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Multiple Surnames

HILL Family Cousins of Early Central Texas - BOWERS, COLE, McGEHEE, MICHAL, ROESSLER, SHELBY: Descendants and Ancestry

Ludwig HEINRICH and Lisette Lehmann SCHMIDT
Fredericksburg, Texas

Seven Pines : Its Occupants and Their Letters, 1825 - 1872   

A Genealogical and Biographical History of the FIELD Family of Massachusetts and Vermont and the FRENCH - HENRY Families of Virginia and Texas: A Union of North and South

The Texas Heritage of the FISHERs and the CLARKs icon

Scatterlings - BLAIR, WILLIAMS & TURNER to Texas, 1858-1873

Texas Irish Empresarios & Their Colonies: POWER & HEWETSON, McMULLEN & McGLOIN, Refugio, San Patricio

The Emerett NICHOLSON Papers and the SHARP, NICHOLSON and THOMPSON Families of East Texas

The SESSUMS - HENDRIX Family of Hill County, Texas icon

Greener Pastures From Tidewater To Texas And Beyond: JONES of Maryland, MAGILL of Scotland, HALEY of Virginia, TOLIVER of North Carolina...



Individual Families, Biographies & Memoirs

The Thomas Wesley ANDERSON Family: From Alabama To Texas

The Marlin Compound; Letters of a Singular Family icon

History and Genealogy of the BEAN Family of Houston County, Texas

BENNETT: A Texas Family

Buffalo Guns & Barbed Wire Two Frontier Accounts by Don Hampton BIGGERS A Combined Reissue of Pictures of the Past and History That Will Never Be Repeated

The Josiah O. BLACK & Elizabeth Ann (Rainer) BLACK Family Tree: A Genealogical Record of Relatives and Descendants in Texas, Alabama, Georgia and Other U.S. Locations icon

BOURLAND in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains


The Story of the BUMPAS Family from Plymouth, Massachusetts to the Prairies of Texas

CARTWRIGHTs of San Augustine: Three Generations of Agrarian Entrepreneurs in Nineteenth-Century Texas

A Baker's Dozen: We Were Thirteen: The CASEYs of Tuscola, Taylor County, Texas icon

The Thomas S. CHANDLER Family of Collin County, Texas: An Oral History

Civil War Recollections of James Lemuel CLARK: Including Previously Unpublished Material on the Great Hanging at Gainesville, Texas in October, 1862 icon

Sold! The Robert COLEMAN Family, From Virginia to Texas, 1652-1965

Abner COOK: Master Builder on the Texas Frontier

The CROPPER Family of Utah, Texas, Virginia & England, 1500 to 1900: Ancestors & Descendants

A History of the Life of J. J. DENNIS and Reminiscences of Early Days in Texas

The DEW Line from England to Virginia and the Carolinas, to Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana, with Some Records of Other States icon

Julien Sidney DEVEREUX and His Monte Verdi Plantation

Terry Texas Ranger Trilogy: Terry's Texas Rangers, Reminiscences of the Terry Rangers, the Diary of Ephraim Shelby DODD

Dick DOWLING, Galway's Hero of Confederate Texas

Civilizers: the DuVALs of Texas: From Virginia Through Kentucky and Florida icon

FESMIRE: A Family History and Genealogy: Martin FESMIRE and His Descendants in North Carolina and Tennessee, with Branches in Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi, Texas, and Oklahoma icon

A Genealogical and Biographical History of the FIELD Family of Massachusetts and Vermont and the FRENCH - HENRY Families of Virginia and Texas: A Union of North and South

Black Frontiersman: The Memoirs of Henry O. FLIPPER, First Black Graduate of West Point

Farewell: A Memoir of a Texas Childhood
Horton FOOTE

Annals of the FOWLER Family, with Branches in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, California and Texas

The Ragged Rebel: A Common Soldier in W. H. Parsons' Texas Cavalry, 1861-1865

GARNER of Texas: A Personal History

Rincon (Remote Dwelling Place) Story of Life on a South Texas Ranch at the Turn of the Century icon
GILLILAND; Starr and Hidalgo Counties

