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Between the Saints: Louis and Paul: A Towboat Travelogue on the Mississippi River

Old Bayou Teche Days - By One Who Lived And Loved Them

Steamboats and the Cotton Economy: River Trade in the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta icon

A Cruising Guide to the Tennessee River, Tenn-Tom Waterway, and Lower Tombigbee River icon

The Tennessee, The Old River: Frontier to Secession

The Tennessee, The New River, Civil War to TVA

Blacklegs, Card Sharps, and Confidence Men Nineteenth-Century Mississippi River Gambling Stories

Perilous Journeys: A History of Steamboating on the Chattahoochee, Apalachicola & Flint Rivers, 1828-1928 icon

The Arkansas Waterway: People, Place & Events in the Valley, 1817-1971

A History of Navigation on Cypress Bayou and the Lakes icon

Long Island Sound Steamboats icon

Long Island and Narragansett Bay Steam Vessels icon

Connecticut River Steamboat Story icon

Boggs and His Outing

Steamboats on the Green icon

Deaf Maggie Lee SAYRE: Photographs of a River Life icon

Paddle Steamers: An Illustrated History of Steamboats on the Mississippi and Its Tributaries icon

Troubled Waters: Steamboat Disasters, River Improvements, and American Public Policy, 1821-1860

Portraits of the Past: Steamboats of the Western Rivers

Waterways of Westward Wandering; Small Boat Voyages Down the Ohio, Missouri and Mississippi Rivers icon

Steamboats on Louisiana's Bayous: A History and Directory

The Deck of the Crescent City: A Picture of American Life

Steamboats on the Upper Tombigbee

The Steamboat Montana and the Opening of the West: History, Excavation, and Architecture icon

Cookin' on the Mississippi: Gourmet French and English Recipes From Louisiana and Mississippi Plantations and Paddle Wheelers icon

The Wreck of the Erie Belle, Told in Story and Picture

Currents of Change: Art and Life Along the Mississippi River, 1850-1861

Original Antique Print: Breaking the Ice Blockade in the Delaware River

Steamboats on the Coosa River in the Rome, Georgia-Gadsden-Greensport, Alabama trades, 1845-1920's icon

Tidewater by Steamboat, a Saga of the Chesapeake: The Weems Line on the Patuxent, Potomac, and Rappahannock

Steamboats Out of Baltimore icon

Steam Packets on the Chesapeake: a History of the Old Bay Line Since 1840

The Old Bay Line, 1840-1940: From Baltimore to Old Point Comfort Norfolk-Portsmouth

Night Boat on the Potomac: A History of the Norfolk & Washington Steamboat Company icon

Yukon Riverboat Days icon

Tales from the Great Lakes: Based on C. H. J. Snider's 'Schooner Days' icon

Ship Passenger Lists: The South (1538-1825)

Way's Steam Towboat Directory

Come Hell or High Water: A Lively History of Steamboating on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers

Antrim Steamers: A Brief History of Steam Navigation on the Inland Lakes of Antrim County, Michigan icon

Ohio River Navigation Charts

Railroad Ferries of the Hudson: And Stories of a Deck Hand icon

Steamers of the Highlands and Islands: An Illustrated History

Loss of the Sultana and Reminiscences of Survivors

The Final Voyage of the Central America, 1857: The Saga of a Gold Rush Steamship, the Tragedy of Her Loss in a Hurricane, and the Treasure... icon

Terrifying Steamboat Stories: True Tales of Shipwreck, Death, and Disaster on the Great Lakes icon

Steamboats and Ferries on the White River: A Heritage Revisited

Long Day's Journey: The Steamboat & Stagecoach Era in the Northern West icon

Hudson River Day Line; The Story of a Great American Steamboat Company icon

Ship Ablaze: The Tragedy of the Steamboat General Slocum icon

Fast Ferries icon

Steamboatin' Days and the Hammond Lot

Tidewater By Steamboat: a Saga of the Chesapeake icon

Running the River: Poleboats, Steamboats & Timber Rafts on the Altamaha, Ocmulgee, Oconee & Ohoopee icon

A River Unvexed: A History and Tour Guide to the Campaign for the Mississippi River

Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi
George DEVOL

Original 1855 Lithograph: High Pressure Steamboat Mayflower. Capt. James Brown. First Class Packet Between St. Louis and New Orleans on the Mississippi River

Steamers on the River From Ipswich to the Sea From Boats to Ocean Liners-Stories of Steam-Driven Ships icon

