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History of Captain B.F. BENTON's Company, Hood's Texas Brigade, 1861-1865
Soldiers from San Augustine, Sabine, Newton, Nacogdoches, and Harrison counties, Texas.

Nacogdoches, Texas: A Pictorial History icon

Nacogdoches Headrights: A Record of the Disposition of Land in East Texas and in Other Parts of That State, 1838-1848 icon

Memories of Chireno

A Historical and Anecdotal History of the Schools of Nacogdoches County Before ca. 1930

The Fredonian Rebellion

Inventory of County Records: Nacogdoches County, Texas

Marriage Records of Nacogdoches County, Texas, 1824-1881 icon

Nacogdoches County, Texas Marriages: 1837-1872

The People of Nacogdoches County in the Civil War icon

The Nacogdoches Story An Informal History icon

1850 Census: Nacogdoches County, Texas CD

Sold! Rest in Peace: Nacogdoches Obituaries...

Sold! Nacogdoches County, Texas Cemetery Records

1850 Census: Navarro County, Texas CD

Navarro County History icon

The Confederate Guns of Navarro County icon

Navarro County, Texas Marriages: Book A, 1846-1855

Dawson's 75th Anniversary 1881-1956 icon
Navarro County

History of Nolan County Texas icon

Nolan County, Texas: Index to Probate Cases, 1881-1939

Our Community-Organization and Development of Nolan County icon

Pioneers on the Nueces
Nueces and San Patricio Counties

Texas Seaport: the Story of the Growth of Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend Area icon

The History of Nueces County

Pathfinders of Texas 1836-1846 Being the Stories o Pioneer Families That Built Well for Nueces County and Corpus Christi

An American-Mexican Frontier: Nueces County, Texas

City by the Sea: A History of Corpus Christi, Texas, 1519-1875

Corpus Christi a History and Guide, American Guide Series icon

Ochiltree County, TX Marriages Book 1 1889-1909. icon

Wheatheart of the Plains - An Early History of Ochiltree County

The Town of Ochiltree, Texas 1880-1919 icon

Ochiltree County, Texas: Records of Wells and Springs, Driller's Logs, Water Analyses and Map Showing Location of Wells. Analyses made by Works Progress Administration Project

Oldham County icon

Gateway to Texas: The History of Orange and Orange County

Old Orange County Courthouse: A Centennial History icon

Millennium: 21st Century Orange County

Orange County: A Centennial Celebration

Orange County, Texas Inventory of County Archives icon

Orange County, Texas: Index to Probate Cases, 1852-1939 icon

Orange County, Texas Marriages: Books A-B, 1852-1894 icon

Orange County, Texas Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume 1 icon

History of Palo Pinto County: Word of Mouth Family History

Sturdivant Cemetery, Palo Pinto County, Texas A Genealogical Study

The Palo Pinto Story

Crazy Water: The Story of Mineral Wells and Other Texas Health Resorts
Palo Pinto County

A History of Panola County, Texas: 1819-1978

Panola County, Texas Marriages: 1846-1889 icon

Loblolly Looks at Panola County

Panola County, Texas: 1860 Census

Sold! Cemetery Records of Panola County, Texas

Sold! Deep East Texas Folk
Harrison and Panola Counties

History of Parker County and the Double Log Cabin. Being a Brief Symposium of the Early History of Parker County, Together with Short Biographical Sketches of Early Settlers and Their Trials

Sold! Five Early Settlers of Palo Pinto & Parker Counties, Texas: a BEARDEN, BURT, CARTER, DAVES & McENTYRE Family History

A Cry Unheard: The Story of Indian Attacks in and Around Parker County, Texas, 1858-1872

Bethesda icon

A Tale of Two Schools and Springtown, Parker County...

Parker County, Texas Marriages: 1889-1893

A Parker County, Texas Cowboy icon
Limited Edition. Early 1900s Cowboy's Diary includes period photos and sketches of early area families.