Cannon Smoke: The Letters of Captain John J. GOOD, GOOD - DOUGLAS TX Battery, CSA

General Tom GREEN, Fightin' Texan icon

Brush Country Woman icon
Biography of Helen Sewell HARBISON of Jim Hogg County, Texas

Our HARLESS Family Then and Now

Rev. John HAYNIE: Ancestry, Life and Descendants, A HAYNIE Genealogy: Their 1650 Virginia Roots, 1839 Texas Trunk, Nine Limbs, Many Branches, Twigs and Some Leaves

HILL Family Cousins of Early Central Texas - BOWERS, COLE, McGEHEE, MICHEL, ROESSLER, SHELBY: Descendants and Ancestry

Lon C. HILL, 1862-1935: Lower Rio Grande Valley Pioneer icon

The Annals of Elder HORN: Early Life in the Southwest icon

HORNSBY Cemetery: The Story of the Reuben HORNSBY Family and Others Buried in the First Travis County, Texas Cemetery

An American Saga: William George HUGHES, 1859-1902: A Pioneer Texas Rancher, His Life, His Times, His Story icon

My Texas Family: An Uncommon Journey to Prosperity icon

Tischlermeister JAHN
New Braunfels Furniture Maker

The JEWELL Family in Tennessee and Texas: George Washington JEWELL and His Descendants

KNEZEK Heritage; From Moravia to Texas

The KOTHMANNs of Texas: 1845-1951 icon

LATTNER Story - Farmers, Doctors: Soldiers A Family Story icon

The LAUE Family Reunion, Boerne, Texas

Texas Merchant: Marvin LEONARD & Fort Worth icon

Gideon LINCECUM's Sword: Civil War Letters from the Texas Home Front icon

Fritz & Annie LIPPE Family: German Cotton Farmers in Early 1900s Texas--Washington, Mills, Hamilton & Tom Green Counties icon

William LONG, Huntsman to William Bowman LONG, Family Physician: A History of the LONG Family from Badminton, Gloucestershire to Belton, Texas icon

Sold! The MANNs from Tennessee to Texas

The Family of John MASSIE, 1743-c.1830, Revolutionary Patriot of Louisa County, Virginia, Including Early Emigrants to Kentucky and Texas and Related Families, BACHMAN, BAKER, BOLLINGER, BURRUS, CLOPTON, DUKE, HARRIS, JACKSON, KEENER, MILLS, OVERTON... icon

The MATTHEWS Files: Hopkins County, Texas, 1846-1900: A Compendium of the Official Records on Microfilm of the Descendants of Oliver MATHEWS (1729-1799) icon

Memoirs of Mary A. MAVERICK icon

Samuel MAVERICK, Texan: 1803-1870; A Collection of Letters, Journals and Memoirs

The McADAMS Family of Walker County, Texas

The Stephen McKINLEY Family of Hamilton County, Texas

The McNEILLs' SR Ranch: 100 Years in Blanco Canyon

John O. MEUSBACH, German Colonizer in Texas icon

MIDKIFF: A Texas Family, Town and Way of Life

A Private in the Texas Rangers: A. T. MILLER of Company B, Frontier Battalion icon

One MOORE Family Tree: Descendants of Abel MOORE, born March, 1829, in Morgan County, Illinois, Died ca. 1876, in Mesquite, Dallas County, Texas

No Name on the Bullet: A Biography of Audie MURPHY
Mexia, Texas Native, WWII Hero

Jose Antonio NAVARRO, Co-Creator of Texas icon

Century of Conflict 1821-1913: Incidents in the Lives of William NEALE and William A. NEALE, Early Settlers in South Texas

Joseph and Rachel Rabb NEWMAN: An Old Three Hundred Family of Texas and Their Descendants

Campaigning with Parson's Texas Cavalry, C. S. A.