The Barge Book icon

Mailships of the Channel Islands, 1771-1971 icon

Towboating on the Mississippi

Wild River Wooden Boats icon
"Wild River, Wooden Boats is the fascinating true story of steamboating on the Missouri River. Not the river we Know today, but a wild river as recalled by the crewmen and passengers who traveled it in the nineteenth century and recorded their stories in memoirs, diary and journal entries. The stories contain long-forgotten accounts of steamboat navigation and operations, vivid descriptions of the river, the crewmen and passengers and tales of disaster and unexpected peril. In every story we catch a glimpse of our shared human traits played out in different times and circumstances. It is for our benefit as well as their own that those pioneers faced the challenge of their frontier river. Wild River, Wooden Boats is their story -- and ours."

Steamboats and the Cotton Economy: River Trade in the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta icon

Canadian Coastal & Inland Steam Vessels, 1809-1930 icon

North American Steamboat Register icon

River Engineers on the Middle Mississippi: A History of the St. Louis District, US Army Corps of Engineers icon

Steamers of the Thames and Medway icon

The Sloops of the Hudson icon

Ohio River Images: Cincinnati to Louisville in the Packet Boat Era icon

Steamboat Days on the Tennessee River: A History of the St. Louis and Tennessee River Packet Company icon

Steamboatin' Days: Folk Songs of the River Packet Era icon

Original Manifest: Comeaux-Le Blanc Packet Co., 1902

Packets on Parade icon

Original Manifest: Bayou Lafourche and Upper Coast Packet icon

The Canandaigua Lake Steamboat Era: 1827 to 1935 icon

The Missouri River: the River Rat's Guide to Missouri River History and Folklore icon

Treasure in a Cornfield: The Discovery and Excavation of the Steamboat Arabia icon

The Trip of the Steamer Oceanus to Fort Sumter and Charleston, South Carolina Comprising ... the Programme of Exercises at the Re-Raising of the Flag Over the Ruins of Fort Sumter, April 14th, 1865 icon

Sandbars and Sternwheelers: Steam Navigation on the Brazos icon

Adventure II, Flatboats 'Round the Bend, and Journey II, Footsteps of the Past icon

Steamer's Wake: Voyaging Down the Old Marine Highways of Puget Sound, British Columbia, and the Columbia River icon

Sold! Original 1858 Southern Steamship Company of New Orleans--U. S. Mail Line, Freight Bill icon

Always a River: The Ohio River and the American Experience icon

Keelboat Age on Western Waters icon

Shantyboat: A River Way of Life icon

Old Man River the Memories of Captain Louis ROSCHE, Pioneer Steamboatman icon

Old Steamboat Days on the Hudson River [Subtitle]: Tales and Reminiscences of the Stirring Times That Followed the Introduction of Steam Navigation icon

Recollections, Reflections, Collections of Seventy Years icon
(1906) by WOODWARD, Cordon Roswell. From the seller: "Description: [N. p. , 1906]. 916pp. Illus. Original gold stamped small 4to cloth, light discoloration to spine. First edition. Howes W659: "Served as steamboat pilot and captain out of St. Louis from 1848 to 1862, later became a financial leader in Cairo, Illinois. " A rare work. Not in Eberstadt, Decker, Graff, Soliday, or Buck. Small complimentary slip from the author pasted on inside front cover.
Special Attributes: first edition"

War Along the Bayous: The 1864 Red River Campaign in Louisiana

Steamboats on the Fox River: A Pictorial History of Navigation in Northeastern Wisconsin icon

Steamboat Yesterdays on Casco Bay, the Steamboat Era in Maine's Calendar Island Region icon

Steamboats on the Muskingum icon

A Postcard Journey Along the Upper Mississippi

Western Rivermen, 1763-1861: Ohio and Mississippi Boatmen and the Myth of the Alligator Horse icon

Steamboat Lore of the Penobscot an Informal story of Steamboating in Maine's Penobscot Region icon

Fifty Years on the Mississippi: Or, Gould's History of River Navigation... icon

Tall Stacks: A Celebration of America's Steamboat Heritage icon

The Steamboaters: From the Early Side-Wheelers to the Big Packets icon

Civil War Marine: A Diary of the Red River Expedition, 1864 icon

Guns on the Western Waters: The Story of River Gunboats in the Civil War icon

The Saga of the Delta Queen icon

Yukon River Steamboats, a Pictorial History icon

Legendary Lady: The Story of the Belle of Louisville icon

The Life of John Fitch. the Inventor of the Steamboat icon

Ontario and St. Lawrence Steamboat Company's Hand-Book for Travelers to Niagara Falls, Montreal and Quebec and Through Lake icon

