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Lobster Bisque, 1867

Cheese Soufflé, 1867

Duke of Devonshire Cake, 1867

Pickled Beefsteak, 1881

Cabbage Salad, 1881

Vegetable Soup, 1881

Carolina-Style Boiled Rice, 1867

Rich Plum Cake, 1867

French Toast, 1867

Spruce Beer, 1867

Rabbit Soup, 1867

Baked Shad, 1859

Stewed Rockfish, 1859

Ginger Ale Punch, date unknown

Baked Beans Savory, date unknown

Baby Cream Candy, date unknown

Sierra Turkish Delight Candy, date unknown

Fricasseed Sweet-Breads, 1859

Mexican Soup, date unknown

Eggs a la Gilsey House, date unknown

Noyeau Liqueur, 1861

Curacoa Liqueur, 1861

Rhubarb Tart, 1861

Queen's Ginger Beer, 1861

Ormskirk Gingerbread, 1861

Creamed Calves' Brains on Toast

Apples Stuffed with Mincemeat, date unknown

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