Oil Field Medico, True Experiences of a Physician Who Practiced in Spindle-Top, Batson Prairie and Saratoga During Rough Frontier Days
(1948) by Dr. George PARKER

Ranger of Commerce: Or 52 Years on the Road icon
(1927) Memoirs of Traveling Salesman Howard PEAK

The PEARCES' Pioneering Days in Texas icon

The True Saga of Cleng PEERSON - Translated From the Norwegian for the Norwegian Society of Texas icon

Rebels on the Rio Grande: the Civil War Journal of A. B. PETICOLAS icon

Journey to Pleasant Hill: The Civil War Letters of Captain Elijah P. PETTY, Walker's Texas Division, CSA icon

Claude Hamilton Scott PORTER, 1876-1957, and Her Family

Mistress of Glen Eden, the Life and Times of Texas Pioneer Sophia PORTER icon

Andrew Jackson POTTER, the Fighting Parson of the Texas Frontier - Six Years of Indian Warfare in New Mexico & Arizona

The RAULSTONs of Red River County

The Descendants of Michael & Martha REED: Central Texas Pioneers 1833

Pidge: A Texas Ranger From Virginia - The Life and Letters of Lieutenant T. C. ROBINSON, Washington County Volunteer, Militia Company A

ROEMER's Texas 1845 to 1847: Texas With Particular Reference to German Immigration and the Physical Appearance of the County Described Through Personal Observation By Dr. Ferdinand Roemer

The Von ROSENBERG Family of Texas

The RO Brand: The Story of Alfred ROWE, the Founder of McLean, Texas and the RO Ranch

Places Left Unfinished at the Time of Creation icon
I love this book! 
"A beautifully wrought memoir of family and heritage crosses Richard Rodriguez's Conversations with My Father with Sandra Cisneros's The House on Mango Street.

"Places Left Unfinished at the Time of Creation tells of growing up in San Antonio, Texas, in an in-between place and time--shifting back and forth across the Mexican border, between present realities and ancient cultures. Interweaving family remembrance, pre-Columbian mythology, and the histories of Texas and Mexico, it blends the story of one Mexican family with the soul of an entire people. Part treasury of the elders, part elegy, part personal odyssey, part Book of the Dead, its tales are of a fragile family lineage that spans borders and rivers and decades.

"John Phillip Santos discovers his Mexican past in places close to home and farflung landscapes. The story unfolds through a pageant of unforgettable family figures: from Madrina--touched with epilepsy and prophecy ever since, as a girl, she saw a dying soul leave its body--to Teofilo, who was kidnapped as an infant and raised by the Kikapu Indians of northern Mexico. At the heart of his book is Santos's search for the meaning of his grandfather Juan Jose's mysterious suicide, which becomes a haunting symbol of the Chicano search for identity--Mayan, Aztecan, Spanish, and American. Lyrical prose, magic realism, and memory converge to make a Mexican American opus."

The SCHIWETZ Legacy: An Artist's Tribute to Texas, 1910-1971

The SCHWARTZ Family of El Paso: The Story of a Pioneer Jewish Family in the Southwest icon

James Franklin SMOTHERMAN, His Ancestors and Descendants: They All Went to Texas

The Prisoners of Perote: Containing a Journal Kept by the Author [William Preston STAPP], Who was Captured by the Mexicans, at Mier, December 25, 1842, and Released from Perote, May 16, 1844 icon

Charles STILLMAN: 1810-1875 icon
Early leader of Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas

Lone Star Preacher: Being a Chronicle of the Acts of Praxiteles SWAN, M. E. Church South Sometime Captain, 5th Texas Regiment Confederate States icon

The TAFT Ranch: A Texas Principality

Sold! The TRUE Family: Some Henry TRUE Descendants in Texas icon

Memoirs and History of the Peyton TUCKER Family: Ancestors and Descendants of England, Wales, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and... icon

German Pioneers on the American Frontier: The WAGNERs in Texas and Illinois

The Samuel W. WALLACE Book: A Genealogy of 1506 Descendants of Samuel W. WALLACE, 1795-1886 Who Lived Or Are Living in Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, California and Numerous Other Places With Probate Records, His Ancestry, His Siblings, and Other Pertinent... icon

Hungary Sends a Dallas-Builder: The Story of Martin WEISS

Tipperary to Texas: An Irish Family Reunites After Four Generations

The WINDHAM Family of England, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi & Texas


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