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New! Cookbooking: The Delicious New Way to Scrapbook

"Cookbooking was born one recent Thanksgiving when Barbara Winkler decided she’d had enough of digging through old file folders and desk drawers to find her recipes. Winkler, a former executive editor of Family Circle magazine, realized that when she assembled all those recipes, she had made more than a home-made cookbook: she had also created “an album that displays memories of the good times as well as the recipes that helped shape them.” Here, Winkler shows accomplished scrapbookers and newcomers alike how to combine organization and inspiration with 12 design concepts, ranging from family treasures to outdoor grilling. For each, she includes photos of album covers and finished scrapbook pages, along with two recipes. And all the projects look great because they’re crafted by renowned scrapbooker Pattie Donham, author of The Crafter’s Guide to Glue."
Memory Makers: How to Organize Your Scrapbook Workspace icon

The Scrapbook in American Life
"Keeping a scrapbook" is a long-standing American tradition. In this fascinating work--the first book about the history and practice of scrapbooking--14 contributors offer the first serious, sustained examination and analysis of scrapbooks. "Delightful."--"Publishers Weekly." 65 b/w illustrations.

The Complete Guide to Creating Heritage Scrapbooks icon

Digital Family Album Basics: Tools for Making Digital Memories icon
"With the boom in digital cameras, video cameras, and computers, Americans are making memories by the truckload. And they're organizing those memories in increasing numbers--scrapbooking has become a $1.4 billion-per-year market. Where digital cameras and scrapbooking meet, there's only one book: Digital Family Album Basics. This easy-to-use, easy-to-understand handbook shows how these two trends are a match made in heaven, because the ultimate tool for storing, manipulating, and displaying photos, text, and graphics is the computer. Author Janine Warner is an expert at making technology inviting and nonthreatening, even to non-techies, and her warm, straightforward approach is completely family friendly. Parents, grandparents, and kids can work together on dozens of wonderful projects to create lasting family treasures. From clicking the shutter to printing out family albums, personalized baby books, holiday letters, greeting cards, and more, Digital Family Album Basics makes it easy to create, capture, and share priceless memories."

Scrapbooking Your Family History icon
"Readers will learn how to:  Choose items already in their family's possession for presentation in a scrapbook - Find and identify family photographs - Locate and interpret historical documents about their ancestors - Discover new information from old postcards, keepsakes and other family artifacts - Put their ancestors in historical perspective - Tell the story of their family in different ways - Take their research beyond the limits of a heritage album."

Creative Scrapbooking: Over 300 Cutouts, Patterns & Ideas to Embellish & Enhance Your Treasured Memories icon
From Alibris. "Sandi is probably one of the foremost authorities on the topic of scrapbooking and the use of die cuts. Sandi outlines clearly the materials and steps required...discusses everything from techniques, tools and papers, to the assembly of the finished project. Each is well photographed."--"Craft Digest.

Outstanding Scrapbook Pages: 250 of the Best Pages and Techniques from the World's #1 Scrapbooking Magazine icon
From Alibris. "Memory Makers has long been the first source for scrapbook ideas, delivering inspiration and education to scrapbook enthusiasts. In this spectacular volume, readers will find the best of the best--hand selected pages from the magazine's last seven years. These pages feature the most important techniques that impacted the industry and contributed to the growth of creative scrapbooking. Witness the evolution of punch art, paper tearing, paper weaving, embellishing and more! Scrapbookers will draw unbeatable inspiration from the hundreds of stunning page ideas they can use in their own albums."

Family Scrapbooking: Fun Projects to Do Together icon
From Alibris. "Everyone can join in this rewarding activity--including children. Gather colorful supplies, bring them to Grandma's, and bond over origami, watercolor tissue, colored dots, and artwork stickers. Preserve a child's precious artwork, pictures of a first day at school, and a family vacation. Use a small scrapbook decorated with metallic marker and stickers as a Christmas card."

Creating Handmade Books icon
From Alibris. "From the scissors that snip the pages, to the glues, stitches, and ties that bind them, get all the techniques for making beautiful handmade books. Cut and fold pages in a simple accordion, or hide a second book inside. Create pop-ups, fan, and slot and tab books; elaborate compound structures with pockets; and multiple signatures in a thick, sewn volume. Construct handscrolls, hanging books, soft and hardcovers, even portfolios and boxes. Hundreds of illustrations, diagrams, and striking photos will guide and inspire you. 128 pages (all in color), 8 1/2 x 10."

