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Memory Mixer 3 Software
"Turn your digital memories into a multimedia memory experience. MemoryMixer files can be output to DVD, CD and paper, make hybrid pages by adding your own embellishments. Requirements: Windows 2000, XP or Vista. Pentium 4, 1GHz or better. 512 MB RAM (1GB or more recommended, 1BG required for Vista users) 15 MB Video RAM (64 MB recommended). Install disk requires 700 MB and each Content Disk are 700 MB each. Mac users: OS X 10.4.8 or greater, G4 500 MHz or faster, 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended), 8 MB Video RAM (64 recommended). Install disk requires 700 MB, each Content Disk are 700 MB each. Other software requirements: QuickTime is required, available on MemoryMixer disk. Java 1.4.2 required for PC (auto install with this software). Includes 40 QuickMixes, thousands of backgrounds & embellishments, Background Builders and Project Patterns. Easy to use photo editing tools."

Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 4.0
"Preserve precious memories to share with loved ones and future generations with Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 4.0. This latest edition of the best-selling scrapbooking software has everything you need, from the ultimate collection of templates for scrapbook pages and other keepsake projects to beautiful photorealistic graphics sure to capture the excitement of any occasion or event. Looking to capture the beauty of a wedding? The fun of a family vacation? What about the excitement of your child's first lost tooth? No matter what the occasion, Scrapbook Factory Deluxe gives you incomparable tools ? all guaranteed to help you produce projects that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.
Enhanced Digital Photo Editor 5,000+ Photorealistic Embellishments Photo Calendar Creation Templates" - Download over 8,000 Fonts!

See Clipart for CD-ROM artwork.

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