1927 Seniors, Page 2:



Pep Squad '23, '24; Yell Leader '25; Staff '27; President Pep Squad '26; Home Economics Club '27; Junophian Literary Society '24

"Sometimes she studies, sometimes she don't; sometimes she'll listen, sometimes she won't, but all the time a good sport and a lovable friend."

Virginia BENNETT

Spanish Club '27

"Just a sweet tempered, lovable girl of Room 16 - we all love her."

Mildred BROWN


"Quiet and unassuming: Launched her boat in the Sea of Physics; Sail On! Sail On! The tide is ebbing out."

Katherine BROWN

"She is not so loud in a crowd, but oh my - you'd be surprised."


Essay Contest '25; Pep Squad '26

"Someone must possess the class dignity. Hurrah for Belle - she serves the purpose."


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