Ferry Boats in Idaho

Hardluck Ironclad: The Sinking and Salvage of the Cairo icon

Willie Jasper's Golden Eagle: Being an Eyewitness Account of the Great Steamboat Race Between the Natchez and the Robert E. Lee icon

Rivers of History: Life on the Coosa, Tallapoosa, Cahaba, and Alabama
"Jackson (history, Jacksonville State U.) dramatizes Alabama's history through the four streams that make up the Alabama River system, using primary and secondary sources, oral histories, and personal observations to chronicle the impact of Indians, traders, slaves, passengers, fishermen, industrialists, and environmentalists on the river system, from the 1500s to the present. Includes a bibliographic essay, plus b&w photos, illustrations, and maps. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or."

Cahaba Prison and the Sultana Disaster icon

Travels on the Lower Mississippi, 1879-1880 icon

Steamboat to the Shore: A Pictorial History of the Steamboat Era in Monmouth County, New Jersey icon

Blow for the landing; a hundred years of steam navigation on the waters of the West icon

Guardian of the Great Lakes: the U. S. Paddle Frigate Michigan icon

The Pageant of the Packets: A Book of American Steamboating icon

Voyages of the Steamboat Yellow Stone icon

Sidewheeler Saga, a Chronicle of Steamboating. icon

Life on the River; a Pictorial History of the Mississippi, the Missouri, and the Western River System icon

Wheel Boats on the Missouri; the Journals and Documents of the Atkinson-O'Fallon Expedition, 1824-1826. icon
"In 1824 Brig. Gen. Henry Atkinson and Indian Agent Benjamin O'Fallon traveled up the Missouri River, along with 475 soldiers of the First and Sixth Infantry regiments. Their mission: to negotiate peace treaties with tribes along the Missouri River and to secure their promise to trade exclusively with American citizens. It was hoped this combination of military power and proffered friendship would put an end to the Indian attacks on American fur trappers and traders. The full record of this early military expedition is now available. The diaries of General Atkinson and Maj. Stephen Watts Kearny describe the trip from St. Louis to Fort Atkinson in the fall of 1824, the expedition from the fort to the Yellowstone River and back in 1825, and the return of a portion of troops to St. Louis in 1826, while the diary of Angus Lewis Langham, the expedition's secretary, describes the passage of the wheel boat Antelope from St. Louis to Fort Atkinson in early spring of 1825." 

Gold Rush Steamers of the Pacific icon

Tales of the Mississippi

Road to the Sea: The Story of James B. Eads and the Mississippi River

Where the River Runs Deep: The Story of a Mississippi River Pilot

A-Rafting on the Mississip'
"During the nineteenth century, pine logs were lashed together to form easily floatable rafts that traveled from Minnesota and Wisconsin down the Mississippi River to build the farms and towns of the virtually treeless lower Midwest. These huge log rafts were steered down the river by steamboat pilots whose skill and intimate knowledge of the river's many hazards were legendary. Charles Edward Russell, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, chronicles the history and river lore of seventy years of lumber rafting.

"Russell deals with those decades during which the lumber business and the rafting of lumber grew and reached enormous proportions. But his story covers also the splendid phase of the river steamboat. Russell writes with a lively pen, and he has made a colorful and entertaining account." New York Times Book Review

"Not a dull page in the book. Russell writes frontier history as it should be written." New York Herald Tribune

"Charles Edward Russell (1860-1941) grew up on the shores of the Mississippi River during the days of lumber rafting. Best known as a journalist during the muckraking era for his exposés on the beef and tobacco trusts, Russell was also a cofounder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1909."

Old Times on the Upper Mississippi: Recollections of a Steamboat Pilot from 1854 to 1863 
George Byron MERRICK chronicles the entire panorama of steamboat life he experienced in the mid-1800s, where he started as a cabin boy and worked up to cub pilot on the mighty Mississippi. Originally published in 1909, Merrick's narrative matches lively stories about gamblers, shipwrecks, and steamboat races with rich descriptions of river life and steamboat operations.
George Byron Merrick (1841-1931) grew up in Prescott, Wisconsin, at the junction of the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers. After nine years of steamboating, he volunteered for the Wisconsin Infantry during the Civil War before settling into life as a newspaper editor and publisher.