Making Books That Fly, Fold, Wrap, Hide, Pop Up, Twist, and Turn icon
From Alibris. "Presents instructions for making various kinds of books including those that carry messages across space and time as well as those that save words, ideas, and pictures."

New Ideas for Crafting Heritage Albums icon
"New Ideas for Crafting Heritage Albums picks up where Crafting Your Own Heritage Album left off, showcasing the many new archival products that have been developed and illuminating new trends in scrapbooking. Readers will also discover new ideas for preserving and presenting more family heirlooms and relics than ever before, including:

* cassette and video tapes
* the latest computer software for generating genealogical entries
* using a scanner to restore faded or damaged photographic images
* an entire chapter on saving family recipes
* suggestions for turning heritage scrapbooking into a family activity
* Internet resources"

Scrapbooking With Recipes: Ideas for Preserving Kitchen Memories
Creating scrapbook memories of cherished family food traditions is easy with this complete guide to selecting papers, laying out pages, and scrapbooking basics. Vibrant full-color photography inspires scrapbookers to preserve precious memories from classic cooking moments, as well as capture new cooking memories."

Bookbinding Basics icon
From Alibris. "This beautifully illustrated and detailed guide... has several practice projects for learning the techniques of classical bookbinding...illustrated step by step in close-up photo-graphs. A good guide for anyone wanting professional quality results, this book belongs in public library or academic arts and crafts collections."--"Library Journal.

Unique Handmade Books icon
From Alibris. "Every one of these astonishing and original projects will redefine your idea of how a book should look! No simple rectangles here, but one-of-a-kind volumes folded like an accordion; shaped and themed, with windows and envelopes; thickly sewn and decoratively woven; dressed in "wedding netting" for a bride; and even made out of paper bags. Along with advice on paints, inks, stencils, transfers, and distressed covers, you'll find fun ways to make collaborative books, including ones to create with a child. "

Scrapbook Storytelling, Step by Step icon
"Craft and office supply stores are filled with materials for memory scrapbooks. This book provides a much-needed guide for collecting and organizing the family information that is to form the text basis for the creatively decorated pages that are gathered together to form a family scrapbook. Slan gives pointers for interviewing family members, writing stories, selecting photographs, and putting it all together. Each chapter is well illustrated with sample pages. "

Crafting Your Own Heritage Album icon
"Immortalize your family's cherished photos, documents and memorabilia for generations to come. Crafting Your Own Heritage Album shows you how to showcase and preserve the special people, stories, traditions, and keepsakes of your ancestry. This book is intended to help you create a documented and well-researched, priceless family heirloom. The book will help you understand the importance of using archival-quality supplies so your album will withstand the test of time in its design and last for generations to come. These pages give you guidance on safe storage options and discuss a few of the many products now on the market to help you care for and preserve your photographs, memorabilia and documents. "

Dear Diary icon
"In her book Dear Diary, Joan R. Neubauer takes you on an exploration of the art and craft of writing a creative journal.
The book includes the history and philosophy behind the art, as well as the mechanics, abstracts, and many other additional insights. It has many tips to make your writing more enjoyable as well as enhancing the quality of your journal."

Journaling can be a very creative and informative part of creating a family history scrapbook!

Making & Keeping Creative Journals - How-to

Meals and Memories: How To Create Keepsake Cookbooks icon
"If you're passionate about food, want to preserve your culinary heritage, or have ever dreamed of writing your own cookbook, Meals and Memories: How To Create Keepsakes will show you how to create the most unique cookbook in your kitchen. Providing information not found anywhere else, each chapter of this intriguing guide explains and encourages, then summarizes with a step-by-step checklist. The light-hearted, easy-to-understand text is served up with a generous helping of suggestions and tips for recipe style, page layout, and how to write stories and memories about your favorite recipes (we've even included tips for getting over "writer's block"). More than 50 illustrations and examples help you along the way. You even get 31 wonderful recipes. Looking for ways to leverage your fundraising profits? Do your organization a favor and read this book first!"

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