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Cisco: Cradle of Hilton's Empire

History of Eastland County, Texas

Eastland County, Texas - A Historical and Biographical Survey

Oil Field Fury icon
History of Eastland

Original 1929 Absolute Tracing of a Part of Eastland County, Texas. Scale 1" to 2000', Helm Hamlin 1929. H. F. Tanner C. E. Eastland, Texas
From the seller: "Condition: Good. 17 1/2 Inches By 24 Inches. 17 1/2 Inches By 24 Inches. Blueprint Map for Gordon's Pool, an oil field in the northeast corner of Eastland County, Texas, near Stephens County, west of Ranger. The exact location would appear to be where modern day Highways 183 & 112 intersect. According to the graphics on the blueprint it is 8 miles northwest from Eastland, 11 miles west and slightly north from Ranger, and 21 miles south slightly southwest of Breckenridge on 183. The blueprint has a big white arrow pointed to the location and it is listed as "The Gordon Pool." It would be right at County Route 160 P, where it hits 183. There appears to be a town laid out just north of the pool, but by modern maps there does not appear to have been a town built, perhaps it went bust before the town was built. The map has all of the then current owners of the land patents, listing a number of oil companies in the area [Belva Oil Co., Gordon Pet. Co., New Domain O. Co., T. P. C. & O. Co., etc] as well as individuals. The Gordon Pool is only a couple inches square, with the rest of the map showing the surrounding area which also has "white dots" that apparently are showing where oil spots are. There are a couple of arrows with description such as "The lost well" and next to it "Well now starting", One arrow states "May 16, 1929" and points to an square area of land that states " Ardizone Broden 40A 8,000,000 G 1000B," which I assume means 8 million gallons of oil, or 1000 barrels, or something of the sort. Very interesting Eastland County Oil blueprint map. It is folded four times, minor wear to one fold, otherwise good."

Original 1877 Map of Eastland County
From the seller: "Printed for Robt. M. Elgin, Houston Texas by Rand Avery & Co., 1877. Lithograph. Highlighting and annotations across sheet in red pencil. Annotated in pencil across sheet. In excellent condition with the exception of some creases throughout the sheet. Some scuffing across sheet. Laid on linen. Paper is slightly time stained. Image size: 21 x 17 1/8 inches. 24 5/8 x18 5/8 inches. A fascinating map of Eastland County, Texas, published by the Texas General Land Company in 1877. The General Land Office was established by the Republic of Texas Congress in 1836, shortly after Texas won its independence from Mexico. The office was responsible for managing public lands by collecting and storing records, and for providing surveys and maps of the various counties. The land office maps are some of the most accurate maps of Texas produced during the nineteenth century. They provide an invaluable record of the various counties including geographical information and land titles. Through the pre-emption acts, Texas continued to grant land to settlers until 1898 when the public domain was finally depleted. The first pre-emption act was published by the Republic of Texas in 1845, and stated that anyone who settled on up to 320 acres of land could buy the title for 50 cents an acre. Until 1898 the state initiated a number of acts that encouraged land purchase in Texas and the population slowly rose until there was no more public domain left. This is a fascinating map of Eastland County published by the Texas General Land Office in 1877. Eastland County is in central Texas, bordered on the east by Erath County, on the north by Stephens and Palo Pinto Counties, on the west by Callahan County, and on the south by Brown and Comanche Counties. Due in part to its isolated area and frequent trouble from raiding Indians, the county remained sparsely settled until the 1870s. In fact,, the county's population actually declined during the 1860s; an 1870 census found only seventy-seven people living in Eastland County. Agriculture of course also declined during the war, and there were only five farms in the county by 1870. When Indian raids ceased to be a problem in the early 1870s, settlers moved back into the area in increasing numbers and by 1880 there were 549 farms in the county, encompassing about100,800 acres of land. Large tracts of land belonged to the various Railroad companies, as clearly indicated in this 1877 chart. Edwin T. Cox, History of Eastland County, Texas (San Antonio: Naylor, 1950)."