The Outlaws of Cave-In-Rock: Historical Accounts of the Famous Highwaymen and River Pirates Who Operated in Pioneer Days upon the Ohio and Mississippi

Deep'N As It Come: The 1927 Mississippi River Flood  
This dramatic chronicle of the worst flood in the history of the South is now available again in a new format with more than 140 contemporary photographs of the devastation visited on seven states.

Mr. Roosevelt's Steamboat: The First Steamboat to Travel the Mississippi
"Mr. Roosevelt's Steamboat, a story of high adventure and unlikely romance, is an authoritative account of the first steamboat voyage on the Mississippi River. This hazardous three-month long voyage changed the course of history. It is also the story of two fascinating people, Nicholas Roosevelt and his adventurous young wife, Lyola Latrobe, who together challenged the Mississippi...and won."

Mississippi River Country Tales: A Celebration of 500 Years of Deep South History

Upper Mississippi River History: Fact-Fiction-Legend
Captain Ron's book "UPPER MISSISSIPPI RIVER HISTORY" begins with the early French explorers and hardy fur trappers. He covers the history of the paddle-wheel steamboats from the first one on the Mississippi River in 1811, the New Orleans, to the founding and growth of the paddle-wheel steamboat companies on the upper Mississippi River -- from passenger and freight steamboats to excursion paddle-wheel steamboats of today.

You will find photographs and early historical stories of the upper Mississippi river towns from St. Louis, Missouri, to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Added to all this history are stories and tales from river pilots about the names and landmarks along the upper Mississippi River.

Steamboating on the Upper Mississippi

Way's Packet Directory 1848-1994: Passenger Steamboats of the Mississippi River System since the Advent of Photography in Mid-Continent America
Contains some 6,000 entries describing passenger steamboats by rig, class, engines, boilers, where and when built, and historical information, organized alphabetically by ship name. Includes b&w photos. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Lloyd's Steamboat Directory and Disasters on the Western Waters: Containing the History of the First Application of Steam as a Motive Power icon
James T. Lloyd's Steamboat Directory and Disaster on the Western Waters was the first general reference available on the subject of American riverboats. Published in 1856, few histories on steamboating were as deep and as broad as Lloyd's book. By his own admission, Lloyd's work was the first to detail the "full accounts of all the steamboat disasters since the first application of steam down to the present date."

"This edition reproduces Lloyd's book in its entirety and contains a new introduction that will provide newly interested readers of steamboat history with a general overview of steamboating on the western waters during Lloyd's time. The new introduction includes background information on the structure of western steamboats, steamboat personnel, steamboat passengers, and the nature and causes of steamboat disasters.

"Long out of print, Lloyd's directory will be a valuable reference guide for steamboat enthusiasts, students of American history, librarians, archivists, local historians, and those interested in inland waterway travel and transportation history."

  The Mississippi Steamboat Era in Historic Photographs: Natchez to New Orleans 1870-1920

Views on the Mississippi: the Photographs of Henry Peter Bosse icon
"As mapmaker and photographer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Henry Peter Bosse (1844-1903) took more than three hundred photographs of the Upper Mississippi River from 1883 to 1893, a time of unprecedented environmental and social change. Now recognized as the leading photographer of his time of the Mississippi, his work was almost unknown until five separate volumes of his photographs were discovered during the past few years. Since then, Bosse's work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian and other national museums and sold by leading auction houses to private collectors around the world.

"Views on the Mississippi brings together for the first time almost one hundred of Bosse's most stunning images. These photographs-tracing the river from Minneapolis to St. Louis-capture the Mississippi as it was being transformed from an untamed natural wonder to a modern commercial highway. Presenting the wagon and railroad bridges, the towns and villages along the banks, and the steamboats that served them, Bosse's images depict the river at the fulcrum between the nostalgic era recorded by Mark Twain and the coming century of industrial development and environmental change, including the alterations wrought by the navigation projects of the Army Corps.

"Bosse used the cyanotype process, which produced large-format photographs in crisp, vivid blue tones. This volume offers high quality reproduction with new captions providing the location and significance of each image, as well as historical context. Also included here is a detailed reproduction of Bosse's rare landmark map of the river, first published in 1887-88, giving the reader with a fascinating guide to the historic Upper Mississippi.

"Views on the Mississippi is certain to delight and surprise those interested in nineteenth-century America, life on the Mississippi River, the environment, and fine photography everywhere.

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