1975

Marriage Bonds and Ministers' Returns of Brunswick County, Virginia: 1750-1810

Brunswick County, Virginia Road Orders: 1743-1746

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Buchanan County

Amazing Grace - God's Miracles in Buchanan County, Virginia

Buchanan County, Virginia: Images of America

History of Buchanan County Virginia; Looking Back One Hundred Years...

1860 Census: Buchanan County, Virginia

Buchanan County: A Pictorial History

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Caroline County

A History of Caroline County, Virginia: Form Its Formation in 1727 to 1924...

Bible Records of Caroline County, Virginia Families

Caroline County, Virginia Death Records (1919-1994): From The Caroline Progress, A Weekly Newspaper Published in Bowling Green, Virginia

Marriages of Caroline County, Virginia, 1777-1853 icon

Caroline County Court Records and Marriages, 1787-1810

Caroline County, Virginia Lost Marriage Register, 1854-1865, Extant Marriage Register, 1866-1868

Cemeteries of Caroline County, Virginia

Ancestors and Descendants of William Hugh CAMPBELL of Caroline County, Virginia and Washington County, Arkansas icon

Caroline County, Virginia Publick Claims icon

Caroline, Light, Parker & Stafford Light Virginia Artillery icon

WOODFORD Letter Book, 1723-1737 icon

Carving Out a Kingdom; Carmel Baptist Church, 1773-1965, Her History, Relation to Baptist Beginnings, Religious Persecutions, and Influence icon

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Carroll County

The BOND Family Heritage: From England to Carroll County, Virginia

1850 Census: Carroll County, Virginia; Annotated

Carroll County, Virginia: The Early Days to 1920

Cemetery Records of Carroll County, Virginia

Carroll County Heritage: Carroll County, Virginia 1842-1997 (Volume II) icon

Carroll County Heritage: Carroll County, Virginia 1842-1994 (Volume I) icon

Original 1853 Virginia Land Grant-Carroll County icon
From the seller: "Very Good Signed About 11 x 13-1/4 inches, vellum, embossed Virginia state seal attached, printed and manuscript, eighteen and a half acres in Carroll county to Samuel S. FOWLER. Signed: "Jos. JOHNSON" as Governor of Virginia."

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Charles City County

Charles City County, Virginia Court Orders, 1687-1695 icon

The Lineage of Abraham: the Biography of a Free Black Family in Charles City, Virginia icon

New Kent County, Charles City County: Families and History icon

A History and Pictorial Review of Charles City County, Virginia icon

Virginia Colonial Abstracts: Charles City County Court Orders... icon

Autographs, 1701/2: Charles City, Prince George, and Surry counties icon

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Charlotte County

Charlotte County Virginia: Historical, Statistical and Present Attractions.

Charlotte County, Virginia Publick Claims

Charlotte County, Rich Indeed: a History From Prehistoric Times Through the Civil War icon

Charlotte County, Virginia Will Book II: 1791-1805 icon

Charlotte County, Virginia Will Book I: 1765-1791 icon

Marriage Bonds and Ministers' Returns of Charlotte County, Virginia 1764-1815

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Chesterfield County

Chesterfield County, Virginia, Uncovered: The Records of Death and Slave Insurance Records for the Coal Mining Industry, 1810-1895

History & Geography of Chesterfield County, Virginia icon

Chesterfield County, Virginia Deeds...

Chesterfield County, Virginia Wills...

Chesterfield County, Virginia: A History

Chesterfield County: Early Architecture and Historic Sites

Marriage Bonds and Ministers' Returns: Chesterfield County, Virginia...

A Time to Remember: A Pictorial History of Chesterfield County, Virginia 1860 to 1960

Chesterfield County, Virginia Publick Claims

Winfree Memorial Baptist Church, Midlothian, Virginia: 1852-2002

Chesterfield County, VA Atlas

Chesterfield: An Old Virginia County icon

Inventory of the County Archives of Virginia: No. 21, Chesterfield County

The Descendants of Captain Thomas FRIEND, 1700-1760, Chesterfield County, Virginia

A Brief Outline of Some Salient Facts Relating to the History of Chesterfield County, Virginia

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Clarke County

In The Shadow of the Blue Ridge; Clarke County, Virginia, 1732-1952

A Separate Place: the Formation of Clarke County, Virginia icon

History of Clarke County, Virginia, and Its Connection with the War between the States; With Illustrations of Colonial Homes and of Confederate Officers

Old Chapel and The Parish in Clarke County, Virginia. A History from the Founding of Frederick Parish, 1738 to the Centenary of Christ Church, Millwood, 1932 icon

Connections and Partings: Abstracts of Marriage, Divorce, Death, and Legal Notices from Clarke County, Virginia, Newspapers: 1857 - 1884