Dido, 1840-1972: One Hundred Thirty Two Years of Community Development
Dido Cemetery; Tarrant, Parker & Wise Counties

Historical Sketch of Parker County and Weatherford, Texas

Weatherford, Texas (Images of America)

Pecos County History

Pecos County, Texas Marriages... icon

1900 Census: Pecos County, Texas

A Pictorial History of Polk County, Texas

Deep Roots in the Tall Pines: A History of Southeast Polk County, Texas

History of Polk County Pioneers on Livingston-Woodville Road, 1835-1910

Polk County, Texas Cemetery Inscriptions

There Never Were Such Men Before: The Civil War Soldiers & Veterans of Polk County, Texas, 1861-1865 icon

West Texas Museum Journal. Complete Set of the "History of Lubbock" in Three Parts icon

Potter County, Texas Marriages :Book I, 1909-1915

Amarillo, Texas, The First Hundred Years: A Picture Postcard History icon

Castle Gap and the Pecos Frontier

Chronicles of the Big Bend 

El Llano Estacado: Exploration and Imagination on the High Plains of Texas and New Mexico, 1536-1860

Polk County, Texas Cemetery Inscriptions

Rains County Leader, 1912 icon

Rains County Leader, 1917

In Their Footsteps: A History of Hopkins and Rains County, Texas and Families with Relatives Buried in the Clifton Cemetery, Rains County icon

Rains County, Texas Marriages icon

Early Days in Texas and Rains County icon

Dorothy's World: Childhood in Sabine Bottom: 1902-1910 icon

Sold! The History of Rains County, Texas

A Century to Remember: Alba, Texas, 1843 to 1943, Alba's First One Hundred Years in Words and Pictures icon

The Reagan County Story icon

Gateway to Texas: History of Red River County

It Happened in Post Oak (or Thereabouts): A Slice of Lamar & Red River County History icon

1860 Federal Census of Red River County, Texas icon

Red River Dust: True Tales of an American Yesterday icon

The RAULSTONs of Red River County

Sold! First Settlers of Red River County icon

Sold! When Mama Kept the Boarding House icon
by Genevieve Moseley DeBERRY; Red River County

Pecos: a History of the Pioneer West icon
Reeves County

Land! Irish Pioneers in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas
The Irish who founded Refugio & San Patricio Counties

Texas Irish Empresarios & Their Colonies: Power & Hewetson, McMullen & McGloin, Refugio, San Patricio

Ever Since I Remember: Refugio Recollections

Refugio; A Comprehensive History of Refugio County...

Texas Coastal Bend; People and Places icon

1870 Census: Refugio County, Texas

Refugio County, Texas Marriages, 1839-1881

History of the Grace United Methodist Church of Bremond, Texas and Reminiscences 1868-1978

Sold! Robertson County, Texas Marriages: 1838-1875 icon

Hearne on the Brazos

Robertson County, Texas Index to Probate Cases: 1838-1939 icon

A History of Robertson County, Texas icon

Historical Recollections of Robertson County, Texas, with Biographical & Genealogical Notes on the Pioneers and Their Families

Rockwall County History

History of Rockwall County, Texas: 1842-1968

1880 Census of Rockwall County, Texas with Notes

Rockwall County: Inventory of the County Archives of Texas

Sold! First Baptist Church, Rockwall, Texas: The Story 1852-1997

Runnels County, Texas, Index to Probate Cases: 1886-1939

Runnels County, Texas Marriages: 1880-1905

Runnels is My County

What's Cookin' in Rowena, Texas? (1948)

The PARRAMORE Sketches: Scenes and Stories of Early West Texas

The PEARCES' Pioneering Days in Texas
Runnels County

The Realm of Rusk County

A History of Rusk County, Texas

The Realm of Rusk County

1880 Census: Rusk County, Texas icon

1900 Census: Rusk County, Texas icon

1910 Census: Rusk County, Texas icon

Rusk County, Texas Index to Probate Cases: 1843-1939

Julien Sidney DEVEREUX and His Monte Verdi Plantation

The Thomas Jefferson FELTS family of Mississippi and Sabine County, Texas including the BURKETT and POLK Families icon

Sabine County Marriages, 1875-1900, 1900-1910, Prior to 1875

Abstract of Deeds, Sabine County Archives, Hemphill, Texas

Sabine County Historical Sketches and Genealogical Records

Sabine County Favorites

A Pictorial History of Sabine County, Texas

Sold! The First Settlers of Sabine County, Texas

Citizen-Soldiers of Sabine County, Texas (1812-1991)

