1927 Seniors, Page 8:

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Lucile Harris

President, Home Economics Club '27

Pep Squad '23, '24, '25, '26

Junophian Literary Society '24

"We wonder if Lucile thinks her 'home economics' will be of any use to her in the future?"

Lena Hess

Pep Squad, '26

"Lena has that everlasting smile. We know her good fortune will always be with her."

Estelle Hickey


Pep Squad, '25, '26

"Jack has that skin you love to touch, She is liked because  of her good nature and sportsmanship."

Clyde Hillyer

Pep Squad '26

Home Economics Club '27

"Everyone knows Clyde by her laugh. No one can laugh just like her."

Marie Hodge

"She follows the even tenor of her way and asks no questions."

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