Births, Deaths & Marriages From El Paso Newspapers Through 1885 for Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Indian Territory

El Paso Now and Then icon

El Paso and Ciudad Juarez icon

History of St. Clement's Church, El Paso, Texas: 1870-1925 icon

Six Who Came to El Paso: Pioneers of the 1840's

San Elizario: Spanish Presidio to Texas County Seat
El Paso County

The SCHWARTZ Family of El Paso: The Story of a Pioneer Jewish Family in the Southwest icon

1850 Census: Ellis and Tarrant Counties, Texas CD

History of Ellis County Baptist Association

Ellis County: A Photo History icon

Ellis County History: The Basic 1892 Book With Additional Biographies icon

Ellis County, Texas Patents & Deed Abstracts: 1845-1856 icon

Sold! Souvenir of Historic Ellis County, Texas icon

A Pictorial History of Midlothian, Texas icon

History of Ellis County, Texas icon

The Texas Spirit of '17 icon
(1st ed., 1919) Ellis County

Ellis County Courthouse icon

Italy, Texas: 1879-1979
Ellis County

History of Palmer, Texas icon
Ellis County 

Thurber, Texas: The Life And Death Of A Company Coal Town
Erath County

Fragments of History - Erath County

People-Events and Erath County, Texas

Families of Falls County

History of Falls County, Texas

A History of Western Falls County, Texas

The Doctor's Scrap Book

The Marlin Compound; Letters of a Singular Family icon

A Memorial and Biographical History of McLennan, Falls, Bell and Coryell Counties...

1850 Census: Fannin County, Texas CD

1860 Census: Fannin County, Texas CD

Fannin County, Texas, Cemetery Inscriptions icon

Fannin County, Texas Marriages 1838-1870 icon

Fannin County, Texas Land Titles 1831-1878 icon

Fannin County, Texas 1850 Census icon

Fannin County, Texas 1870 Census icon

Bonham. Town of Bailey Inglish icon

Bonham: the Era Has Come-But Memories Linger on icon

A History of Fannin County

Plow-Horse Cavalry: The Caney Creek Boys of the Thirty-Fourth Texas Cavalry icon

Fannin County Folks and Facts

Fannin County Texas Rehobeth Church and Cemetery 1852-1911 icon

Fannin County, Texas: Maddrey & Hunter Livery Stable Log Book 1885-1889 icon

Austin Colony Pioneers: Including History of Bastrop, Fayette, Grimes, Montgomery & Washington Counties, Texas

St. Mary's Church Near Ellinger, Texas: The Oldest Catholic Church in Fayette County

Fayette County, Her History and Her People

Fayette County, Texas Marriages: 1838-1870

Fayette County: Past and Present

Fayette County, Texas Inventory of County Archives

An Early History of Fayette County

Selected Cemeteries of Fayette County, Texas

Sold! Early Fisher County Families: Biographical History, 1876-1910 icon

History of Fisher County, Texas

The First 107 Years of Fisher County History

History of Floyd County 1876-1979 icon

They Loved the Land: Foard County History

Fort Bend County Sesquicentennial:1822-1972 icon

Fort Bend County, Texas: A Pictorial History

History of Fort Bend County Containing Biographical Sketches of Many Noted Characters

Pictorial Richmond, Fort Bend County, Texas

Fort Bend County, Texas Marriages: 1838-1868

Fort Bend County Cemetery Inscriptions

Pictorial History of Rosenberg

Sugar Land: A Pictorial Tribute (Sesquicentennial 1836-1986)

Wharton's History of Fort Bend County

History of Freestone County, Texas

United Confederate Veterans of Limestone and Freestone Counties, Texas, Joe Johnston Camp, No. 94, Minute Book

Official Texas Historical Markers of Freestone County

Freestone County Post Offices

Teague, Texas, Telephone Directory, June 1963

Freestone County, Texas Marriages: 1857-1872

Queen of the Trinity Star: An Eagle-Eye View of Freestone County, Texas icon

Historic Frio County, 1871-1971

Frio County, Texas  Marriages, 1871-1900, Books 1-3 icon

Frio County, Texas: Selected Cemeteries

From Rattlesnakes to Road Agents: Rough Times on the Frio icon
Frio County

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