Sabine County, Texas: The First One Hundred and Fifty Years (1836-1986)

1835 Census: Sabine District, Texas

1850 Census: Sabine County, Texas

1880 Census: Sabine County, Texas

Sold! Inventory of County Archives: Sabine County, Texas

The First Settlers of San Augustine County, Texas icon

Two Centuries in East Texas a History of San Augustine County and Surrounding Territory From 1685 to the Present Time icon

History of Captain B.F. BENTON's Company, Hood's Texas Brigade, 1861-1865
Soldiers from San Augustine, Sabine, Newton, Nacogdoches, and Harrison counties, Texas.

Cradle of Texas: Pictorial History of San Augustine County, Texas icon

Land! Irish Pioneers in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas
The Irish who founded Refugio & San Patricio Counties

The Forgotten Colony, San Patricio de Hibernia: The History, the People and the Legends of the Irish Colony of McMullen-McGloin

The TAFT Ranch: A Texas Principality
San Patricio County

Pioneers on the Nueces
Nueces and San Patricio Counties

Surviving on the Texas Frontier: The Journal of a Frontier Orphan Girl in San Saba County, 1852-1907

San Saba County, Texas Marriages, 1856-1910 icon

San Saba County, Texas Tx Index to Probate Cases 1866-1939 icon  

Schleicher County, Texas Tx Marriages 1901-1909. icon

History of Schleicher County, Texas

Schleicher County Or Eighty Years of Development in Southwest Texas icon

From Buffalo to Oil: History of Scurry County, Texas

Historical Markers in Scurry County

77 Years as Recorded in Scurry County Newspapers: 1895 - 1972

The Saga of Scurry

Footprints Across Scurry County: An Account and History of the County, Including Eleven Hundred Family History Stories icon

Reflections: An Album of West Texas History, 1840-1990
Scurry County

Deep Creek Merchant: The Story of William Henry "Pete" SNYDER
Scurry County

For 500 Years  
Law and order--that's what the early Texas frontiersman demanded and what the Shackelford County Courthouse was built to provide. Intrepid settlers on the westernmost edge of the Texas frontier faced danger from Comanche raiders, cattle rustlers, outlaws, and gamblers. Erected in 1883, to "stand for 500 years," the architectural treasure is one of the oldest original courthouses still in use, is in the National Register of Historic Places, and has been restored according to historical preservation guidelines. Told by those who know and love the courthouse, and who grew up in its shadow, this lively tale features a memorable assortment of characters and exciting events. 20 b/w illus."

The Regulators and Moderators and the Shelby County War in 1841 and 1842, in the Republic of Texas

Confederate Soldiers of Shelby County, Texas

God, Grass and Grit: A History of the Sherman County Trade Area

Along the Century Trail: Early History of Tyler, Texas

A Chronological History of Smith County, Texas

Some Biographies of Old Settlers, Historical, Personal and Reminiscent icon
Tyler and Smith County, Texas

Cemetery Records Smith County, Texas, Vol. I: Oakwood Cemetery and Rose Hill Cemetery, Tyler, Texas

The Bullard Area: Its History and People, 1800-1977

Marriage Records of Smith County, Texas: 1846-1899

Tyler & Smith County, Texas: An Historical Survey icon

Born in Dixie: The History of Smith County, Texas icon

Smith County, Texas Marriages: 1902-1905

1850 & 1860 Federal Censuses: Smith County, Texas

Smith County Justice


Sold! 1870 Federal Census, Smith Co., Texas icon

Somervell: Story of a Texas County

Through the Years. Reminiscences of Pioneer Days on the Texas Border icon
(1952) By Anna Marietta KELSEY; Starr County, Texas.

Rincon (Remote Dwelling Place) Story of Life on a South Texas Ranch at the Turn of the Century icon
GILLILAND; Starr and Hidalgo Counties

Milling Around Sterling County: a History of Sterling County icon

A History of Stonewall County Between the Forks of the Brazos. icon

Swisher County History icon

Windmilling Swisher County Texas 1876-1977 icon

Texas Counties A - B

Texas Counties C - D

Texas Counties E - F

Texas Counties G - M

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Texas Counties T - Z

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