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Sheep's  Brains, Roasted or Baked, circa 1900

Kumyss (Fermented Milk Drink), 1915 A Google Search for Kumyss yields interesting hits.

Root Beer, 1915

Scotch Shortcake, circa 1900

Green Turtle Soup, circa 1900
Nothing "mock" about it!

Swiss Soup, circa 1900

Buckwheat Cakes, 1915

Mock Turtle Soup, circa 1900

Quail on Toast, circa 1900

Lemon Pop, 1915

Dandelion Wine, 1915

Southern Corn Bread, circa 1900

Potatoes au Gratin, The Oklahoma News, 1915

Banana Cake, The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, 1913

Banana Filling for Cakes or Sandwiches, The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, 1913

Malted Milk Fudge, from the Rains County Leader, 1913

Geneva Pudding, from the Rains County Leader, 1913

Mutton Casserole,  from The Oklahoma News, 1915

Cherry Jam, 1913

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