1927 Seniors, Page 1:

George B. Abernathy

"Mose." Orchestra '24, '25, '26, '27
"He spares the rod but spoils
the drum."

Nettie Abernathy

"So often we were scared we were going to lose our Nettie, but - she knows good company when she sees it."


"Steve." Football '23, '24, '25, '26; Track '24, '27
"A" Association '27

"Steve had us all guessing - His motto, 'slow but sure,' comes in handy. We often wonder what S. A. H. S. would do without him."

James Key AVERA

Tennis '25, Basketball '26, Editor "Westerner" '27, President Senior Class '27.

"Hats off to our Senior President. We congratulate him on his excellent work."

Isla Gayle BARLER

Yell Leader '25, Chippewa Debating Club '26

"In Geometry, Latin, English, or Out We always know when Gayle is about."

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