Can you solve this puzzle?

I had noticed and admired the picture in this old ad a couple of days before I actually read the (very) fine print, which was when I discovered that it's not only full of detailed images of the advertiser's merchandise, it's also a puzzle!

Considering the graphic strictly as an advertisement makes it pretty amazing in itself. After all, these were the days when an advertiser's options for emphasis seem to have been (a) use bigger letters, or (b) repeat the words 3 times. As in, "Boots! Boots! Boots!"

Its visual complexity reminds me of the children's magazine, Highlights, and their Hidden Picture puzzles, or the I Spy books series. But it also reminds me of word search puzzles.

Alas, you will have to go to Lynn, MA to claim the prize.... and you'll also have to go back in time 128 years. 

Good luck!

Click here to see the rebus puzzle!


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