History of Clarke County, Virginia and Its Connection with the War

A Separate Place: The Formation of Clarke County, Virginia

Green Hill Cemetery Tombstones and Burials, Berryville, Clarke County, Virginia

History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley Counties of Frederick, Berkeley, Jefferson and Clarke icon

Three Hundred Years of Cunningham Chapel Parish, Clarke County, Virginia icon
"This monograph can be thought of as being really three separate but related parts. First is a more or less traditional chronology of the parish from 1740 to 1992. Parish records and local historical records have been used to build this. This was the home parish of the Rt. Rev. William Meade, third Episcopal Bishop of Virginia. A second part is a wealth of statistics gathered from annual parochial reports to the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. These give a quantitative picture of the parish income, expenditures, pledges, number of members, and such. The third part is an interesting retrospective view from the year 2050. In the words of popular science fiction today, this hypothetical look back in time gives one "alternative future" for the parish. A neighboring church, Meade Memorial, is also discussed."

The Cunningham Chronicle: 260 Years of News Clippings, 1732-1992
"From November 1991 to December 19+92, Cunningham Chapel Parish celebrated its Third Century. Part of this included a regular feature in the monthly parish newsletters called "The Cunningham Chronicle". These were "news" clippings from the past reporting special events in the parish and in the county. At the end of that time, the monthly newsletters were brought together into a single book, indexed and published."

The Civil War Engagement at Cool Spring, July 18, 1864...

Clarke County, Virginia Will Book Abstracts Books a-1 (1836-1904) and 1a-3c (1841-1913)

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Craig County

Hard Times, 1861-1865: A Collection of Confederate Letters, Court Minutes, Soldiers' Records and Local Lore from Craig County, Virginia

Craig County, Virginia Industrial Survey icon

The Memorialists: An Antebellum History of Alleghany, Craig, and Monroe Counties of Western Virginia

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Culpeper County

Genealogical and Historical Notes on Culpeper County, Virginia icon

The Church in the Fork: A History of Historic Little Fork Church

Culpeper County, Virginia: Will Books B and C, Court Suits, Loose Papers, Inscriptions icon

Marriages of Culpeper County, Virginia: 1781-1815

Culpeper County, Virginia Marriage Records: 1780-1853

Culpeper County Deed Books 1749-1775 icon

We Were Always Free: the MADDENs of Culpeper County, Virginia: a 200-Year Family History icon

An 18th Century Perspective: Culpeper County

A History of St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia, With Notes of Old Churches and Old Families icon

Genealogical and Historical Notes on Culpeper County, Virginia [With] Philip Slaughter's History of St. Mark's Parish icon

Property Tax List of Culpeper County, Virginia and Names of Slaves

Culpeper County Road Orders, 1763-1764

Culpeper: A Virginia County's History Through 1920

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Cumberland County

Southam Parish Land Processioning, 1747-1784: Goochland, Cumberland, and Powhatan Counties, Virginia

Crucible and Cornerstone: A History of Cumberland County, Virginia

Felixville: a Forgotten Village in Cumberland County, Virginia, and Other Sketches, Reprinted From the Farmville Herald, 1932-1939 icon

Sold! West Hill Cumberland County, Virginia the Story of Those Who Have Loved It icon

Felixville: a Forgotten Village in Cumberland County, Virginia, and Other Sketches, Reprinted From the Farmville Herald, 1932-1939 icon

Cumberland County, Virginia Court Order Books: 1767-1787

Trails West: a Genealogy of the WHEELER Family of Buckingham and Cumberland County, Virginia icon

WILSON Families in Cumberland County, Virginia and Woodford County, Kentucky

Cumberland County, Virginia and Its People

Sold! Cumberland County, Virginia Tax Petitions Since 1776 with Names of the County Prior to 1789

Cumberland County, Virginia Publick Claims

Marriages of Cumberland County, Virginia, 1749-1840

Southam Parish Land Processioning, 1747-1784: Goochland, Cumberland, and Powhatan Counties, Virginia icon"Throughout the colony of Virginia, land was processioned every four years to determine the bounds of every landholder’s property. The vestrymen divided the parish into precincts of convenient size with several men appointed to conduct the processioning for each precinct. The returns were recorded in the vestry book. The book contains maps and abstracts of the land processioning orders and returns for Southam Parish for the years 1747 through 1784 while Southam Parish was part of the counties of Goochland, Cumberland, and Powhatan. The original information is found in the Vestry Book of Southam Parish which contains the detailed records of the parish for the years 1745 through 1792.This volume is intended to be a companion book to the complete Vestry Book of Southam Parish."

The Vestry Book of Southam Parish, Cumberland County, Virginia

Today and Yesterday in the Heart of Virginia
Cumberland, Buckingham & Prince Edward Counties

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