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Grace REYNOLDS & Daniel George KEHRER

Bit by bit, I've been piecing together the clues I've found among the postcards and other paper collectibles that I purchased from a Fort Worth, Texas antique store. 

This store doesn't specialize in postcards or paper items, but they occasionally have a box of mixed paper items like photos and postcards. I can never resist leafing through that box! 

One afternoon, I found several beautiful cards in remarkably good condition. At first, I thought that they might be reproductions: they were in near-mint condition, yet their postmarks were from nearly 100 years ago! On closer inspection, though, I saw that these particular cards, which all appeared to be related to one recipient or group of recipients, were genuine originals.  Whoever had saved them had obviously prized them as very special keepsakes.

There was also a graduation program and a photo from the same town, so I decided they must belong together.

How could I pass them up? How could I leave them in that box, mixed up, getting separated from each other and mixed in with the junk, knowing that they'd been such a treasure to someone, and that they held a special part of someone's story?

Don't I rationalize these things well? ;-)

The recipient on many of the postcards is either addressed as "Miss Grace REYNOLDS or "Mrs. George KEHRER,"  "Mrs. D. G. KEHRER, or "Grace KEHRER." When she's Miss REYNOLDS, the cards are sent to an address in Rockport, Spencer Co., Indiana. When she is Mrs. KEHRER, she resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Naturally, I have assumed that this same Grace REYNOLDS who married Daniel George KEHRER in Rockport, Indiana on February 14, 1911, according to's database, Indiana Marriages, 1845-1920. 

I haven't had time to hunt for much more information about this couple, although I have found a Grace KEHRER in the Social Security Death Index. She may or may not be the same, but if she is, her date of birth was January 29, 1886, and died in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June of 1972.

THE LATEST: The newest postcard I've added is addressed to Grace, beginning, "Dear Sis," and signed "Rachel."  Another card is addressed to Philip KEHRER by someone signing himself, "Frank," and addresses him as "Dear Brother." 

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The Postcards

I have more postcards to add, just not enough time!

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